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    I have run into my first confusion with my Kemper. I am a two-week owner. Perhaps somebody can recognize this weekend, what I am doing incorrectly.

    * I will call Kemper on this coming Monday. Yesterday was Friday, so no luck.
    * To check my procedure, I called Sweetwater (dealer). They listened to my questions, promised to get back and did not.
    * Checked everywhere I could find, to see if the pad (-15dB) on the Radial PRO DI box should be activated. No mention in manual; conflicting information on a few posts.

    1. Following a successful profiling of an original tweed Fender Champ, I decided to try a DI profile - an original Marshall bass plexi (model 1986).
    2. The plexi has to be dialed into Duane Allman territory. Every knob isn't dimed, but close enough to be very loud. Also bridged both channels.
    3. Connected the speaker output to a Radial PRO DI box Input and Radial Thru to the Marshall 4x12 cabinet.
    4. Connected DI box Line Out XLR to Kemper Return Input XLR. Pad (-15dB) not activated.
    5. Connected Kemper Direct Output / Send to Marshall input.

    As soon as I switch the Kemper to Profile, a tremendous audio feedback loop begins to build and bloom (tremendous in the tsunami-that-obliterates-everything-it-touches sense =O , not the really-nice sense.)

    6. I quickly abort.

    I checked everything and repeated, same results.

    What the heck am I missing? The profiling manual states that I should leave the speaker cab in the loop during the profiling, since the Kemper will perceive the reactions of the amp begin profiled.

    Thanks in advance!

    If my wife isn't listening, I agree about guitars and amps. But many effects and a few of the newer amps are going up for sale.

    In age-order, I have an original Tone Bender, Univibe, ram's head Big Muff, MXR, TS, Rat, and Klon. (All very low cost, purchased when new.) I finally realized a few months back, that most all the boutique fuzz, overdrive, and distortions I've been buying are just iterations of these original designs. I have too many of these.

    I simply wanted to capture the sounds of my Vintage amps in overdrive. I tried all the best brakes, but no luck. Tried the best attenuators-reamp unit. It was better but still not there. Now I have the Kemper, and in one action I have what I want to hear. It is possible, that the Eventide H9's may be redundant - we'll see. The vintage amps aren't going anywhere. They will always be great at outdoor venues where they can breathe. I can only hope, that they continue to appreciate like old radioes. With indoor venues, almost all are too loud. Plus, I am tired of a heavy pedal board, two or three amps with Powerstations, cables everywhere, etc.

    Quick story from this first weekend with the Profiler. I searched Rigs and didn't immediately find a tweed champ. So I tried a first profiling exercise with my 1959 champ and an SM57, watching the YouTube tutorial. As a test, I cranked the original Layla in the studio through the studio loudspeakers and played along with Duane's slide parts. Near the very end of the second half of the song, I looked up and my wife was standing there. I turned everything down, and she told me that she needed to discuss my son's upcoming wedding details. Then out of the blue, she added, "Why were you playing and I couldn't hear you?" No kidding, I was just as loud as the guitar tracks. The fact is, the tone and feel were identical to the recording. A week ago, I would have argued that this was unlikely. Eureka.

    These two issues aren't holding me up. I found workarounds, but thought to ask "why" (for better understanding).

    1. More than once, using either Rig Manager or loading files with flash drive, my Kemper has stalled on the last step (e.g. "...loading 7/8"). I found a recovery on this forum, where the Store key helped clear the problem without rebooting.

    2. I created our complete upcoming set list as a list of performances. Performance #20 has two rigs that should have been matched in loudness, but weren't. I fixed the second rig and pasted it in, but the quiet one stilled played in the performance. I tried successive attempts, but it onlyresolved itself once everything was turned off and then on. Does the remote have some form of memory?

    Hi all. My ProfPwrHDwRMT arrived last Wednesday. I'm a forever tube amp guy with too many amps*, too many effects*, and too many guitars*. The most technical bits about my previous setup were the board switch for eight analog pedals and two Eventide H9's. I was admittedly apprehensive about the new technology. My oldest friend (current band mate and we learned guitar together in ninth grade) bought a Helix six months back. So I've been watching his progress and listening. What I think is not important. That said I will admit envy, when he could set up and tear down in 15 minutes for concerts, and I was meeting and leaving with the goddam drummer, for chrissakes. So I did the usual survey, and quickly settled on a Kemper. Note above, I have lots of old tube amps, have built quite a few, and fix them for close friends. This, coupled with tube-tone snobbery. I have lived and worked a lot in Germany, and respect them immensely (the food is phenomenal there btw). So I'm talking too much. The Kemper is terrific. I understand enough so far, to have duplicated everything I need in a Performance mode for our entire song list. It sounds phenomenal. The best word that keeps floating to the top is uncanny. Sure, I have a few questions, but I'll sleep on them for another day until I have to cry uncle. To current long term users: you were smart and you were right. To the guys who design and build this stuff (one of whom talked to me on the phone last Monday): Sie sind der beste. Sie haben ein wunderbares Produkt entworfen und hergestellt. Sir sind der neue Leo Fender.