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    If you can remember the profiler you bought them from you could email them directly.

    If not load the profile into the Kemper or Rig Manager and you should be able to see the creator of the profile.




    This is what I found with just taking cabs from one profiler and adding to the amp of another. Think I need to search for a few IRs to test which I prefer.

    After using my cab with all profiles it does raise the question of the Kemper ability to capture the cab constantly due to mic placement and room treatment as the amp head portion to me sounds as good as if I bought the amp itself.

    Man I do love the Kemper though. Think I may be in my 4th year of ownership and I have zero regret buying this.


    Evening all

    A few weeks back I was having a terrible time with the quality of sound from my Kemper. During the process I became so frustrated I decided to go old school and mic my Silver Jubilee 2x12. This was at extremely low bedroom volume with an SM57 so I was not expecting much but as it tuned out the attack and dynamic was there at such a low volume. I was shocked and started to contemplate selling the Kemper and just purchasing some low watt amps to record.

    Later that evening I decided to try the Kemper again and this time I had in my mind "if it sounds like crap it's your fault" which I find is always the case with the Kemper. Low and behold between some bad eq choices on a Cubase template and a dodgy SPDIF cable I was back in the zone of lovely Kemper tone.

    During the gap between the amp recording and finding the error I set the Kemper up through my cab as this was how I used to play live. I then went back through my purchased profiles from the following profilers:





    Now as a bit of history when I played guitar in a band I used Choptones DI profiles of the Jcm800 Zakk Wylde with the cab from Deadlights AFD100. I send that to the board but used my 4x12 for monitoring. It was a fantastic combination. When recording in my little studio I used the JCM800ZW with Deadlights AFD100 cab plus Deadlights AFD100 profiles extensively.

    The Top Jimi and MBritt profiles never hit home for me. No desrespect to the guys as they are both extremely popular but for my taste it just did not work.

    Anyway during my test I found that running profiles from all profilers sounded really good through the cab including ones I previously didn't like. A good example of this would be Top Jimi's AFD100. To me as a profile they almost sound to distant like the mic is far away from the speaker but with no room reverb. Deadlights AFD100 sounds big, inspiring and up front. I was taken back when I loaded up Top Jimi's AFD100 through my cab and it was fantastic sounding where as Deadlights was not, a complete reversal.

    Now this got me thinking, am I missing out on top profiles by not using alternative IRs to the ones provided by the profiler? I would be interested to know what other people's thoughts and experiences are with using IRs (free or purchased).

    Apart from your thoughts, I was also looking for recommendations for Free IRs (4x12 V30 would be great) to try this out to see if using IRs opens up other avenues to other profilers.

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give some background.



    I agree there is no one way to do it.

    When I am just playing around I have the AFD profile across 5 slots in Performance 1. When I gig I tend to have a performance per song. I agree that there is no definite BPM when playing live and that fluxuates as the song progresses.

    Now I don't play guitar live I tend to have a performance per amp which means I have a variety of tones plus I don't have to scroll through 40 versions of the same profile at various gain stages just to find the one I like.

    Good thread for ideas

    This is an interesting post. In the last band I was in as a guitarist I used a performance per song. I was singing too and with hindsight I think 1 performance for all would have helped.

    How do you guys deal with bpm for delays? Do you just use Tap Tempo?


    I managed to fix this myself.

    I took a backup to USB, turned off the Kemper and held down the first button near the LCD and then powered the Kemper back on until I ended up in maintence mode. There I completed a factory reset and once completed I restored the backup.

    All working now.


    I've acquired these two during the lockdown. Schecter was brand new, made in South Korea in 2019, everything's stock on the guitar.

    ESP was used and made in 2008. It's got Bare Knuckle Aftermath set, that's the only modification (by previous owner, not me). I was pretty surprised by the guitar, it's in a really good condition.

    I can say this on this forum as I am in good company...... Sexy guitars.

    having the same problem! bought my Kemper in 2019 and have it going into a Saffire pro 40 interface both gain channels are at 0 and its all going into Studio One version 4.

    it was fine for the longest time until one day it just started to be louder in the left speaker and I haven't updated anything or changed anything. I upgraded my XLR cables to much higher quality replacements and still the same thing.... I checked everything in the chain

    including the on board audio interface monitoring software and it says everything is outputting at a even stereo level. when playing music with lots of panning, everything is perfect and in the center of the stereo field, but when I open the daw and play the Kemper it does this. side note: playing any other recorded tracks in the daw will playback as even stereo, so im guessing its all coming from the Kemper. I hope someone can figure this out :) Cheers

    Hi bud

    I had this issue lately and what happened was I created a Template in Cubase. The guitar track I was recording too was stereo but I have a mono Waves Compressor on that track and this was only compressing one side and hence reducing the gain. Changed this to a stereo compressor and the signal evened out.

    May be worth checking.

    Morning all

    I generally do not keep profiles on the profiler and only use Rig Manager to add profiles to slots when writing. Over the last week or so I have been adding profiles directly to the Kemper so I have less reliance on Rig Manager when writing and less need to use the mouse. (I don't use any effects or the editing capabilities of Rig Manager)

    Now I am on the latest version of the release operating system and I only have 92 profiles on the Kemper. When I am in Browse mode I can scroll through the profiles without issue, very quick. When I am in Performance mode it take around 15 seconds to move from one profile to another and about two or so minutes to scroll from 1 to 92 and that generally take a few more turns of the knob once the profilers catches up. For example I can turn the know loadsnof times to go from 1 - 92 wait 2 minutes and it only goes to 40 so I have to turn the knob again. All in all to scroll 92 profiles takes around 4 to 5 minutes.

    When the Browse knob is turned the whole system locks up and I can't do anything until the profiler catches up.

    I have reset the global parameters to no affect. Is this a common issue and if so, what version of the OS did this start to happen. I am happy to revert back to an older version as I literally only use the amp profiles and do not need all the other features. It is completely unusable in Performance mode now to the point I have started recording my Jubilee with a Mic as it is killing any inspiration to write.

    Any ideas



    How did you find the Torpedo? I am starting to find the profiles I have used since I purchased the Kemper are starting to sound more and more fizzy (talking AFD here not a 5150). Through my guitar cab they sound great (DI and Studio with cab off profiles) but through my DAW I am finding with each update the sound may actually be getting worse and due to the sheer volume of options with each update it is becoming more and more complex to troubleshoot issues.

    To ensure its not just me, and as I have some cubase templates with eq and compression plus some busses set up, I plan on doing some testing today, if it proves the Kemper is indeed contributing I may look at a torpedo to use with my Silver Jubilee.

    It's odd, I looked back and I actually write less music with the Kemper. I wrote loads when I just had my JVM so considering going back to amps.

    Anyway it would be good to hear how you rate the Torpedo.




    One thing I struggle with is the mismatch of volume when reamping. For example if I plug into the Kemper and set input as front input the sound is full and reactive through my studio monitors. If I then set the same setting to SPDIF input and leave all levels in my DAW at 0, so I am not attenuation or turning down the signal, the volume loss or more the amps reaction to my playing is incredible. I have to put the SPDIF reamp volume up to +12 to almost level the signal out then turn the SPDIF volume down to - 6.

    What is also strange is when set to SPDIF Input to reamp the input clips but if I set it to Front Input it does not.

    This got me looking around at alternatives so I spend more time playing and less time leveling the DI signal out to create a unity signal. I came across Two Notes and noticed that they self balance the DI input based on the original guitar level.

    Would this be possible to create within the Kemper.

    MATCHTM function

    This Two notes innovation is the solution to the problem of level adjustment when re-amplifying. MATCHTM compares the signal as it comes from the guitar (plugged to the DI input) with the signal that has been recorded (and which is sent to the REPLAYTM Line Input) so that what you send to the amp is the ideal level only. Now you can be sure that the signal you send from the DAW is exactly what your guitar itself would be sending.

    [Blocked Image:]


    I have also found this, when reamping I have to adjust the reamp sensitivity to +12 to match the levels. It loses some of its mojo using the Kemper to Di I find.

    I would love it to have something like this from Two Notes.

    MATCHTM function

    This Two notes innovation is the solution to the problem of level adjustment when re-amplifying. MATCHTM compares the signal as it comes from the guitar (plugged to the DI input) with the signal that has been recorded (and which is sent to the REPLAYTM Line Input) so that what you send to the amp is the ideal level only. Now you can be sure that the signal you send from the DAW is exactly what your guitar itself would be sending.


    Not sure this is the place to post issues with 7.5 but when I scroll in performance mode the Kemper locks up for a period of time and no other functions work.

    I only have about 20 amp profiles so it's not an issue building a database.

    If this is not the right place for 7.5 issues could you possibly direct me to the right place.

    On a plus not the AC20 patch posted here sounds amazing. Couldn't stop using it for about an hour before I needed to start writing.


    funny... You remind me when I was 20.. I definitely loved th 60's neck profile.

    I add that some years later I've started to prefer the neck of 90's Les Paul Standard, something in between a 59 and a 60. . then I discoverd I'm at home with the R9 profile and now, sometimes I wish I had a 58 or 56 Baseball Neck. It seems the older I get, the Fatter I like it (it may sound a bit strange said like this)

    Haha, that last sentence made me laugh. I am 44 and I have never liked the thinner necks (ibanez wizard necks make me feel like I am going to snap the guitar) but as I have gotten older, and possibly a little slower at lead, the smaller neck allows me to bridge the gap.

    I am looking at a custom next too