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    Hello ,
    I will be using my kemper in the near future for gigs.

    I wonder what if all hell brakes loose and the kemper just fails to start or just quits.
    Is there a plan/ checklist you can follow ?

    Do we have users here who experienced troubles? If not, than the better :D

    But is there some magic button combo or usb stick repair...
    Just wanted to be prepaired

    Hey guys ,

    I 'm pretty confused with all these " volumes " which effect tone and which don't .

    Say i play with a frfr cab and my profile is too loud . Should i maintain a louder frfr cab setting ( which sound better i think)

    or which volume button should i touch first for adjusting??


    Hello again everyone! Finally got the Laney after waiting longer than expected ^^
    I think it sounds amazing ! There is so much clarity and bottom end ( not TOO much) and most of my favourite profiles translate really well ! I don't feel like i'm losing any punch when i compare it to using my Laney Ironheart and 2x12.
    I used some Reampzone and Sinmix profiles with a guitar which is in drop B and it feels and sounds incredible ! I also tried some cleaner/crunch profiles with some other guitars with the same result :) It's made me want to buy some more profiles lol, in particular some Tonejunkies haha.
    However I did feel like my top jimi profiles didn't sound AS good as through my studio monitors for whatever reason ?( They kinda felt a little less "real" or "boxy", which is a shame because Top Jimi profiles are really fun to play through when i'm just sitting at my desk. Anyone have a bit of advice regarding this ?

    Anyway, that's my review of it after having it for a day! Really glad I bought it and would recommend to anyone looking for a great unit at an affordable price :)

    i have this amp to , now and then when turning on the first minute i mase this hissing sound and then vanish , this does not happen all the time . you encounter this aswell?

    If you are happy with the sound of your Kemper through headphones, everything is fine in the KPA and you have to work on your monitor and PC setup. Follow Martin and Alan comments above, that’s what I did to sound as I wanted in the HS7s.

    Work on the studio monitors first, before adding your PC and other interfaces.

    I do have HS7 monitors, they lack bass response, their purpose is to help a mix not to provide a HiFi sound nor a guitar cabinet feel moving air. I managed to fine tune the sound using Room Control and HiTrim, and adding an IsoAcoustics ISO155stands which help to extend bass, if your HS7s are in a desk. I did connected the KPA and the HS7 to a mixer in order to have more EQ and control the shrill and bass. That setup sounds good to my ears and translates very well what I hear in my mixing headphones from the KPA. Anyway, if you need more bass you can add a subwoofer. If you want more “feel like an amp”, additionally you can connect an FRFR monitor straight to your KPA. I’ve added a Mission Gemini, but there are other options like the new headRush monitors. If what you are looking for is a realistic amp in the room feel that’s a different topic.

    well i"ve ordered a laney lfr cab , and i remember playing a line 6 pod through my bose pc speakers sounded good aswell , i think that speakers are indeed not the right "match " for my situation

    well i like to use my kemper an pc in one , like playing along with backing tracks , so my speakers are also my pc sound . But like i said through headphone sounds is killer , like there is more compression and detail . lik i see in the vids ,

    the strange thing is that when recording it sounds even dull.

    So dont know why the 6i6 makes your sound so dull , maybe its suppose to be that way because studio sound is as neutral as possible ? Dont know

    I tried piping the Kemper through a 6i6 and on to monitors. It sounded pants. So I found an old cheapy mixer lying around. Fed the kpa and the computer stuff via the 6i6 through the mixer and out of the monitors. That set up sounds great.

    I've no idea why, but kpa through the 6i6 and then the monitors absolutely sucked

    what would you suggest ? using some software with eq ?

    Hi and welcome.

    Are using a guitar Cab as a monitor or are you using Studio Monitors or anything else?

    i'm using monitors , what i miss is the lack of detail and sensitivty you know , you hear on some profiles like the fingering and the wood tone of the guitar , sounds weird , but i cant describe it otherwise.

    There are tons of profiles , but frankly i found them to sound the same. Ok , there is high med and low gain and cleans , but other then they sound like they have a different eq ,

    they sound the same . The quality depends on the profile , but i never managed to sound my profile like a real amp.
    is it because of wrong settings ? or because i play with monitors?
    I never manage this kind of quality/sound :