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    Hi All,

    I just updated both RM and my powered head. It seems to have fixed several problems. But now, when I try to save rigs into a Performance, using RM, no matter what slot is highlighted, it moves that rig to the first slot.

    Specifically, I have the Profiler in Performance mode, and am browsing the rigs in the Profiler (in the My Profiler folder) using RM. With the first slot highlighted, I can double click the rig I want in RM and it appears in the first slot. When I move to the second (or any other) slot, and double click a rig in RM, that second rig appears in the first slot, like it is overwriting the first rig that I put in slot one.

    I have enabled all of the slots in the new Performance. I have stored the new Performance, using Store on the Profiler and in RM, after inserting the first rig.

    This is how I have always made Performances, but I am sure that I am overlooking something basic, so what am I doing incorrectly?


    Edit: So after writing all of that, I continued to work. Now, the rig in slot 1 is being retained. I was able to put a rig into slot 2. But when I try to put a rig in slot 3, it reverts back to slot 2. ???

    That's a great deal. I recently discovered that I really like using the ODR-mini with my small amps. It really beefs them up with the drive all the way off, the spectrum all the way up (or close to all the way up), and volume at just slightly higher than unity.

    Look through Tone Junkie's Free Rigs...somewhere there are some call Effects Presets and/or Tone Tools, and in it, they have a combination of EQ and a drive (maybe a screamer?) that is supposed to emulate an ODR. So, it's two stomps, but it sounds similar to a medium setting on an ODR-1. There are also several other useful EQ / Drive combinations in those Tone Tools such as a Stomp Thickener, Fatness, Hot Knife, Etc.

    The ambient effects were the most enlightening to me. Thomas, your ear for creating just the right reverbs and delays is outstanding. And this most recent pack really highlights how much of an impact those ambient effects make on the tone. Thanks.

    A way to "own" the amp(s) you want is decide what settings/tones you want out of each amp. Then, out of a set of profiles of a particular amp, choose the clean sounds you want, choose the gritty sounds you want, choose the full out distortion sounds you want, etc., etc. and keep those in your Kemper and/or in a folder in rig manager. In lieu of going to the amp and, for instance, turning up the mids, just go the profile with more mids.

    I bought one as a backup, and really like it. If you like MBritt profiles then you should definitely get the MBritt pack for HX Stomp. His presets are very similar in tone to his Kemper profiles.

    In particular, I like being able to use two amps at once, in parallel or switch between amps in the same preset.

    I could do a gig with just the Stomp no problem. But, I am going to add a small midi switcher (Midi Baby 3) and a pair of expression pedals.

    I had the same thought, that Jensen might be a typo or holdover from another profile, but thought I might send it up anyway.

    As I acquire profiles, if I notice that they have a cool, rare, or unusual speaker, I always save them as a cab. I usually don't use them, but I go back and try them every once in a while.

    Glad to hear you like the Proverb, those profiles are definitely in my top 5 favs. The 66 Proverb in his Vintage Pack is also one of my favs: is just the tiniest bit brighter so I use it with my Teles when I want a "Stratty-er" sound.

    To answer your OP, I find that the cabs tend to reflect the profile: if the profile is bright, the cab will be bright, etc.

    I searched for Jensen speakers in rigs and found these:

    Turned out that there were two in the MBritt 2020 pack:

    67 Proverb 3 1

    67 Proverb 3 4

    From Rig Exchange(RE) or Free Packs:

    Princeton V1 T4.5 B4 by Ralph

    Mojotone Twin 5e3 N2 (live) by Iuri Sceankin (cws1)

    MN SR65 Le Freak by Mats Nermark

    Mmm Octaves! by Tone Junkie (matchless 1*12 + jensen 2*10)


    BM - Magmaton clean by BM

    Fender Deluxe Clean by StumblinMan

    Fender Tweed Blues Jr Overdrive by StumblinMan

    Four 57 Maestro profiles from Selah Sounds Odds & Ends Pack with Jensen speakers

    From Maurizio70 free pack:

    Brun Maranel by Maurizio70

    FEN Twin Neck by Pete Turley

    Pro Reverb 1b Mic AB by CarlosSartorius

    Pro Reverb 1b Mic C by CarlosSartorius

    Prince Brownie CLN by Jen

    ... and many more.

    Search RE for jen or jensen or jenny or any other Jensen pseudonym you can think of.

    Also, search your own rig manager for jen or jensen: I found a bunch that I did not realize were Jensens (like the Pro Reverbs above).

    There were also a lot of them in the stock packs included with RM.

    You probably know this, but you can save the cab from any profile/rig and then use it with any other profile/rig. You can also save them as presets in rig manager and they are easier to preview/try out with various amps.

    FYI, there are quite a few MBritt profiles that use something other than his 3P cabs and Celestions. Some of those might be worth a try.

    If you find a great one(s), please let us know here.