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    So close to pulling the trigger on a Kemper stage and a Klone. Just do not know if it will be that much better than the Helix.

    Only one way to find out... do it.

    The great thing (among many) is that you have access to numerous profiles of the same/similar amp to choose from. Yes it's a different workflow, but it's very satisfying. Haven't played a Helix myself but I'm not tempted at all. Currently running Kemper unpowered head with one or two Kabinets, live or at home.

    I have experience with 3 stereo amps, and in no particular order:

    Camplifier 290. Not what you're looking for because it installs in the toaster head, but is great clean power. Class D. They have outboard options as well.

    ISP Stealth pro. Another good option, but there's no on/off switch so unplugging and plugging in you see sparks. Hmmm... Sounds good though. Class A/B

    Seymour Duncan SD 700. Best of breed methinks. Amazing amounts of power for any application. Only thing I don't like is the inputs are on the front. Class D.

    All of them can keep up with a drummer with the advent of the Power Amp Boost feature.

    I have connected the laptop and the KPA With a USB cable and going into the help section and clicked on “check for software updates” it seems to offer an in-store to 7.3 .2 but each time I click on “install updates” it fails….. any advice, anyone?

    What version of computer operating system are you on? Windows 7 won't work.

    That's what I like about the Bose L1 approach.

    I used to have a 3x12 with the 1x12 combo behind me (slightly stage right), and the 2x12 all the way stage left.

    Coverage was fabulous.

    What I'd like to do is run mono most of the time, and run stereo/Double track at the flip of a switch.

    The double tracker has me rethinking my ideas about running stereo in a live setting. I can see using this in a solo project or when it's me with a rhythm section. My rehearsal setup is mono or stereo with a twist of a couple of pan controls. I had a ball with the double tracker for several hours yesterday. I'm wondering if I'm willing to run stereo live or run mono, but stereo in my in-ears.

    Me too. I have stereo amp and two Kabinets.

    Thing is it's a 2 guitar band though.

    No harm in trying it right? ;)