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    Sorry, aber man kann es nicht besser erklären als Yoda Guitar das in diesem Thread schon x-mal versucht hat. Ich frage mich, ob diejenigen, die hierzu kein Verständnis aufbringen können, jemals live im Bandkontext gespielt haben. Es ist doch sonnenklar, dass man mind. einen effizienten Low-Cut AM MONITOR haben muss (nicht im RIG, nicht am Main Out), solange man live (in der Eigenbeschallung) mit Niedrigfrequenz Instrumenten konkurriert. Alleine schon die Tatsache, dass eine billige Palmer Macht eine Low-Cut Taste (80 Hz) pro Kanal (!) besitzt, spricht ja schon Bände für dieses Erfordernis im Praxiskontext. Warum Burkard hier das Thema überhaupt unter "Kategorie Wünsche" verortet finde ich sehr befremdlich und für mich nur zu meiner Eingangsfrage ...

    Hi All,

    I want to ask you for your personal best and high quality 80ties Delay/Reverb distorsion solo sound you can recommend - free or commercial. I havent found the perfect one so far, even after trying many rig providers and the rig exchange. What Amp and Pickuptype would you recommend with this demand?

    Many thanks for your answer,


    Especially when moving or configuring performances there is a high need for an undo function. Also in Addition for many other operations within the RM. As the copy and movement procedure of performances between LocLib and the Kemper is explicitely unreliably still, I want to highly request this SW standard feature.

    Hi All, I want to share the installation of an amplifier into the original Kemper Cabinet. I have changed the backplate with installation of a power connector and a on/off with besides line-in. I used an Anaview ALC0180-2300 with one channel ([email protected]) and it sounds really great in comparison to a Palmer Macht external amplifier and is loud enough due to the amplifier efficiency. AND: The Cabinet itself seems to be optimized and fits much better to the Kone soundwise than an Kone in another box with different size and construction. Congrats to Kemper at this point. So, the Cabinet form factor is IMHO perfect. Unfortunately the the high quality Anaview isn't produced any more and ICEpower isn't available in single units -> Has anyone a tip for buying an AS1 for instance?

    Today during half of our rehearsals my Stage (10 month old) did suddenly not deliver a tone any more. Checked cable, amplifier (Palmer Macht), guitar .. everything was ok … except the stage. When taking volume to maximum sometimes a "knacking tone" could be heared.

    I would like to ask the community if somebody else had this experience too in the past?

    Actually I am extrem disappointed due to the non existing reliability of this unit (as the RM isnt reliable too). With my Rack I never had any Problems since years. How big is the probability to get back a reliable unit in order to trust for live purposes?



    Dear all,

    as there were again issues - like in the past several times - with the launching of new RM and FW releases (RM122 and 7.4) and the response to my suggestions of the Kemper team on that Topic was and is like zero, I want to Point out this urgent necessary improvements over the profiler forum. The Minimum improvements according to the subject actually are:

    - Software testing: New firmware and RM Software packages have to be tested before launching extensive via RM and (later?) on the HP for all basic operations in combination and for each product itsself (seperately)

    - If not possible due to ressources: Less SW launches with higher quality are much better than many releases which contains bugs. At the end user satisfaction should be the highest target which also helps on making Kemper a name for reliable products

    - Lauching SW has to be synchronized between the download ability via RM and Kemper Hompage. A delay of providing new SW on the Homepage reflects that Kemper is unsure having provided a sufficient tested software and waits for response and service desk feedback. If tests are done in a sufficient way, no major issues will come up, users are prevented to go forth and back between Releases and to have frustrated user experience. Cave: Not every Kemper user is a technical software expert!

    - Once a software package was released, it should not be deleted from download without any comment in the forum or on the HP. This is totally unprofessional and gives the feeling of still being and acting like a "start-up company"

    - Beta software has to be quoted as Beta (eg. RM 122 wasnt marked as Beta)

    - Contacting support and delivering detailed information on issues incl. providing analysing files is often replied as "we cannot see the problem on our side". This is definitely a lack of the existing analysing processes. There seems to be to less or no feedback loop from the support team towards the development and vice versa.

    - The support team has to be aware of all supported platforms, Mac and Windows. Calling the friendly support and hearing that the guy can only give answers on Mac because somebody else is only specialized on Windows, does not reflect a support team making sense.

    - As long as the RM is necessery to manipulate Performances in a comfortable way (eg we still miss the import of performances via USB), a huge attention on the quality and reliability of the RM is required.

    As I am working in the software industry since decades I have offered to help the development with basic tips on that topics without costs several times: Unfortunately Kemper is massive advice resistant.

    Please Kemper Team: Dont be advice resistant, and try to improve on aboves topics dramatically, it is really worth - Thank you.


    Ich pflichte vorm allem bei, wenn es um die Gitarre und Pickups geht, zzgl. meiner Aussage weiter unten. Damit fängt erst mal alles an. Ich bin sogar soweit gegangen, bei Strats und SG/LPs die Potis auf exakt 250 bzw. 500k umzulöten, das allein, inkl. dem verwendeten "richtigen" Kondensator können schon "Welten" ausmachen. Dann kommen die PUs, da ist ja zb ein HH bei weitem nicht gleich HH. Betrachtet man eine SG, dann kriegst Du die mit 57er, 490T, etc. und selbst da gibt's genügend Nuancen. Dann tauscht man auch noch das Kabel+Länge (Funk ist eklatant anders/schlecht) … Auch ich habe die Erfahrung gemacht, das Gain runter etwas bringen kann .. der EQ am Kemper ist maximal effektiv, die Effekte einfach vorsichtig zuführen oder wegnehmen (Studio ist ganz anders als im Monitoring) dh aufpassen .. und am Ende, das ist meine Meinung, färbt der Speaker (und praktisch auch das Mikro) mit Abstand am meisten den Ton. Dies ist nun mit dem Kone erst alles richtig offenkundig geworden, hier liegt ein Großteil des "Schlüssels" zum Sound .. soll heißen: Wenn man so klingen will wie das Vorbild muss man eigentlich auch ganz genau wissen, wie die Signalkette - in dem Fall von Petrucci - aufgebaut ist, von A-Z. Zum Schluss kommen die Finger klar, aber natürlich kann man an einem zb angeschlagenen E/A/D Powerchord auch schon viel am Ergebnis ablesen, beim Solieren wird's schon schwieriger …

    So far: MANY THANKs for your comments and tips on that topic. I hope there are comming some more :S

    I used the volume poti on the guitar, but you always loose gain - depending on the rig, Position 10 isnt always good sounding - on the one Hand, on the other when changing live a guitar, eg Strat to LP or SG, you really need to be used to the knobs for neck or bridge humbucker when operating … :saint: The Strat is perfect as this point.

    There are definitely many ways to raise the volume. At the end of last year I bought a db-meter to measure the rythm and lead volume (and to adapt it). This was unfortunately not achieving 100% accuracy as expected ...

    Hi All,

    I would like to ask the community for the best way to programm and handle volume. I have several rigs with rythm and solo sounds and have difficulties in getting a consistent volume (increase) over all rigs/Performances for the lead.

    - how to you recieve or generate a consistent volume over all Performances?

    Actually my lead sounds are organized in a separate slot/rig within the performance which has a ~ +7dB programmed/defined rig volume. I have organized my Slots as playparts within/for a song (eg. rythm dis, solo1clean, solo2dis,...). Can you please give me an idea how you handle solo volume increase and how your trigger it in context of a solo part:

    - are you using a volume pedal for volume increase (I could use a Mission KP1 which is used for Wah actually)?

    - do you use morphing (and how is this programmed in your scenario)?

    - do you use a on board booster (which is limited in dBs unfortunately)?

    - any other ideas?

    Many thanks to all for their Replies :!:


    Du verbringst aus meiner Sicht viel verschenkte Zeit mit dem Billigteil. Kauf Dir was adäquates, zb RME, dann erübrigt sich Dein Problem. Du hast mit dem Kemper einen High-End Sound im Studio zur Verfügung und verwendest ein dazu nicht passendes Teil in Deiner Signalkette ... klingt sehr simpel, ist aber schlicht der springende Punkt wie Wogo erwähnt hat ..

    Hi Community,

    can somebody please explain, how the clean sense Parameter is stored?

    - In browser mode and when using a single RIG: Is the cleans sense paramter stored with the choosen rig?

    - In performance mode: Is ist stored for the individial Slot/rig or is it stored for the total Performance

    Or is the behaviour totally different from aboves description?

    Thanks to all who answer!


    Ansonsten spiele ich auf Stoptail Gitrarren ausschließlich NYXL10-46 balanced Tension, auch wegen dem höheren Output, dem anderen Klang und Haltbarkeit. Der Saitenzug ist bei diesen Saiten stärker zu definieren (Tremolo) als bei Black Smith. Kosten das doppelte gegenüber BS.

    First Impression on RM3:

    - Intuitiv Usability and nice look and feel of the interface

    - Not too much changes in Usability vs. RM2

    - Major Advantage: Now being able to explore and use the detailed and assigned functions respective to their intended origin in the signal chain

    Please improve the copy, past & store functions of rigs and Performances (with their Parameters), so that they work rock solid.

    Thank you!!