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    I tried to trouble shoot by deleting rigs, deleting performances, disconnecting from Rig Manager, etc. Nothing seemed to help. It does not skip when using the remote. It does not skip when scrolling through the New Performances, so I assume it has something to do with my performances.

    I can tell when it is going to happen, because it takes a little longer to load the next performance; I get the impression that the Kemper loads the next Performance in the sequence, and then skips over it and loads the next Performance.

    If there is a fix, I'd love to know about it.

    ...and you have separate, independent EQs for the mains output and the monitor output. So, you can control the volume and the EQ of the monitor output without affecting what is sent to FOH.

    and to dovetail with Monkey_Man, different delay settings AND the Morph rise and fall times will cause weird artifacts depending on the parameters you are morphing.

    With the advent of the new beta overdrives, this is probably obviated, but I spent some time tweaking on the existing ODs to see if I could get something useable out of them. I have only used the Pure Booster because the other distortions/overdrives just sounded bad to me. I often need to add just a tiny bit more breakup or push and don’t want to switch profiles to do so. But I also don’t like that the rig has to get louder to get dirtier using the Pure Booster.

    So, I used a clean profile (a bassman), with a compressor in front, set to:

    5.5 intensity, 6.4 attack, +1.3 squash, 45% mix, +.05 volume (those were just the settings that came with the profile)

    This profile would just break up if I hit the strings as hard as I could, harder than I ever would when actually playing music.

    I put the OD after the compressor and before the stack. I set the drive to its max setting and adjusted the mix to where I could just hear it break up the amount that I wanted. One percentage up or down made a difference. The idea was to have the same/similar tone, but overdriven. I adjusted the tone so that it was as close as possible to the profile without the OD engaged, and set the volume to unity.

    I was surprised and happy with the results and I think there is a whole world in there to explore.

    And to backtrack a little, I got this idea from all the posts about a “Klon” sound. I thought “maybe the the Metal DS, with its eq, could give me a similar mid-hump”. I am not really interested in trying to get an exact copy of a Klon, but I do want an overdrive sound that has a similar “cut” to it. I found that the Metal DS eq was a boon. I like the sound with the mid eq set between the mid peaks of a Klon and a Tube Screamer (in the 500 – 600 range). But, of all the od’s I experimented with, the Metal DS was kind of spitty or not smooth. On this one, I tried backing the drive down, but it still had that spitty character. But the Metal DS allows for the most eq adjustment.

    Below are the settings I came up with. I am sure you will have to tweak them for your profile, your guitar, your use-case, and your ears.

    Green Scream:

    Drive 10

    Tone 8.2

    Mix 42%

    Volume +1.4

    Plus DS:

    Drive 10

    Mix 49%

    Volume +4.1

    One DS:

    Drive 10

    Tone 3.0

    Mix 48%

    Volume +0.7


    Drive 10

    Tone 9.5

    Mix 40%

    Volume +2.0

    Metal DS:

    Drive 10

    Mix 33%

    Volume +2.0

    Low 4.0

    Middle 2.5

    Mid Freq 552.2

    High 10.0


    certified beta chicken =O

    I am curious about the Brown Bag experiment. Michael do you have any feedback?

    Has anyone adopted the "Brown Bag" as their main profile(s)? If you are using it, how are you using it?