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    With the Beta Version 3.0.89, there is no delete performances menu option under My Profiler rather there is an "Initialize Performance".

    I have about 75 empty New Performance till the last 125th that I want to remove. I don't recall if it was always like that brcause now I use the 3 Beta.

    Trying to import a performance from the local library to the profiler increased the number of performances to 126 which caused a freeze of the kemper. Maybe this is a bug,

    Hi, this seems great! I already got the Yamaha MD BT01 and will try to configure ForScore before our next gig.

    I have some questions, regarding the ForScore usage you described if you don't mind.

    Do you send only thePerformance Number change from the ForScore, the Slot number or both, and do you still use a remote controller?

    For instance when you flip in the ForScore app to a certain page where the solo begins can you switch to the "Lead" slot? This seems a little too complex for me. Actually I would only send the performance number when switching to a new song in ForScore and choose the slots using the remote. In fact I don't know if ForScore can send MIDI messages also when flipping the pages in a pdf file.

    Thank you in advance.

    Saving of performance changes seem not to work at the moment. At least I noticed it too.

    RM 3 didn't see the new OS Beta 7.17 , even when hitting check fór software updates,

    it says RM is up to date but nothing about the Profiler, which has 7.16

    Had to install 7.17 manually via USB Stick, would be nice if this will work like in the former Version

    Can confirm that the new RM does not update the Kemper OS. You have to do it with the USB stick.

    The installation worked with no problems on Windows 10.

    Questions and maybe bugs:

    1. How can I choose or modify the amplifier when creating or editing a performance ? I can do only by drag&drop a rig from a second RM window which is not very. Clicking on the Amp icon does not prompt a list of available amps like in the Browse button.
    2. How can I Choose a preset for a Stomp. Even here only drag&drop from another RM window seem to work, but the preset is not loaded in the performance it is only displayed in the RM window.
    3. In the left down part of the editor, there is a frame showing the current stomp or whatever you choose in the frame above. Clicking the quadratic icon brings the list of available stomps. This is clear, except there is no list of amps. There is also another round button in this frame with three lines, that has actually the same function. Can this not be assigned for choosing the presets of the choosen stomp ?
    4. Can't see a system settings page.

    If I'm not wrong a performance slot is a rig. When you switch the Browse button in performance mode you actually choose a rig for your slot.

    So in order to copy a rig to another slot just copy the slot to another slot. Activate the slot (with the remote or on the front panel with the left-right RIG buttons) press Copy, switch to the slot where you want to paste and press PASTE button. You will have now two identical slots in your performance, so it makes sense to tweak one of them unless you really need two identical slots.

    Hey, I have a problem. I've downloaded .zip and when I try to import wah settings it says no import necessary. I have kemper updated to the latest version. And I don't have those settings in my Kemper. Anybody had similar problem ?

    Hi, I had the same issue as yours. Because I had 999 rigs loaded on my Kemper it was not possible to load others kipr files. I removed some of the rigs and then everything worked. See also my answer from the 4th of June to this thread.

    Thank you for your gentle replies. Now I found the answer! I was having 999 rigs on my profiler, and after removing some of them the import functioned as described. I know there is a limit of 999 rigs, but was not aware that this consideres also the presets. Maybe this helps someone else other so eager like me to have all presets on the toaster.

    Hi, I have experienced the same problem twice and once in a live gig. :-(
    I found msyelf, after klicking next performance on the remote, to perf. number 125 (the last one).Till I have realised that and turned back to desired perf. 22 by using the knob the song was almoust over. Without me.
    The second time it happenned during a rehearsal. I thought it was an unknown feature and by moving the volume pedal you can scroll faster through performances but this was not true.
    Still wondering what happenned.

    Hi The Player, I encountered the same problem these days. It was working well the weeks before, suddenly I hear both sounds together in the main Outpout and in the monitor.
    I returned to the previous stable version of the OS as I have loaded a beta recently but the same problems. It seems, but I might be wrong that when I am not using the Rig Manager the problem disappears.
    Actually I am testing this at the moment.
    Have you found a solution to the problem in the meanwhile?


    whenever I want to assign an effect to a free stomp or even change the effect I can only the two Knobs TYPE and BROWSE and turn them around till I get to the desired effect type.
    Anyhow I can't use the page or the rig 4 buttons to allow a faster search like where we browse through rigs or presets.
    Is there another way to perform a faster lookup for my effect type?
    Only turning the Type knob 75 effects is not very friendly.
    I am aware that RIG Manager doesn't do this. That would be another good option to have.
    Any hint would be appreciated.

    Best regards,


    The LOCK Button is always on in Browse mode and I don't know what is it locked.
    I have pressed the LOCK button for 2-3 seconds to show the locked modules and all leds go out except the RIG Button.
    Anyhow pressing LOCK when the RIG Button is flashing has no effect, Lock remains still on.
    I don't think that actually something is locked or I haven't noticed it, but seeing the button always on makes me always wonder if there is no unwanted lock on.

    Sorry for not looking better in the forum before asking. Actually there are two possible reasons for this LOCK:
    1. Volume Pedal locked in RIG Settings
    2. Tempo locked in RIG Settings
    Disable both these locks and your LOCK button will switch off if this is what you want.

    Thank you.