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    Set the Kemper to master and the clicks and pops will be gone.

    I have done this already. I still have pops and clicks.

    Well I hope you will learn to be humble and think that the trouble can be on your side next time, before you complain about Kemper or everyone on earth.. but you...

    I am honestly fed up with this problem, I was humble before... is there a solution to this? Just like there is no fix to stabilizing the tempo, I haven't' found a solution for this issue.

    Is there a way to successfully record guitars via SPIDF into Logic Pro X? I am using a Digi 003 as the interface. No matter what I do, I hear clicks and pops... it's the most annoying thing ever... when will Kemper fix this???

    (Yes, I am recording analog in the interim... my question remains... will we ever be able to record via SPIDF without clicks and pops?)

    I'm using Logic and RME Ufx in a studio, not live and this midi beat clock issue obviously still exists. The Kemper shows the tempo drifting by tenths of one bpm, so it's close but not quite. It will then stabilize on the right tempo for a little while and then start drifting again.

    Do I need to start a support ticket or is this a known issue that may get fixed?

    Yes, I think you should. I can share my details too (on Friday when I get home). I'd love to know how they are planning on fixing this... if, at all...

    I must say the Grab n Go Pack is truly outstanding. I did not expect to have such high quality profiles coming out of the Kemper. These tones are in the amazing spectrum of clean-clean to breaking-dirty which is all I personally need.

    Just wanted to post a huge thumbs up for Mike for creating this pack. Kemper should be happy there's a Mike Britt making the Kemper shine like this.

    Now I must go back to playing. Thanks, Mike!! :thumbup:

    Although there are some Roland JC120 profiles uploaded in Rig Manager I cannot find one that has these characteristics:
    - Clean and natural tone (like a JC120)
    - Not overly EQ'd
    - low/no noise

    Any suggestions? Should I just buy the M.Britt Grab n Go Pack that includes a few of these profiles or is these something similar out there?

    Was your spdif output set on 44.1khz ? Otherwise, assuming the kpa is still running at 44.1 internally, all other frequencies coule lead to a latency due to the sample rate convertion

    Yes, spidf output was set on 44.1khz, the Digi 003 clock was to external (the Kemper).

    As I understand from other input, the difference in time (latency) was due to the compensation the system does since the 003 is integrated with PT12 it knows exactly how much time to compensate for (and it over compensates), while it is less sure of the spidf conversion.

    The point remains the same though, let's focus on making music rather than argue if anlaog or digital is better :)

    Hey guys, I've been considering replacing my Digi 003 with an Apollo Twin Duo, but the more I think about it the less I think it's worth it since I am recording using the SPIDF output, which should be the same 1's and 0's in any device.

    I also ran a test recording the same session in ProTools, two tracks:
    - One SPIDF mono in (Master)
    - One Main Output (Analog) mono in (Master)

    This is what I found:
    - Absolutely no noticeable difference (I know purists will hate this, but to my ears the signal was the same, not even a marginal difference)
    - There was a 0.006 second LAG on the DIGITAL signal... yes, on the SPIDF signal (to my surprise)

    Here are some pics, Gtr1 is the SPIDF, Gtr2 is the Master Out Analog.

    The overall visual of the tracks
    [Blocked Image:]

    Here, we see there's a difference in the time the signal hits the CPU (the SPIDF signal is slower)
    [Blocked Image:]

    A close up highlighting the distance between the two identical points tells us the difference in time is 0.006 seconds (is this even significant!?)
    [Blocked Image:]

    Spectrum Analyzer to see if there's a difference in frequency (I couldn't get the levels PERFECTLY the same so one will be louder than the other, the idea here is that the frequencies are identical)
    [Blocked Image:]

    So, in conclusion, the difference is marginal and it doesn't really matter if you go analog or digital if what you are after is getting 99% of the way there and making music (e.g., focusing on the actual song, playing, songwriting, creativity). Don't get stuck because you find different forum members arguing about digital vs. analog and about this 0.006 second difference. Just make music! :)

    Hey guys, I mostly just play my unpowered Kemper in my home studio and I mostly use it for two things:

    • To record ideas (setup: Kemper à Digi 003 Control Surface via SPDIF)
    • To play along to tracks or to come up with ideas (setup: Laptop and Kemper (monitor output) à Roland KC350)

    My question is – Will I be sacrificing anything if I setup the laptop, Kemper, and my Nord keyboard to go through a mixer to a pair of Alesis M1 monitors? Or, am I better off getting an FRFR speaker (preferably not one with unnecessary 1000W of power) for this application?

    Some considerations:

    • Would this put too much wear on the Alesis M1s?
    • Any risk in doing this?
    • Any risk in leaving the Alesis M1s on for too long or reproducing poor quality audio at times (think noisy YouTube audio)