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    I was "mislead" ^^ by the post where the OP wrote "I wasn't trying to achieve a morphing effect " .

    I would add to paults's great advice to check the Morph Rise Time and Fall Time in the Rig Menu. This will affect how quickly the effects come on or turn off.

    While in the rig you are trying to use, hold down the Lock button and see if you have anything locked. The buttons of any locked items will be lit when you hold the Lock button down. Press the lit buttons to unlock.

    No way of knowing if this is the problem, but am trying to help you figure it out.

    Thanks Michael, I will save the "problem" performances in a folder in RM. That way I can quickly "fix" them.

    The snag for me is, I don't take my computer to gigs, so I won't have that option at a gig.

    Thanks for the input and maybe someone else will chime in.


    Yeah, I have a "Basic Rig" performance that I can always fall back, and indeed, use most of the time (okay, I confess, I have 3 "Basic Rig" performances: still working that option anxiety out!). I have a couple of other performances that have song specific rigs, that is, they have settings not included in my Basic Rig performance.

    And then I have several Amp specific performances: Favorite Deluxes, Favorite Voxs, Favorite Marshalls, Favorite Champs, etc.

    Yes, it has died down for me. But initially, I felt like I had every option in the world. I did some gigs where I was thinking "is this as good as it could be or would that be better ". I think after a few months of experimenting, and most importantly, doing some gigs with it, you will narrow things down to what you like. Having said that, I still tweak and am always listening to new profiles, but the tweaking is, figuratively, within a smaller set of parameters.

    I know the most important thing is to make a living and play music, but I recommend enjoying the "honeymoon" period of getting to know the options.

    Hi and thanks in advance for any help. Describing everything that is going on would be a LOT of text, so I'll be brief and then answer any specific questions as they come up:

    With my latest two performances, the rigs are randomly changing slots. I have saved them, of course, but when I come back to those performances, whether during the same session, or after the Profiler has been rebooted, the rigs "move" themselves to different slots. All of the rigs are there, but they are are not in the slots I originally put them in. Sometimes the names of the slots change, which is confusing. I have moved them back into the correct slots, saved them, and still get the same result.

    I have tried loading and moving the rigs/performances directly on the Profiler, and using Rig Manager, with the same results.

    Is there something in my workflow that I am missing? Is is possibly related to the Profiler and RM not syncing correctly?

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

    Oh, and by the way, this is not happening with older performances.



    Try loading the rig you want in Slot 2 with all the effects on. Then copy Slot 2 into Slot 1. Turn off the effects that you don't want in Slot 1 ( you can do that by either turning off each effect individually, or by turning off the entire stomps or effects section(s), by pressing the STOMPS and/or EFFECTS button(s).

    Then, press store 3 times.

    Try searching Vox, Voice, Dr. Z, Dr Z, Maz, Wreck, Trainwreck, etc. in RM. There are a BUNCH of profiles. Also search Brian Carl in the RM. He has a handful of free profiles that would be perfect to put your Paisley drive in front of. Also, there are at least a couple of commercial profilers that have great Paisley-type profiles; can't mention them here or the thread will get moved.

    Good luck, and let us know if you find anything particularly great!

    Hey jchamp,

    A while back, I looked for a solution and, well I gave up. But, you may want to take up the mantle. There are expression to midi converters out there and I found one company, Source Audio that makes a midi expression pedal. I don't know anything about midi, so like I said, I gave up.

    Also, be sure and check your spam for a reply from Kemper support. I've noticed many users have complained about no response, when the reply was in their spam. And that's not meant to imply that you were complaining.

    If you have any luck or breakthroughs, please report back.

    I do the same thing Wheresthedug described; works "just" like a real leslie.

    I haven't tried increasing or decreasing the mix level, but surely you can assign the morph to change between fast and slow, while also morphing the mix level, miking distance, etc. And you could set the timing of the change in mix level to correspond with the preset timing of the change from fast to slow. Doing this would free up one button on the upper row of the remote, that is assuming you use one button to turn the rotary effect on and off.

    I've had a bunch of Fender Teles and several knockoffs. but my current fav is my Ron Kirn Signature. Ron is super down to Earth, straight to the point, and built the guitar with the many specs/customizations I specified. (trying to post a pic while I'm writing this) Assuming the photo attaches, I would point out somethings that are not obvious in the photo: The body is bound, the back is ash painted brown with the wood grain showing. The fret markers on the top of the neck glow in the dark so I can find my way around when the stage is dark, particularly before the lights come up at the beginning of a song. Frets are stainless 6105s.

    Ron installed Lawrence Keystones, which I loved, but they, like all single coil pickups, were noisy in some venues, so I replaced them with an SD Vintage Tele Stack and an SD 5/2 Strat Stack. I use an oddball set of string gauges, but Ron cut the nut specifically for those gauges.


    Though it has the maple top, and binding, from a distance, it looks like and old butterscotch blackguard, minus the fretboard markers, which I specified be omitted. Oh and another interesting thing: when Ron asked what color I wanted, I told him I did't care as long as it wasn't fluorescent pink, fluorescent green, crazy stripes, etc. He, for the same price he initially quoted me, added the maple top and chose the stain/finish color. When I received it I was blown away. It is beautiful, if I may say so myself. Plays amazing, sounds amazing, intonation is better than any T-type I've ever played.

    BTW, the photo was taken when the guitar was new; its got some wear/mileage on it now. Also, I had to shrink the photo quite a bit so, not sure how well this is going to turn out.

    Ron also makes standard, that is non-custom T-type, and other, guitars.

    website: It's worth a read, even if you don't want one of his builds.

    Whew! Aren't you glad you asked? ^^

    And don't forget, you can swap cabs/speakers if you have a profile that has the speaker or the sound you want. I don't do that much, because it's a whole new rabbit warren to fall into. But, if I do find a profile with an interesting speaker, say an Oxford, I save those as cab presets to try.