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    For comparing profiles at rehearsal or sound check (or even at the gig), try putting two profiles that you are trying to decide between next to each other in a performance. Now, this is assuming you don't need 5 profiles / slots for any one song. Be sure the two profiles you are comparing have the same effects settings, levels, etc. (or just lock the stomps and effects). Then, during a song you can easily switch back and forth to compare. If you are not that brave, you could try one profile on a song and then the other profile on the next song.

    What I did, in order to do this, was make two basically identical performances, and then use one as my test bed, swapping out the profiles I wanted to compare in one performance while keeping the other performance ready to switch to if my "experiment" doesn't work out.

    Another suggestion: if you ever have access to full blown PA, spend some time auditioning rigs through it. If there is a rehearsal complex near you, set up the profiles you want to compare in some logical, systematic way, and go rent "the big room" for a few hours and compare away.

    Hey zero71,

    Thanks for the advice.

    Question: Do you have to get the "weird" performance back to the order/way you want it before you copy it to a new slot? Or, do you copy the messed up performance to a new slot, and then fix it? (Or do you do something else entirely?!?)

    Thank you very much for your input,


    Hi Jim,

    As always, the members above have great instructions/suggestion for you. From reading the forums, they all seem to be amongst the more knowledgeable.

    Here's the most expedient way I can think of to get you up and going quickly. Since you have the Grab n Go Pack, go through all the performances that came with the pack and select your 5 (or 3 if that is all you need) favorite profiles from all the performances (the best clean, dirty, dirtier, even dirtier, dirtiest) and copy them into one performance of your own (I did this and named the performance "Grab N Go Compilation"). Then change or modify the stomps and/or effects to be what you need and you are ready to roll. It could be just that easy to get started. Just by way of example, I used: Chattahoochee, Tweedy Cln, Tweed Crunch, Z Maz Cln 2 Crunch, & Big 2 Bigger Solo, which, with the addition of the effects I needed, gave me one performance that I could do any gig with. I have in excess of 40 performances, but if everything else blew up, I could fall back on that one performance. You will likely choose different rigs than I did, but this would get you a "standard" performance that you could use while you explore all the other possibilities. See below for my suggestions regarding using one amp to keep that consistency of sounding like you are using one amp.

    Regarding performances for different guitars, try this: Copy those same 5 (or 3) rigs into as many performance slots as you have different guitars, and then tweak the settings (particularly the definition and clarity parameters) to get what you want for each guitar. Name the performances "Tele", Strat", Humbucker", etc. If this works, meaning, the profiles sound the way you want with different guitars, you are up and going. Oh, and you may also try changing the parameters "clean sense" and "distortion sense" to accommodate higher output and lower output pickups. I have not had the need to do this, but have read here on the forums that many folks do.

    If the above doesn't get you going quickly, I would suggest auditioning the rigs in the pack until you find "THE AMP" you like. All of the amps have several profiles that usually range from some degree of clean to dirty. Copy your favorite profiles of that amp into a new performance, arranging them from clean to dirty. Add the effects you need, and that may be all you need to do.

    If, in the profiles of the amp you like, you can't find one of the degrees of clean/dirty that works for you, use the next dirtier profile and lower the gain to get what you are after. My experience is that increasing the gain does not yield good results, though in a few cases has worked. I have had much better results with lowering the gain of a too-dirty profile to get just the right sound. And forgive me for stating the obvious, but you can always add gain with the boosters and/or distortion stomps. I agree with the guys above who advised that, if you want the same tone, but with a little more hair, use the Pure Booster.

    Alternatively, you may find that you solve you multi-guitar needs by auditioning the rigs with each guitar and finding an "amp" that you like best for each guitar. If so, then just follow the suggestions above with each guitar and your chosen "amp" for that guitar.

    Regarding effects / stomps: If you are not already aware, you can save your personal setting for the stomps, effects, and blocks of stomps and effects so that you can easily insert them into any rig or performance. You can also copy and paste stomps, effects, or a block of stomps or effects. That will greatly speed up your initial setup of your unit. I have already been very long-winded, so I will refer you to the manual, the forums, the MBritt website blog, or the Tone Junkie You Tube channel for how to do that.

    Good luck and I hope the suggestions above help you have a smooth start with your Kemper.

    On his website, there are pdf files with info for every pack. Geek that I am, I combined them into one pdf, so that I can keyword seach the pdf and quickly find the amp or profile and see which pack they are in.

    I am not aware of any other comprehensive listing.

    Just building one prototype of a new amp and then just sell the profiles instead of starting mass production of the actual amp.

    That's a very interesting concept. If it were to come to fruition, I wonder if a full pack of profiles would have to cost as much, or nearly as much, as the actual amp to be a workable business model?

    Lots of love for MBritt in this area. My fav is the 68 Lux Verb V 2 (and the other 68 Lux Reverbs) from his Grab n Go Pack.

    For free profiles, search the Rig Manager for Fender by Name, Amp Manufacturer, and Amp Model. If you search Fender in All Tags, you will also get a bunch of high gain (not typical Fender) profiles. Also search by any specific Fender model (Super, Bassman, Princeton, etc). The Grab n Go Pack also has Blues Deluxe, Princeton, Super 60, and Super Sonic Twin profiles, along with a bunch of other amp profiles.

    Good Luck and Happy (late) Birthday!