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    The tap tempo LED is not an issue from my perspective. For myself and most players it's not required or ever used for live performances. If needed for practicing/timing, I simply use a metronome.

    The Kemper has been and will continue to be wonderful and versatile tool for inspiration, learning and performing. However relying on it and any other gear as a do it all is not the best approach.

    Yes, but the "preamp" is the Kemper, i use two of these Ice amps, works great

    digibob, good point, was focused on how to bypass the preamp w/o considering what was going to connect to it 8). fwiw, I used to design and build Class D pwr supplies but am not familiar w/ the pwr amps currently available. cheers

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    Understood, but the BAM is a bass amp at heart - not a Class D designed for this application or clean, neutral linear power. That said, if the OP likes it - it works. :)

    I agree w/ dmatthews on staying clean even at the top for guitars. Here's why: A Class D amp (aka an H Bridge topology) works by turning the FETs completely on and off at varying pulse widths (time) to create a single note. The difference is that at lower bass frequencies vs guitar, more power is required to complete all the pulses required to create a single bass wave vs a guitar wave. This assumes both guitar and bass are running at the same SPL output. This same principle is used in switchmode power supplies. Imagine looking at an oscilloscope of a bass note vs a guitar note. The lower bass note is much wider vs a guitar. All the area underneath the wave is the amount of energy needed to create it. This explains why frequency = 1/time. The lower the frequency, the more time (and energy)) is needed to create the wave. hth

    ...My failure was a different story, I blew up the input in the icepower because I was trying to bridge it with another amp and see how it worked, I realized I made a short circuit too late.

    Alahdj, Although the icepower amps are rugged, Class D type amps don't do well with a miswiring either on the input or output. If you bridged the output w/ another amp, then the output FETS have most likely failed possibly along with the drivers. If you blew the input, then too large an input signal most likely failed the first gain stage. I doubt you can acquire a schematic from B&O but a service center in your area may be able to help. hth

    If you asked this question to Kemper they most likely would answer you, since you only want to increase the size of the rubber feet. I doubt there is a nut welded to be panel, as this would increase the cost of manufacturing and is not really essential since the panel gauge is sufficient.

    The Bang Olufsen ICEpower amps are well designed and use quality electrolytics, (Nichicons, etc.) not the less expensive caps used in various Chinese Class D amps. (SURE, Behringer(some), to name a few) I have had no problems with any of the ICE Power units also found in some of the MAudio Monitors.

    I have (had) been a member of Amp Garage for over 13 years and built a copy of the Dumble #124 low plate Skyliner. Tweaked it a lot w/ help from Scott Lerner, Brandon Montgomery (of Bludotone), and others on their forum.

    Yes, although I acquired a great tone from the build, the Kemper and this forum offers so much more versatility than a single amp could ever offer.

    Thanks to all who support our Kemper community.

    Lately I have been listening to Sonny Landreth's, From the Reach LP. Sonny is a musician's musician. Playing behind the slide is difficult and it took me about a year to learn it.

    Special guests include: Jimmy Buffet, Eric Clapton, Robben Ford, Vince Gill, Dr. John, Eric Johnson, Mark Knopfler and Nadirah Shakoor.