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    I use the DT 770 for mixing. it´s quite flat sounding in my ears.

    I own couple of ATH30s that I use in my studio for customers. Quiet nice price/performance ratio.

    I forgot why I own the ATH50. But it is more hifi sounding because bass, treble and presence are more pronounced compared to the DT770.

    Hope that helps.

    Wheresthedug :

    Hey man,
    I tryed balanced XLR cables today and the hum is gone! Thanks a lot for this idea! Problem solved and happyness arised:))

    Locrain :

    thanks to you, too man! I thought about the PC monitors, too. But the hum occured without monitors and laptop as well. And even without plugging any guitar...

    And yes, I do love my P90. But the hum was a different one...

    Hey Alan,

    thanks a lot for your ideas!

    Ok, no I´m in a 50 Hz country:) I´m always confused with this.

    I didn´t know that the Main Outs 1/4" jacks are balanced as well! I´m pretty that this is the solution! I will check this and let you know...

    Phase switching....noooo, I meant "ground lift" coffe before writing would´ve been a good idea:)

    Thanks again!


    even if I switch the phase it is still humming. Direct and Monitor Outs are silent. That´s the strange thing about it.

    I checked cables and changed preamps (it´s my recording setup). Still humming.

    Guess it´s the Kemper. What do you guys think?


    St. Fuzz

    Hi Joachim,

    ich habe anfangs immer einen Blues Junior als Monitor und Backup zu Gigs mitgenommen. Das hat auch funktioniert, obwohl ich direkt in den Input gehen musste, weil er keinen Einschleifweg hat. Richtig gut fand ich die Lösung allerdings nicht, weil das ganz schön gefärbt hat.

    Aber den Kemper einzuschleifen, klingt nach einer besser funktionierenden Lösung. Halt uns doch auf dem Laufenden, wie das für Dich funktioniert.

    Besten Gruß aus Hannover

    Also available from US vendors (Amazon) for $25 with free returns. No brainer for me, I've ordered on and will report back.

    Please let us now:)

    I own the Thomann Bag. For only carrieng the toaster it´s great. Sometimes I just put the remote on top of the bag and use a strap for fixing it there. That works fine for me. But only if it will be not raining...

    There might be a notch somewhere between maybe 1000 - 4500 kHz. And some modulating effect as well.

    Nile Rodgers is known for his super clean and dry sound. I even read that he would plug his guitar directly into the preamp of the mixing desk.

    You can also try transistor amps to imitate his sound. Roland Jazzchorus for example.

    Being able to use the kemper is very convenient anyway. In a positive sense, of course!

    How would you proceed if you had no Kemper?

    Goal: I need the perfect guitar sound for this song!


    1. Select guitar: single coils or humbucker, etc.

    2. Select Amp: American or British, etc.

    3. Select Cabinet: this may affect the sound even more than the amp itself

    4. Select microphones: midrange fist or warm and cozy ... sm57 / md421 or sm57 / u87 or sm57 / royer 121, etc

    Knowing what the individual components do helps me a lot to use the Kemper in the way I want it.

    I think the issue with “mix ready” is that it all depends on what else is in the mix.

    And of course it depends on the guitars and pickups you will use. For example: When I use P90s and choose a AC30 profile (which both naturally come with pronounced low midrange), I will create a wall of low midrange with this setup that certainly will not sit in the right place if I wanted to create a mid-scooped metal sound.