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    I've only gigged mine twice. Both times outside in a parking lot. I've practiced in the same parking lot about 6 times as well.

    The projection of the Kabinet is amazing!

    One time I had the Kab only 3 or 4 feet behind me. I had it at gig volume. When I went out about 30 or so feet it was much louder than expected! Now I make sure it's a good 10' or more behind me so I can get a better idea what the audience hears.

    Things will change when we can get back to practicing/gigging inside on our stage I'm sure. At that point I can experiment with stereo Kabs.^^

    Another factor is service.

    Kemper so far has treated me extremely well, and I expect that will continue. I know nothing of the other offerings abilities.

    I'll sit tight. I'm a geek and love new toys, but I'm not tempted right now. Not yet.

    technically that's not a binding at all but kudos to Paul for the spin :D.. and you are forgiven, had forgotten how beautiful that one is, always nice to see it again :)

    so here's another binding that's not a binding i guess, it's a pain to make but i prefer my fret tangs hidden and don't like bound fretboards, to me they just look wrong. i quiet like body bindings on LPs and ES-types however. i hate Teles but if it has to be a tele than one with double binding please.

    Yeah, you're right of course. I'll fix that up later. And that fretboard is killer.

    I honestly never gave binding, or the subsequent lack thereof, much thought. I just see the whole guitar and either dig it or don't.

    I do agree that a lot of perception comes from expectations. If my Strat had binding that would just be weird. I once owned a Gibson Les Paul that had a completely blonde neck. Probably maple, can't remember, and no binding, like you might see on a Strat. This was 1970-something and that was also just plain weird, because Les Pauls just didn't do that sort of thing. Not in public, anyway.

    Wow, love the wood on the body. Your 2001 McCarty is prettier than my 2001 McCarty.

    Lol! Thanks.

    That shot was taken in the trunk/hatch of my 1990 Celica GTS in the parking lot at work... in the morning light.

    She's a 10 top with rosewood neck. Perfect lighting, much different in normal light but still nice.

    For reference I have tried Camplifier 290 stereo (older version), ISP Stealth Pro stereo, and Seymour Duncan SD700 stereo.

    Also for reference, and as you can see I want to run stereo Kabinets when it is convenient.

    The Camplifier is 2x90w @ 4ohm or bridged 180w @ 8ohm. It is clean and pristine class D power, and super handy being built into the back of an unpowered toaster.

    What I found is that in order to get gig volume I need to crank the Kemper output and pin the Camplifier volume knob to 10. Not a lot of headroom left.

    The ISP Stealth Pro is clean 75w @ 4ohm, and 140w bridged @ 8ohm. This is a class A/B power amp. To me it sounds as good as the Camplifier (some don't agree). To my ears it provides maybe 5% more volume, but still you need to crank the Kemper output.

    The Seymour Duncan SD700 is a powerhouse. 700w @ 4ohm per side. It uses the Icepower modules that Kemper uses in the powered toaster/rack. There is absolutely no problem with headroom here. Kemper at stock 12 o'clock/-12db and the SD700 at 12 o'clock gives me all I will ever need for my cover/rock band.

    I'm guessing that the Kone rated at 200w is not as efficient as regular 25/50w guitar speakers, which may account for needing to crank the Camplifier and ISP up so high. I'm not sure about that, it's just an observation.

    So... In the end I'm using the SD700 as my daily driver with the Camplifier as backup. If the SD700 failed at a gig/practice I'll put the Kabinets in series and run on the Camplifier bridged.

    Both the Camplifier and ISP are perfectly suitable for home use along with a band who's drummer isn't too loud. They both sound awesome. They're probably just fine for a player just using the Kabinet as monitor along with the mains going to FOH. I use my Kabinets as my sole source/backline. Everyone has a different scenario/use case.

    Also, the new Camplifier SHP and 280 would be perfect as well IMHO. Lots of power there.

    Yup, anything hooked up to the monitor output or powered output will "work".

    How well is a matter of opinion, the worst probably being a guitar cab.

    I've tried them on my XiTone MBritt and you can absolutely hear the differences in imprints. And lots of them sound good.

    As good as a Kabinet/Kone? No. Useful? I think so.

    Hey guys... just noticed this thread. :)
    I saw HW tone Junkie's video on The Acoustic Simulator a few days ago so I DL'd it and gave it a try.
    Pretty interesting, don't think it sounds 100% like a real Acoustic with a mic hooked up but it is pretty nice just the same, I was able to get some super clean to dirty tones and will keep his profile close by whenever needed for a project. I even used it on the bass guitar. lol

    This demo was just finished today and it has 3 guitar tracks plus the bass.

    FYI, I did this using a Gibson SG

    Yeah, I don't think we're going to fool anyone with the AS, but for me it is a great sounding/passable sim for a live band mix situation. I used it tonight for an intro to a cover song we do.

    Fun tune Dan, nice goin'.8)