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    Let’s see how close we can get to what you want:

    Will you be using more than one slot in the performance? If so, we will make use of the different slots in a performance. And that may be the only way this is possible.

    Will you need any other effects at the same time as (1-6)? If you only need reverb in 2 and 6, we will work with that.

    Which effects do you want pre-stack and which post-stack?

    Remember that you will have 4 stomps available pre-stack (A, B, C, D)

    And 4 effects available post stack (X, Mod, Dly, Rev)

    And any of the effects or stomps can go in any of the slots

    Once I know more specifically what you want, I can guide you and maybe even make a performance that you will only have to swap out the stack and effects to get what you want. (I would use a free profile for the stack, of course.) That may be more efficient that trying to type out every minute step.

    I am going to assume that you can set the parameters of the chorus, delay, reverb, compressor, phaser, and eq since there will be considerable personal preference regarding those settings.

    And also, while I am more than happy to guide you with this, (and actually looking forward to the challenge) don’t forget that you can always refer to the manual and video tutorials. The explanations in the manual may make more sense to you or at least reinforce what I am going to communicate. You can keyword search the manual.

    So what I am trying to achieve is what I would call a transparent overdrive: I want the drive to add distortion, but not change the overall tone of the profile. So far, I have only been able to get this with the Pure Booster. But, to get any significant breakup, the volume on the Pure Booster has to be so high that it causes a large jump in volume when engaged.

    So I have been trying to get this with the new drives and the best I have come up with are these:

    Full OC:

    HP/LP: LP

    Drive 5

    Tone 5.0 - 6.0

    Mix 60% and up

    Volume +4.0 ( and down as the Mix goes up)

    Kemper Drive:

    Drive 7.6

    Tone 5.4 - 6.0

    Definition 0.0

    Slim Down 0.0

    Mix 78%

    Volume -0.6

    This is pretty close, but similar to the ODR-1, there is an increase in bottom that I can't get rid of.

    Any feed back on those would be welcome as would any settings or tricks you have come up with.



    Brief answer is yes, you can assign multiple effects/stomps to any one of the controller buttons. You can also assign effects and stomps to the tuner, tap, and looper buttons.

    And there is Morphing.

    So thats a possible 12 or so different "scenes" per performance slot times 5 slots....

    The quick answer is no, you are limited to 4 post stack effects.

    You can assign several effects to each button on the remote. You can make one button turn all of the assigned effects on or off. You can also make the button turn some effects off while turning others on.

    You can assign other effects to the delay and/or reverb slots. Delay and reverb can be assigned to the Pre-stack slots.

    Possible workarounds:

    Use the global Space for reverb. This will only yield a short, small reverb, but will free up one effect slot.

    Forego the Studio EQ and use some combination of the amp controls such as Definition and Clarity, the Amp EQ, and the Output EQ.

    Unless you need all four effects at the same time, duplicate the rig and assign the effects you need to use simultaneously to each of the rigs.

    Thought of another real-world use case/need for a second morph. The current volume pedal settings only allow for 0 to halfway up or halfway up to full volume. Currently, to have any more range than that (such as off and then swell to full volume), I have to use the Morph function. And that uses all of the power of the Morph just to do a volume swell and nothing else can be Morphed in that rig.

    Naming any commercial profiles in this section will get your post moved. So, search the RE using keywords "delux" "deluxe" "lux" and "dlx". You may need to narrow the search further by searching in Name field. Sort by gain. Audition profiles until you find the sound you are looking for, or as close as you can find.

    Then, try tweaking using Definition (likely turn down slightly), Tube Sagging (likely turn up to 7 or more), and the Amp eq (likely mid and treble down, then make up the top end by turning the presence up. If necessary, use the Pure Boost in front of the Stack for a full range push. 🤞

    And please, report back and share your findings.

    Just listened to the track again. For the above, I was thinking of the heavier sound that starts right after the intro

    For the more jangly sound, also search the RE for deluxe, and when you find the one, add some direct mix in the amp section, and a short, bright reverb.

    Somewhere in Tim Pierce's videos he has one where he addresses all of the touch, technique, etc. for this type of tone. And he plays / uses La Grange as an example.

    I just looked quickly and couldn't find it. But spending time looking through his videos will not be a waste of your time. ;)