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    I found SPDIF clipped the input a lot more than going direct (guitar to input and direct recording) or using XLR Reamp. What I had to do was set the channel that sends back the dry guitar from the DAW to the Kemper to - 5 then on the Kemper set the SPDIF reamp to +5 to reduce the volume hitting the SPDIF input then make the gain back up

    I have never had any luck with external providers IRs, always made the amp sound extremely fizzy and I am talking Marshall IRs and some of the big name providers (can't remember any at the mo). Recorded, xou le tracked or quad tracked makes it worse.

    I find what's best is to pick a cab from a profile you really like and then change the amp section, you will find the cab makes more of a difference than the amp but you will get some variety in sound.

    Personally I use choptones 800ZW with Deadlights 4x12 V30 cab and I always go back to that cab.

    What I can't vouch for is IR packs from Kemper profilers as I am generally happy with the cab they choose.

    Hope that helps


    Zappledan.... Good idea, I'll research that. We don't need raw power just a spread of sound. I suppose that gives some volume control for the guitarists too.

    Hoki Toki..... I used to have a second DXR but sold it as I had no use for it. That do work and sound brilliant with the Kemper.

    DXR users

    I am not at home and I don't have the means to test this but is it possible to power a passive speaker from the DXR? I use my DXR as a vocal monitor wedge but looking to expand the sound stage across the floor for our guitarists to hear vocals.

    So is it possible to have a dxr centre and 1 passive speaker to the left and right feeding from the DXR from an amplification perspective.

    Cheers all



    For longer sustain I put the Freqout in Slot C with a compressor in Slot B and a noise gate in Slot A.

    What I then do is have the global Noise Gate off, Have Slot A (Noise Gate) on, Slot B (compressor) off and Slot C (Freqout) off. I then assign this to a button on the remote so it goes from:

    Slot A on NG

    Slot B off Comp

    Slot C off Freqout

    Press button

    Slot A off NG

    Slot B on Comp

    Slot C on Freqout

    Works fine for me as I keep the NG on during lead parts if I don't need feedback or have the NG off with Comp and Freqout on if I am playing lead as I don't need an NG in that scenario and if I am holding a note I am looking for feedback.

    Hope that helps


    Hi all

    I was wondering how you guys and gals use RM when creating performances expecially when recording. I tend to create the performance based on the Cubase song name, start auditioning profiles then when I find one copy and paste it to the performance slot (doesn't always automatically load) and name it the same as the track name (Mesa Dis 1 Verse Left etc)

    Do you feel there is a more streamlined method to doing this?

    I feel it would be great to be able to create a performance, select the given slot then when auditioning have the facility to right click and see a context menu that says:

    Add to selected performance slot and move to next slot

    Add to selected performance slow and make active.

    Then give you the option of renaming the file and uploading it to the Kemper rather than keep it local.

    This would mean you would not have to move outside of the RM local profiles window and may help create performances quickly.


    I was thinking of a feature where when you audition a profile you can select a tick box for it to be automatically added to an Audition folder. You can then whittle them down by going to the audition folder.

    Just a basic request I think.

    When reamping I tend to audition many profiles in RM to see which feels and fits best, it would be great to see a history of the profiles loaded so you can track your steps.

    Thank you:thumbup:

    A friend of mine who is a fantastic guitarist, pure tube guy too came to my first gig with the Kemper. My other guitarist uses a Marshall stack, one of the cheaper tube amps but I always loved his sound.

    After the gig my friend came over and goes "wow you got some tone out of that cheap Marshall, sounded brilliant out here". When I told him it was the Kemper his reaction was "what's that?"....... He was well educated.

    All I used for the entire gig was the Kemper, direct with Choptones Marshall 800ZW patches. No cab, just pure Kemper glory and monitored through the house PA. Shit sound on stage but apparently it was huge, heavy and brilliant out front.


    Just my opinion here and I am sure this is not the norm but I don't rate the Mission pedals. I purchased two and both rockers broke. One after 20 or so rehearsals and 3 gigs and the other after 2 gigs and about 5 rehearsals. About 3 songs require wah, no volume swells or morphing, extremely poor reliability.