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    +1 on the multiple compressor solution
    Use a clean profile that has the attack you want, put two compressors in the stomps section, adjust the compressor stomps and the compressor in the amp section to taste.
    Now, you will get noise, just like cranking the gain on a distorted amp, but can also use a noise gate, just set the gate so it doesn't cut off the sustained notes.

    I tried this and it was fun to play around with.

    Just be sure you unlock anything you don't want in EVERY profile when you are through auditioning. I can't remember how many times I have messed up an entire 5 slot performance because I hit STORE and forgot I had locked something.

    I ordered the cables below on Amazon and they were perfect; I was originally using some straight plug cables and they kept me from being able to set the expression pedals next to the remote or each other. And, like mentioned above, I order 4 TRS so that I didn't have to worry about which cable went where.

    Audio2000's C25003P2 3 Ft 1/4" TRS Right Angle to Right Angle Patch Cable (2 Pack)

    Not only are the profiles great sounding and feeling, but you get a glimpse of how Mr. Britt might use the amp/profiles in the performances that are included. FWIW, my favorites are the Tweedy Verbs. I don't think this is a secret (because he mentions it in the notes) but there is an "easter egg" profile of a 57 Vibrolux in his Folsom Prison performance and it is killer. I mentioned this in another thread, but I am sure I could do any gig with just the profiles in this pack. Heck, I could probably do any gig with just the Prince Rec profiles.
    I have LOTS of profiles, but rigs from this pack would be my desert island rigs.

    I'll start by saying I love the MBritt Grab n Go Pack. I could do any gig I get hired for with the profiles in that pack.

    So, this evening, using profiles from that pack, I made performances using profiles of the same amp varying from cleanest in the left slot to dirtiest in the right slot. I went through each set of amp profiles and chose the clean profile I liked, put it in the the left slot, chose the next "dirtiest" profile, put it in slot 2, etc, etc with the heaviest/dirtiest profile in the rightmost slot. I did this with the Prince Rec, Tweedy Verb, WC Spanky, Town Car, and Zee Maz 18. (The Tweedy Verb didn't have a super-gainy profile, so I used the MB-Tweed Champ 4 and tweaked it a little)

    I liked that, in one performance, I could change through the various gain levels, but have the characteristics of the same amp.

    I found that this allowed me to easily compare the amps at similar gain levels by scrolling up or down. For instance, to my ears, the WC Spanky and the Town Car are very similar at all gain levels. Using these performances to compare, I think I will eventually make a performance made up of my favorite profiles from each amp at each gain level.

    Oh, by the way, I used Rig Manager to audition the profiles with the Profiler in Performance mode. Once I had the Profiles in the slots, I saved the entire Performance. For the first two performances, all went well. For the last three, the Profiler did not save/display the profile names in the slots; the slots just display "Slot". Can anyone tell me what I did wrong, or give the workflow to have the names populate. I realize I can manually change the names in Rig Manager.

    This was easy, and fun and, I hope, informative.