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    I just tried out the Aldrich DI's and they're cool, but there is a LOT of high end. I dunno' if the Aldrich amp has that much high end. I was playing through my EVH 4x12 cab. Lows were tight, but hard to notice as the soaring high end was so present. just my 2 cents.

    A few years ago I demo'd a kemper- through headphones. I wasn't blown away and didn't get one.Its been a few years and i just kept hearing is praises sung and decided to pick one up (powered toaster). I keep wanting to get "That tone" without cranking an amp to get it. Let me tell you that it is WORLDS better through a guitar cab and so far so good. so far, I'm really digging the gundy stray dog profile that came stock on the amp. I'm waiting on delivery of some usb cables, but I've been browsing through the Rig Exchange and adding all the amps I've always wanted into my library. I'm not sure how to get them into the kemper, but that's another story.

    About me- I'm mostly a hobbyist player. My last band was a few years ago where I was playing bass for a hip hop band. I'll have gigs here and there, but mostly I just shred at home. Formerly, I'd been very big into the Randall/ Egnater MTS world. it looks like the kemper will be a whole new beast. As far as MTS preamps, I widdled my way down to 3 modded salvation modules- a CCV clone, Rockerverb clone and Markiv clone. I also have a 5153, Ironheart, and Pitbull CL in my collection as well as TC Electric and MarkBass bass amps. and maybe I'll profile those at some point.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to introduce myself and say a quick howdy.