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    Is it possible to save a global INPUT PRESET based on each guitar or is it done by the RIG only?

    I have EMG equipped DROP C guitars with 13-56 and the output is intense. Much, much higher than my main Charvel with 9-42 in A440.

    I'm realizing the CLEAN SENSE is crucially important to setting the DI OUTPUT level.

    I use only SPDIF with my Kemper and aim for -6dB peak. To do so I really have to dial back the SPDIF output level and also dial back clean sense or else the SPDIF DI signal will hit 0dB with ease.

    i completely uninstalled and then reinstalled rig manager and everything is now back to normal. that is the first time i have ever had an issue with an OS update and I have done at least 30 by now. got it all working now!

    Curiously - do we know if there are any plans to add a para EQ with the ability to "NOTCH FILTER" certain frequencies with a super high Q value? i find I'm having to do quite a bit in POST and it would be awesome to do it on the kemp itself.

    i did exactly that.. screen said

    nanoboot: burnFromUSB()

    then it said

    ERROR: fatal error parsing firmware file (errcode=-97)

    i re-downloaded the update file

    grabbed a new usb stick. formatted it with the kemper.

    put it into my pc.

    copied the update file to it

    safely ejected it from PC

    plugged it into the kemper

    go to install and....




    im now on but now i have a new problem. not recognized by rig manager?????????

    rig manager version

    yes, for sure the right version. I have literally done.. 30 or more upgrades over the years with my Kemper, every time a new OS is available it has alwasy upgraded with zero issues. .. not sure why this one is failing.

    first time this has ever happened. my kemper rack is currently on BETA

    I am trying to update via USB to and it fails. it jumps to 23% then 39% then FAILS. with "Update has Failed! update cannot be used. please contact support"

    Just want to make sure I'm doing this "properly" or as the correct solution. I have non powered kemper rack. I also have a cool little TUBE CAKE TC-3 3 watt power amp pedal. I am using a Mogami gold TS to TS 1/4" cable from MONITOR OUT to the TC-3 power amp which hits a mesa recto 2x12. in kemper i check MONITOR CAB OFF so I do not hear the cab model coming though. is this the proper way to do what I am doing? monitor output mode is "master mono".

    Right, this is 100% specific to being in a profile, having the cabinet chosen and then going through PRESETS of the "Cab" type. You can double click to load a cabinet but it makes the picking hand leave the guitar. With the RIGHT ARROW key you can use fret hand and its just way faster and easier. Sure would be nice to have this feature available to audition CAB IR's for those of us who have boatloads of them.

    so in RIG EXCHANGE, it is cool to use the RIGHT ARROW key to go from profile to profile. very easy to do with picking hand.

    when editing a patch and auditioning CABINETS, this same technique does not work. one must actually DOUBLE MOUSE CLICK on teh cabinet which is no bueno.

    anyone have a workaround or have a feature request in for this?

    Thanks, Lobsta. As it stands now I will continue use the front Kemper 1Mohm input and the SPDIF out "Git" to play through VST sims. I have been reading more and more about IMPEDANCE and how many interface Hi Z inputs are not really Hi Z at all. A true Hi Z input should be 1M Ohm or greater, not the 470k ohm that RME uses. The FF400 is killer, that is just the only flaw it has - sh*tty INST input impedance rating. I think I've gotten around it by using the Kemper as described.

    What is the ideal DI SIGNAL level supposed to be? As close to 0dB as possible?

    Recently bought a used Fireface 400 due to RME's reputation for rock solid driver stability and low latency. Just as anticipated, the FF400 is indeed rock solid and very low RTL in Windows 10 using Cubase 9 Pro.

    I use my Kemper non-powered rack for just about everything guitar wise but have been experimenting with some NEURAL DSP stuff, over the past few weeks - quite good high gain simulations for sure.

    For connectivity to my DAW, I only use the SPDIF in and out of Kemper, no other I/O is being used or needed. I play through Dynaudio BM6A MKII monitors which are fed by the RME fireface.

    So my question for the readers here has to due with IMPEDANCE and DI SIGNAL and DAW interfaces in general. For some wacky reason, RME is using a 470k ohm INST input (either IN3 or IN4 on front) when set to INST via the RME software. This really SHOULD be 1M Ohm, it is baffling RME did 470k there. The Kmper of course has a 1M ohm impedance on the front input jack.

    So, with the RME instrument input being as it is, it just does not sound right and clips way too easily when hitting it with EMG. So I was going to buy a COUNTRYMAN 85 or even thought about getting a Grace m101 but then it occured to me to just use the Kemper input, and feed the VST AMP sim with the SPDIF out of the Kemper.

    How many of you are using the Kemper in this way, as a "DI" to feed a VST amp sim inside of your DAW vs. using a separate DI box?