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    That is a cool thread and FM3 would fit a gap on relation between offer and price... I sold my kemper, unfortunatly i took advantage of the USD forex hike and recover my money after a lovely one year and a half of daily kemper...

    I am playing now with my old pre-amp and pedals, i can get almost a good tone such as kemper but to much noise and not so good dinamics, for me to sell all the other gear would take to much time and effort so i made this choice of selling only one expensive gear, the kpa

    i made a farewell recording with kemper and after that another recording to compare with, this later was an analog direct in line recording and was real good, some extra noise, not so warm as a tube amp or kemper, but good enought for my needs...

    i played after that a lot with my tube amp and my old pedals and indeed kemper is real close to the real thing

    FM3 would be nice, but even $1000 being considered "cheap" compared to other gears it still too much expensive for countries such as mine that charges us enormous fees and taxs for importing things...

    i miss posting over private forums but that is life, maybe i will get another KPA in the future... the young fellow guitarrist that brought it from me is not rich and used all his savings to invest on KPA, he tried Fractal and other gears before and could not be happier with his decision...

    Excuse the playing, for some reason I have been trying to play this monster with my fingers.

    That Bass demands finger playing ; )

    I was wondering on using different materials for frets on a new project i am doing...

    is a 6 strings guitar and i wanted to make curved frets using maybe stain or cooper

    as i don't have enought time and experience i will give up on that idea and use regular frets and maybe just the12th fret and the nut i will

    consider brass or cooper... BTW i have a guitar and a bass guitar that has brass nuts and they are very cool! Sounded very good too!

    Kemper is so cool that you will play so much and sleep so less that kemper's lights will became the "Star of the Next Day",

    Tomorrow you will see... i received mine late at night too, but i could not resist to unbox it and plug it right way on my desk and play a bit with my headphones... Awesome dreams...

    My monitors and my Boss BR800 recorder both have a power saving function, if there is no sound throught the monitors, then after a couple of minutes it enters on Stand By and cuts any noise and change it's light from blue to red, the BR800 only disable the lights and any sound or touch they come back on and working like magic : )

    I just asked about these feature not only to save power that it is indeed not much saving, but also for those nights i forgot to turn my kemper off , then it could increase the leds life time...


    i do not know if this was discussed before or if it is already present at kemper but anyway can we have some kind of energy saver, a way to decrease kemper lights and save the leds and energy? sometimes i forget my kemper on for almost a day, it happened more than one time usually when i play at night and disable the studio cabinet and power amp but the kemper stays at the desktop near to the computer and depending on the display color i could not realise that it still on

    after let's say, 20 minutes it could turn lights off (or decrease the light level) if tweaked to do so...




    sorry that i posted that both rigs were at rig exchange, in fact maybe they were and are not anymore, anyway

    they are both free and i am glad that you found the dumble rigs that i suggested and kindly posted the link here to anyone download then

    regarding the Fender BassMan i do not know why is not showing at rig exchange either, in my kemper it came as a default rig and i just copied the same name that appear at my kemper's display

    if you search at rig exchange for FAN or BM you will find Fender Bman 59* that is almost the same, but if anyone wants to try that exactly rig just PM me that i will send the file to you,

    again, there are plenty of good profiles at rig manager, the suggestions i made are more to you know the amps and you can look for then and try all profiles to check which ones matches your sound system, a good profile can sound bad or good depending of your speakes, cabs, frfr, etc...

    BTW i am playing the Dumble rig everyday and it is really good

    Thank You so much! I will try them and tell you what I got. By the way is guitar model crucial in this situation?

    I think that the ST- 59 Fan BM2 is too much bright so i used a warm humbucking with it

    the other profile is more warm and you can use the single coil, but you should try any guitar you want with because both are

    too very good clean profiles... maybe next kemper's update with the release of the new reverbs we will have a decent plate reverb and that may help also to get a good tone...

    Yeah....this is a good one...SFG Marshall cab R with the Brown channel, Recto cab L with the Shark channel. These go in the recording folder for sure.

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    sounded wicked

    which daw did you used for recording this? was spdif? thank you