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    It's the same under iOS. You establish a MIDI connection inside Bandhelper.

    If you intend to load a particular Slot immediately, use the standard method, which is a combination of MIDI bank select LSB and program change. That's what I do. Details can be found in the Main Manual chapter MIDI.

    Thanks for chiming in Burkhard

    What about the "Controller, Value"? I tried that method, and it moves to the correct Performance, but only waits for input to select the slot. No matter how I set the "System settings" for perf.load, I can't get it to choose default slot 1, or keep slot. Only "Pending" works.

    Any ideas?

    Brilliant! My buddy has one and it's awesome, congrats!

    It's a feature, actually. It takes 2 messages - CC47+performance number, followed by CC50/51/52/53/54 for the slot number.

    EDIT: Just reread your post. I'd have to check it on my system. Not sure if that's a bug or not. I always specifically select the slot.

    OK, yeah if you could check, that'd be great! The manual insinuates it should just go there.


    Got the Yamaha MD-BT01 yesterday, and was fairly successful last night with the info that both reneguitar and mollydyer supplied above!

    Thanks guys!:)

    It took me 15 or 20 minutes of fumbling around before I realized that you don't pair the device to your phone/tablet, you pair it to the app you're going to use (Bandhelper in this case). Maybe that's different in iOS, but in Android that's what I had to do. Plug the device into the Kemper, open the app, open the Midi status page, and choose "Connect to a Bluetooth Device". Finds it in seconds and you're done!

    It is powered by the Midi out port, so no batteries.

    I am impressed with the distance my tablet can be from the device/Kemper. Currently the Kemper is in my living room, and I can switch performances etc from in my Kitchen, a good 25' away! Should be no problem at practice or a gig.

    Now I have a question...

    If I use the Control change method #48 - 1, the Kemper jumps to Performance 1 no problem. But it sits there waiting for you to stomp one of the 5 rig buttons before it will activate that rig. I can see that being good for some people, but I want it to naturally load rig 1.

    I went to System settings, and Perf.load, and changed that to 1 instead of "pending" and it won't load slot 1. Neither does "Keep slot" work. Only the default "pending" works, which again forces you to stomp on a slot.

    Any ideas why? Think it's a bug?

    Using the Program change method, you get the slot you want every time.


    Hi Dave... Dave here...:P

    I don't have the wedge, but I do have the MBritt 1x12 powered cab.

    It is built like a tank, and sounds great. I love that I can remove the back panel for open/closed back situations.

    After I installed the new 6.0.0 update today my reverbs (hall, room, space etc) have all gone. And i am only left with the standard "legacy" reverb. When i try to scroll through my reverbs like i used to it just directs me to the list of other effects like phaser/delay etc... I followed the "read me" instructions and even went back and installed the update again. But still only one reverb for me to chose from :/

    Am i doing something wrong, please help i need these tones!

    In the System menu, load factory presets. This has happened to all that upgraded.