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    bleys21, don't give up yet. The Kemper takes a while to find what you are looking for. I'm still looking on bass haha.

    Thanks for the video tip musicmad. He did an amazing job on it. I think one of my problems is the pickups in the studio bass. I believe it has Dimarzio Billy Sheehan Will Power pickups in it. To say it has a woody tone would be an understatement. Been thinking about just throwing some EMG P-Bass pickups in it. Any suggestions?

    I know Don was kind enough to post the CLA Bass Start Me Up profile. Has anybody else profiled any of the other presets in the CLA Bass plugin?

    I initially bought the Kemper to use on bass so I don't have to mic up the Ampegs but have been having a hard time finding profiles I like and have tried most commercial profiles. The CLA Bass profile is a nice starting point, but I am also looking for overdriven bass tones like Duff with Velvet Revolver or the Mike Dirnt tone on Boulevard of Broken Dreams or even the Steve Lack tone on the Veruca Salt song Volcano Girls. They all have a very consistent distorted tone.

    Any suggestions?

    OK, just finished a session that should have been done days ago. Now what to do? Maybe I'll drop by the Kemper forum. I promised myself no more profiles for a while. What, Webb has commercial profiles of his Cameron CCV-100? For eight bucks, count me in!

    Had to try them out on the track I just finished. They really sound great, so I ended up re-tracking a few parts with them. There is enough variety in the pack that they should work in most situations but are unique enough to really stand out in a mix against other amps. Great job Webb!

    It's the STL Tones Atrium Audio Pack. Three profiles use 1x12 cab with Jensen C12-k speaker miced with a Neumann km184. One profile uses 2x12 cab with Jensen C12Q miced once again with a Neumann km184. It's a little expensive so you might want to try a few other makers first.

    Free ones on RE, 79 Sound/Tobias Fink. His Mesa Studio 22 profiles are using 4x12 Jensen. Till Schleicher, Till's 860. It's using Jensen and Celestion combination but he does a good job micing. Worth a try.

    Commercial, ToneHAWK Profiles. Ten profiles with Jensen 1x12 miced with a Royer 121 and SM57 combination. Haven't used them . They are cheap so worth a try.

    OK, hope that helps.

    That is good to know my friend. The Kemper has taken me a while to figure out. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

    The STL Atrium Audio pack has 4 profiles with Jensen speakers in it but that is expensive just for a few cabs. Will keep an eye and ear out for you.

    Hi Kaschko, is there any reason why you think the studio profiles sound better? I haven't noticed any major differences but I usually just go for direct or merged profiles first if possible. The reason I recommend them over studio profiles is because the Kemper is using an algorithm to split the amp and cabinet. Sometimes it works great, other times not so much. As you said, if it sounds good it is good.

    I take it you are using the Kemper mostly for live playing. I'm using it exclusively in the studio so little anomalies add up when you start quad tracking guitars.

    Hey Kaschko, I changed the cab out on the mbritt 800R and it sounded fantastic but like I mentioned try and stick with direct or merged profiles if you can. Give it a try though, might sound great. Is that the amp you want to switch cabs on? The Marshall 69 pack?

    Hi Kaschko, don't worry about the losing depth in the profiles. If you find the right cabinet, speaker and mic combination, it will sound even better!

    Here are some tips: don't use ir's, only cabs created with the Kemper. Only use direct or merged profiles, not studio profiles. As far as gain goes, use cabs profiled with a distorted amp for swapping out with other distorted profiles. Clean cab profiles for clean amps. That tends to work best.

    Really look for cabs that have been profiled in nice studios. You will get a lot less weird phase issues with the microphones.

    Don't have any recommendations for Jensen speakers. I'll keep a look out for some. This isn't exactly what you are looking for but you should try out the Michael Wagener rig pack in the download section. It's free and Michael knows how to mic a cabinet! Not my personal choice but you might really like it.

    Excellent post spotter! Yeah, I'm going to have to check out "BHP Toren's 800" Pack. Sounds great. If you have the chance, try the mbritt Mars 800R in the 2020 pack. Together with the Lars 1960 AV cab, it can sounds amazing.

    Still liking the Bendeth cabs from his STL Tones pack as well as Rick Beato cabs in his SL Plexi pack. Haven't found better yet