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    This would be fantastic. I have a polytune unit on my board and I do use the polyphonic feature extensively. When I tune my guitar, at the beginning of the rehearsal or gig, I do it note by note, but in the middle of rehearsal or gig, I play all strings to check tuning and I go straight to the out of tune string. I do it very often and saves me a lot of time. I don't think it would be that difficult to implement. Maybe there is a matter of patents, who knows.


    This has been happening to me these last few days, worrying me about an ethernet powering issue.

    I have found that it was me entering in “system mode” (or whatever it could be called) in the profiler by pressing rig button 1 and tap tempo. I explain, hopefully it would be your problem as well:

    Playing a certain tune, I was pushing rig buttom no 1 to access morphing in momentary mode (so I had to have the button pressed in order to have vibrato working). Meanwhile, I had to set my tempo, so I repeatedly was stepping tap button. The first time you press tap button while rig button no 1 is been pressed, you enter in a kind of system mode, the second time you pressed tap tempo, the remote restarts. As you press twice very quicky, it is not easy to see what’s going on. I was turning crazy.

    I have read the manual to see if this is explained somewhere, and I couldn’t find it.

    I hope this would be your case.

    Excellent, thanks burkhard, I didn’t know. It’s a way to do it, it’s possible at least. Nonetheless, it would be great to have that feature inside Vibrato FX settings and have morph available for whatever you need.


    As the famous VB-2 has, a "rise time" feature in the vibrato FX would be marvellous. You could indeed do something similar with morphing but it's not quite the same since you can't make it momentary as the VB-2 does in "unlatch" mode. In The VB-2 "unlach" mode you can trigger the vibrato by holding down the pedal and the "rise time" knob adjust the time that the effect takes to get to the depth you have set. When you release the pedal the effect ends. "Latch" mode works exactly the same but you have to step on the pedal to turn it on and press it again to turn it off; "rise time" also works this way. "Bypass" mode would be what kemper vibrato effect does, losing the other two modes, much more interesting in my opinion.

    This would be pretty easy to do if you had a "rise time" parameter inside kemper's vibrato effect. You could easily emulate "unlach" or "latch" modes. You could also add a "release time" parameter to make it even more usefull than the VB-2.


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    I'm again with this...

    Input section presets recalls features as "clean sens" or "distortion sens", but it doesn't actually change Input source.

    It would be great to recall different scenarios, recording for example would be like this:

    • Input Source: Front input
    • SPDIF Output: Git Studio


    • Input Source: SPDIF Input Reamp
    • SPDIF Output: Master Stereo

    And as many scenarios as you may need (Gig, Acoustic GTR, Bass, Strato, Les Paul...). And it would be fabulous to change everything at once.

    Just my two cents...

    I'm not sure if this has been covered already.
    When I'm switching from recording/practicing to reampling, I find my self loosing precious time setting input and output (from front input to spdif, from git studio to main stereo...).
    It would be great to store several scenarios and switch between them (gig, recording, reamp, practice...).

    Greetings :)

    Hi everyone! Glad to be here

    I'm finally a kemper user. I traded all my amps (JCM800, Twin Rv SF, Vox AC30, Deluxe Rv, Mesa 5:50) and get a kemper rack with remote foot controller. All those amps have been either at my home gathering dust or at my rehearsal place, where the only one that finally worked out in the band sound is actually a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, which is the cheapest one.
    The kemper will be at home for recording and practicing purposes.
    I still own a Digitech GPS2101 that I bought used around year 96 (I think). I's actually the same filosofy as the kemper (far more complicated), but 25 years ago (I still remenber my very first gig where the sound engineer told me "listen, where is your amp?I've not seen anything like that before, this is not the way!).
    I still enjoy very much playing with my band with an amp, but playing at home my kemper with headphones is amazing. GPS2101 still sound very well, but the sound palette you get with the kemper is infinite, and if you have a good profile, it really does sound like the original.
    This is taking too long, sorry. Just finishing. I've tryed several packs and the ones from Top Jimi are absolutelly gourgeus, IMHO.
    Kemper is such a good sounding maschine, guitar pre+FX doesn't really improved that much in 25 years since my GPS2101, but kemper really does make a difference (I have not tryed Helix, Axe, etc. They could make a difference too).
    That's all.
    Greetings for everyone, nice to be here!