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    The higher-end systems all use XLR setups, with my Sennheiser G3 system having both XLR and 1/4" capabilities. I would recommend something like that for your next setup. As for batteries, yup I have had that happen (only once to my knowledge). If you're going the rechargeable route (like I do), spend the extra few dollars and get the Panasonic eneloop pro series batteries/charger. Worth the money for the reliability, plus they actually retain charge if left sitting, unlike most cheap duracell variety rechargeables.

    I second letting FOH run 1 line into your IEM receiver and mixing EVERYTHING from aa monitor mix (i.e. not going L-kemper R-mix on your unit), but just my $0.02

    x2 for use of a G7th capo. I have a couple of them and use them both live and at home. As the OP noted, where the capo is positioned on the fret, as well as how much tension the capo is putting on the strings, all play a huge part as to whether the tuning will go sharp or not.

    I did the same with mine but I've ordered a custom foam insert for the Pelican 1610. The pick n pluck foam is already started to fall apart a bit on me with constant removal from the case. I ordered some custom foam from and should be here in a few days! Their online designer is very easy to use and you get to be very exact with your measurements and placement, allowing you really get the foam fitted for your needs. I'll post pics once it's arrived!

    Hey Chris! I'm curious how your custom foam insert turned out and if you would be able to post some photos and maybe a link to the final design specs so we can order one ourselves. Thanks

    Thought I'd share a little video from a show i played a little while back.

    Both guitarists are using KPAs. I have an MBritt Little Walter profile loaded and i believe the other guy was using a dumble profile?

    FWIW I am playing the tele.…/videos/2061686047393298/

    Sorry the video is through facebook, they did not upload through YouTube.

    The artist I played with went on to win 1st place, to the tune of $100,953. It is a country artist development program that is 8 months of intense workshops and other career development tasks.

    Thanks for watching!

    Hey all,

    I recently picked up a used Mission Engineering expression pedal (the kemper-specific one) and am having an issue with the pedal not registering the "toe-down" position properly. The bar graph on the kemper shows around 90% at toe down and if i press very hard on the pedal, i can get it to creep up another percent or two. If i take my foot off the pedal after pushing it toe-down, the graph backs off a degree or two, and conversely goes up a degree or two if i put my foot back on the pedal and press down again.
    I have calibrated it numerous times and am now thinking it's a problem with the pedal.

    Any help is appreciated

    I started with the Helix, having purchased one over a year ago on whim, and found the exact same gripes as you @Grooguit
    Since I purchased a Kemper, I FINALLY have faith in digital modeling again (and trust me, while I'm not an expert in the field, I certainly spent a LOT of time with the Helix). I could never get the "wow" factor that everyone seemed to be able to achieve so easily. The Kemper on the other hand, was UNREAL right out of the box.

    Thanks for your review.

    I got the 1610 for my Kemper and used the pick N' pluck foam inserts to get a good fit, but I'm curious if having the Kemper "knob-side" down is going to possibly put too much pressure on the knobs? i used some of the leftover foam to line the bottom of the case as the very bottom layer is harder than the pick N' pluck stuff. Having the Kemper face-down makes it much easier to put it in the case.

    Alternatives to make it easier to grab when face-up are removing one side of the carrying strap and moving the strap in front of the unit, or using shoelaces or some other method. I'm thinking the carrying strap will wear out if I'm removing and re-installing it a ton over time

    I am elated to hear about your fresh-out-of-the-box experience with the Kemper, @Audiopilot

    As a former Helix owner, I can attest to the buyer's remorse you were describing with certain pieces of gear...I for one had that BIG TIME after about 2 months with the Helix and getting nowhere. I am definitely not an intense tweaker, but will put in the time if it yields a good result; something which never happened with the Helix.

    I am going to have to look into uploading IRs as I did purchase a bunch when I had the Helix. Glad (I now know) they can be used in the Kemper

    As a former Helix user, I can attest to the immense reliance I put on their PC editor. Not only for ease of loading things like IRs and presets, but the simple fact that I didn't have to bend/lean over to tweak the unit (which was very simple to use in itself). However, my one gripe with the Helix, is the depth of tweaking the editor allows (and how easy it is to get carried away with it). I found with the Helix that I spend so much time tweaking the sound, I didn't spend much time actually playing my instrument.

    As I am obviously not a "tweaker" by nature (I gravitate towards a set-it-and-forget-it method), not having an editor from Kemper is not a real deal breaker for me. Clearly, one would be able to tweak to the same extent on the actual unit, but the convenience of using a mouse and keyboard is definitely in a league of its own.

    This being said, I can empathize with those of you who are frustrated with no editor in 2017. /rant

    I'm super happy to hear that so many of you are STILL raving about the kemper after 5 years of use! It definitely increases my excitement even more.
    MuddySludge, I am hoping to get down to Texas in the next little while as I've heard so many great things about the music industry down there versus up here in Canada. Undoubtedly, the Kemper will be my fly rig.

    Is there anything I can do in the meantime while I'm waiting for the Kemper to arrive to help me learn more about it (i.e. besides reading the user manuals, which I intend on doing)

    Hey All,

    New guy here from Alberta, Canada. I recently pulled the trigger and ordered a KPA, remote, and profiler bag. I am a professional musician and have heard so many good things about the Kemper from my peers, so I thought I would try one out for myself.
    I used a Helix for about 6 months, and while it was a neat device, I had a couple of major dislikes about it. Firstly, I had MAJOR footswitch issues, which ultimately led me to returning the unit and getting my money back. I was fortunate in that the place I bought it from had a "lemon law," otherwise I would have been stuck with an unreliable $2,000 Line6 product (people on the local buy-and-sell can't get rid of these things for $1500....yikes). My second gripe was I could never get "convincing" tones out of it. While I realize I am basically hearing a miked-up sound, I still could never get tones I was floored by (something that originally attracted me to the helix in the first place).

    Now, the helix did teach me about EQs, IRs, and other cool things like that, but what really has put the Kemper on the radar for me is the realism of the unit. Having played through a Kemper a while ago, I was pretty damn impressed with how "amp-like" it sounds.
    I play mostly contemporary country at shows, but still really require GOOD clean tones as well, so I'm hoping the Kemper is the answer! I am currently messing around with Bias FX for the iPad, having used it for a couple of shows and all my rehearsing. It seems like a good setup (when you use IRs), but is far from a professional unit like the Kemper.

    Thanks for having me on the forum. ^^