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    I agree with you. I work in a power plant that was built in the mid 70s as an instrument tech. A lot of our test equipment such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, signal generators, etc original to the plant is Hewlett and Packard. Even though now almost 50 years old, all of it still works perfectly. Each one gets a certified calibration each year and always passes. Unfortunately with most of the controls, repairs are now just card swapping and the old test equipment doesn't get used like it used to. But it still works perfectly when needed.

    Awesome David!

    As I've said many times before here in the forum, your older '59 RR Profiles are favourites of mine. Great "grainy" vintage vibe.

    Thank you so much mate.

    I completely agree with this. Those profiles, especially one in particular, has been saved in my Kemper for years. Looking forward to trying these tomorrow. I have all of your profiles from RE saved in Rig Manager on my Mac. Thank you again!


    I have a ‘52 RI Tele. The stock pups were ‘good’….but not great. I put a set of Fishman’s Greg Koch Fluence pickups in and what was a very good guitar turned into a great one.

    I had a Tele with a set of these a couple years ago. I agree, great sounding pickups. I sold the guitar because I wasn't a fan of the actual guitar, not the pickups. Greg is such an amazing player.

    I have an affinity for the original 80's Kramers and have collected a few over the years. I couldn't pass this one up. I've never seen another Baretta in Harvest Yellow. Plays and sounds great if you like this style of instrument. My favorite guitar is always a good Les Paul but it's fun to play these also. Screams 80's metal!s

    Thank you for these. I actually discovered them before seeing this post. I wanted a fresh copy of your old Marshall profile and noticed you had uploaded these. I really enjoyed the duel amp medium gain a lot but all of them are very nice.


    I have found that if Rig Manager will not see the Kemper, if I unplug the USB cable on the Kemper end and reconnect, Rig Manager will then see the Kemper. Unplugging from the PC side does nothing. This may help you connect to Rig Manager better

    I also usually have to reboot my PC after installing a new version of Rig Manager before installing a new version of firmware. If I don't I usually get an error message with a failed to install.