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    I still get that blue screen when I switch the computer off ( stig72 , I checked that software, but saw a few opinions that made me think it wasn't safe, so I didn't use it).

    BUT, anyway I installed RM3 and updated the Stage without problems and everything seems to work fine, so I'm happy with it.

    Pleased that you have it running, :)

    That blue screen thing must have something to do with the Windows 10 install, i did an upgrade on my Win 8.1 laptop to Win 10 and used the online update/media creation tool from here and all went perfectly no problems at all.

    A number of people have reported this error. Since the error message doesn't specify the name of the missing dll, you might check the event viewer to see if an error was logged naming the offending dll.

    Knowing exactly what dll is not being found would be an important step toward finding and resolving the problem.

    I couldn't agree more. ;)

    when you say doesn't work on Win 8 expand that plz I'm also on Win 8 and RM 3.0 lets me chg rigs on kemper but I can't access the editor is it same for you

    Yes that was the same for me its not allowing the rigeditor.dll to load within RM 3.0, i tried just about everything i could i tried other computers that to were on Win 8/8.1 no joy so i gave up and upgraded one of my laptops to Win 10 just so i can use the new RM 3.0 but thats fine for me as it will just be used for things like my Kemper and my Axe FX and that so all is good now for me.

    I am sure that they will fix the issue as it mainly lies within that new .dll and not within rig manager its just the added editor.

    no. probably you are right. now i could see the tmp lib being created (i also assume executed) and then it immediately disappeared while the error message was shown. so it could also be the case, that some basic / other dll is missing. just wondering how this can happen with a fresh windows 10 installation and .net framework update. would be interesting to understand, which dll is missing

    Wish i could help you further but i am only a mere mortal , try doing all and every update available and check that you have the latest .net framework which i think is 4.8 other than that i am sorry but i am probably of no more use to you on this subject.

    Good luck my friend. :)

    That looks like it is an error in your window system files not the installer but maybe one of your library files is missing.

    I am no expert though!


    I have the same issue, on Windows 10. 64 bit

    I ended up upgrading to Win10 64bit and so far so good although it can at times be a bit flaky when opening up sometimes when i choose a rig it fails to load up on my Kemper but a closing of RM3 and reopening and then all is fine but i guess we all have to remember this is a beta.

    You guaranteeing that it does not work on Windows 8 because it didn't work for you is ridiculous.

    Just chill and enjoy RM and Windows 10.

    I am chilled as i have updated to Win 10 now and it works on that, :) but yes you could say it was just me but i have read every post on three different threads regarding RM3 and it also seems that many others have not been able to run it on Win 8 i have yet to see any post where someone has it running on Win 8.

    Either ways this has been a long time coming wish i new why but its a fantastic start and have to say a big thanks to all involved in bringing this to us. :thumbup:

    Quite the same here too, I'm on Win 8.1, with Kemper OS 7.1.7 and RM3 said that there something goes wrong in the application ("a non-well drived exception happend" traduce approx. from french) and "Start Index cannot be below zero"


    Well i bit the bullet and updated to Win 10 for free and its now working with one or two glitches here and there as it is a beta version but now works so all i can say is maybe upgrade to 10.

    "System requirements: Windows 8 or higher."

    You can quote "System requirements: Windows 8 or higher." but i absolutely guarantee that at this present moment and with this version of RM3 it does not work on Windows 8 , i have spent hours and hours attempting to get it to work so i bit the bullet and updated from Win 8 to Win 10 the same IE the exact computer i have been trying to get RM3 to work on and guess what yes that's right it works now i am on Windows 10 so i say this and you can quote me (System requirements Windows 10) ;)

    people need to accept the fact that Windows 7 is unsupported after a couple weeks. You’re not going to get it. You can update to 10 for free.

    I get it, I hated win ME (mistake edition) and wanted to go back to 98SE, but Win10 is a very solid OS, I’ve been using it for over a year for my work machine and updated my home machine from 7 to 10 last month, everything just works better now, printer issues gone, WiFi issues gone, etc.

    I am on Win 8 but the new RM3 does not work on that so it seems it will work on 10 only.

    I thought the Free upgrade had stopped now?

    You can upgrade to Windows 10.

    Yes very true but i have everything i need and everything running perfectly so i do not wish to upgrade to windows 10 just to be able to have this editor that just does not make sense it makes more sense for Kemper to have the editor working on Windows 7 , 8 , and 10 as most other developers have with there additional editing software.

    Look at your event viewer application logs and see what errors you got when you attempted to run RM3

    Yeah have done that but not really understanding exactly the issue but what i do know is that it is an issue with the new added rigeditor.dll,

    If i remove that file from the installed folder then rig manager runs fine but then of course that then means i don't have the new editor its just like having rig manager only a newer version and no editor at the bottom.