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    I'm so sorry for your experience. My Remote was at service end of last year (close to Christmas holidays) and an exchange was returned 5 days after I sent mine to Kemper. So from Kemper side I can't say anything negative, but only positive things. Also the customer support was extremely friendly and helpful.

    I've a running setup since 2 years which hasn't changed over the last 6 month.

    Currently I'm playing with the lastest versions of RigManager/Editor and matching firmware. The prior firmware (7.1.16) was almost stable except some rare crashes (mentioned in this forum by others).

    After installation of the latest beta firmware the Kemper Remote resets a few seconds after moving a Mission Engineering pedal. The correctly configured volume control on Remote input 5 (expression) and 6 (switch for effect "D" -> Wah) does not work at first. Then the remote resets and the Kemper shows the Tuner for 5 seconds until the Remote is back.

    If I hit the wrong board, please move :-)

    From me my big congrats to the Kemper team. The new Rig Manager looks great, ist absolutely usable and installation went well. It took a while to sync all settings, rigs, performances, ... but then... bling it works!

    Currently copying, pasting, doing things ist still a bit "betaish", but it works with some patience and wow, it is all so easy!

    Thank you!

    Thank you for the update G String. Appreciate the information release. Answering any post with an update doesn't help anybody, except silencing the excited, louder members.

    I tried all the available MIDI editors and always ran into problems. All solvable, yes, but the Kemper solution is so plug and play and it always worked great without issues. This is the way it should stay please, also with the editor.

    With the Kemper I also have no issues, but the remote lights um (very bright) and resets. This repeats 4-5 times and then stays off.

    Solution found:

    The CAT5+ network cable was not capable of the PoE. By changing to the standard Kemper Remote Cable, the problem is solved.

    Still looking for a suitable alternative because of

    - length of

    - saving

    - flexibility of

    ...the original cable for gigs.