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    I have a performance set up for use straight into an amp and it works great. Basically, you just need to turn the amp and cab off in each slot. I left the eq section of the stack on to make adjustments for different amps, venues, etc. You will likely have to make some level ajustments based on sensitivity of the amp's input.

    I made this performance up just as an exercise, but it was useful at one gig that became sort of a house party with no pa. I did not have access to an frfr, but someone had a little Fender amp. I plugged the Kemper monitor out into the front of the amp and used my "Effects Only" performance, and it worked beautifully.

    Wow, that took forever, but I got it done. One of the presets I didn't want to lose was one that I made trying to sound like a POG. I have attached it here in case anyone is interested. Try it with and without the green scream in Stomp D.

    And thank you for your help!



      (3.08 kB, downloaded 3 times, last: )

    Ah, I see. I was attempting to do this without doing a full restore.

    So, what I will do is:

    Backup what I have in the profiler now.

    Restore the backup with the group presets.

    Save each of those presets to a rig and save those rigs in my local library.

    Restore my newest backup.

    Preview each of those new rigs from my local library and save the group presets in the profiler.

    Does that seem like the thing to do, or is there a better way?

    I was able to find and restore my presets for my individual effects/stomps, but I can't find the presets I made for the entire stomp section and entire effects section.

    Does anyone know if those are backed up in the profiler backup or the rig manager backup? And if they are where can I find them, and / or how do I restore them?


    So, even after installing the latests updates for the OS and RM, I still have audio lagging/latency when changing between rigs in browse mode, performances, and slots within a performance. The lags are random and don't occur every time. These are lags in the audio; the screen usually changes promptly, though not always. I also get lag when adjusting parameters: I turn the knob to adjust, and it takes a second or so for the parameter to respond. This is always a lag in the audio and the parameter on the screen. Lag also occurs WHILE turning a parameter knob, that is, the parameter will move with the knob, stop, and then catch up. And again, this occurs in the audio and the screen.

    I have a ticket and email string open with Hans in support regarding this lagging prior to the updates. Should I open a new ticket or reach out to Hans directly?

    Give this a try:

    Dual Delay:

    Mix 100.0/91.8%

    Delay 1 Time 32 ms

    Delay 2 Time 49 ms

    Delay Balance +22.1%

    Feedback 1 0%

    Feedback 2 (is grayed out)

    Low Cut 107.0 Hz

    High Cut 3994.5 Hz

    Reverse Mix 0%

    Stereo 200%

    all other settings at 0

    Of course you should adjust to get what you want. I put this after the stack so that it can be heard in stereo (works OK in mono, but really works best in stereo). If you are using reverb also, be sure and adjust the Del+Rev Balance to taste.

    Thanks ST. All that stuff is above my pay grade. I did it because I read it in the manual and saw some discussions about it here. I've used it in various situations and all has worked out well. So at this point, my thinking is, "If it ain't broke...". 8)

    isn't one of the main selling arguments for the Kemper that we can use EXACTLY the sounds we use on our recordings also in a live situation?

    Consider if you really want the same sound live as you do when recording. Many of the artists that used crazy amounts of gear live, like stacks of cabs/amp, or ridiculous amounts of rack mounted gear and switchers and load boxes, and slaved amps, etc., ect., used a Fender Champ, or Roland Cube to get the sounds we love on the recordings.

    Yeah, I am monitoring with my Xitone MBritt at fairly close range at home. So that may be why I liked the low pass at ~ 3k. For me, playing in bands with other gtrs, keys, etc., probably much more important to tame the lows.

    I realize you asked @Wheresthedug, but I thought I would offer my two pennies worth.

    I have used the Kemper direct to FOH with many different PAs and engineers. I check the main out-12dB box on page one of the output menu. And every time, have gotten either a literal two thumbs up, or the equivalent, from the engineers.

    I haven't played a live gig since the advent of the high cut / low cut output filter, but would suggest (if you are only playing standard tuned electric guitar through your Kemper), set the low cut 80-100 Hz and high cut 3k - 8k. I realize that is a wide range but if possible you can fine tune during the show. Most likely, the engineer will compensate at FOH and you won't have to. I have mine set to 100Hz and 3.5k, but have yet to test it though a full blown PA. If you also play acoustic guitar, steel guitar, mandolin, baritone, etc. through your Kemper, you may have to widen out that output filter.

    Regarding the main output eq, I leave that flat so that if the engineer tells me I need to adjust, I can use that eq. Remember that it is global but only for the main outs.

    I would definitely use the monitor eq to get what you need onstage. One thing I do fairly often if using wedges is cut lows and boost treble or presence in the monitor mix to be able to hear myself without being loud or muddying up the sound on stage.