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    Looking at the back of the Apollo you are slightly limited. All I can advise on is the analog domain as this is what I use.

    First I would watch this video regarding how to reamp with the Kemper.

    This will help gauge what connections there are on the Kemper and what cables are required. If you want to just record the amp profile directly to the track you only need a single cable out the back of the Profiler to a mono input on your soundcard or two cables for stereo. These cables can be normal jack cables or balanced xlr cables as the Kemper provides connectivity for both.

    If you want to reamp the video above will really help your understanding rather than me blabbing on about cables LOL. Also once you reamp its hard to go back. You can really tidy up a players performance and then play it back over 1000s of amps to get the settings perfect then record the final outcome. If you retain the dry track at any point to can reamp the track again if the song takes a different feel or reamp with a different amp to add depth.

    One thing I love using it for is recording a riff in Cubase then moving the notes randomly in the editor to create an alternative pattern then reamp the track.

    Hope that helps



    Welcome to the obsession.

    Very quickly:

    Question 1: the rack version seems to be more suited. There are a few more buttons on the Toaster version but I own the rack as do many others and it does not effects the ease if editing.

    Question 2: I would read the manual for this one. A popular way is to reamp the sound which means recording the dry signal whilst monitoring the wet signal and then you can change amps after the recording.

    You can also set the Kemper to record the amp stack and effects separately on individual tracks so you can control the dry/wet after the fact.

    There are a lot of options for recording in the Kemper.

    Question 3:staying in the digital domain is one less conversion for the AD/DA.

    Hope that helps.


    If you don't mind the higher latency they can be quite good. What you will find is a lot of tracks and VSTs and you will suddenly start to get drop outs. You will only stop that by bringing the latency up then you will find it hard to deal with the time it takes to hit the strings and hearing the sound.

    They may have improved as it has been a while since I used one mate.

    What sequencer are you using?



    Having used a lot of Line6 products and attempting to use them as soundcards they are not the best but that does not mean you can't use it as a soundcard and if anything it will make you realise what inputs and outputs you will require before you buy a different device (always buy a little more then you need)

    First off the Line6 drivers are not great so Google ASIO4ALL and download these drivers. If the Line6 drivers start to drop out or have issues these generic ASIO drivers are very stable.

    Next all you should need to do is attach the HD 500 to your PC via USB and select it in what ever sequencer software you are using. If you currently do not have any recording software try Reaper, apart from being very good it's largely free (or was the last time I used it.

    You are now ready to record.

    Now you need to connect the Kemper to the HD 500 but from what I can see you only have the Aux input and effects return as inputs (you cannot plug anything into the guitar in as it's not a line level input). Now I have not used the HD 500 but if you can plug into the effects return and create a block in the HD 500 it should output though the USB to your recording software. If that does not work try the Aux with a stereo cable.

    That's what I would try to start with.

    Be aware this is not an idea solution. If you plan on getting into recording buy the best soundcard you can afford as you are not only investing in the soundcard you are investing in the quality of the drivers they release, the quality of the AD/DA convertor, the preamp for microphones etc.

    My advice would be to sell the HD 500 and then use that money to buy a new soundcard. If you want recommendations I'm sure we can all chip in if we understand your needs.

    Good luck


    Hi guys

    That's my concern mate, added colour to the sound.

    I have pneumonia at the moment so have not played in a few weeks so I was thinking out loud. I'm thinking of getting a rack tray to slide out the Vl3x so I can access the menu controls as the amp stand is quite low so it's going to be easy to access when sitting down.

    I would rather not add a mixer so I think I was bored of not playing and being sick and just wanted to see how other people address the issue.

    Hope you both had a great festive period.


    Personally, I don't think that "right" or "wrong" is nearly as important as the emotional experience of bonding or not bonding with your gear, and sometimes it really is difficult to shake an initial bad feeling, no matter who else is loving the very thing that doesn't work for you.

    Most important thing in the world and in my opinion what it all boils down too. If the sound makes me feel something, makes me want to play and pushes my creativity I don't care if it's a 5 watt Blackstar, a Marshall handwire or NI Guitar Rig it doesn't matter to me, it's about the attachment to the sound.....although let's face it if our favourite artists donated all there gear to us we still would not be happy because we are guitarists, we would want the recording desk and racks the sound was recorded though, we would want the person who mixed it and a time machine to go back to the year the album was recorded because there was less pollution and somehow that helped with the micing technique.

    I love my Kemper and it has served me well in the short time I have had it but I am yet to gig with it hence why I sold everything but my JVM. I have no doubt it will blow me away live and provide me with the feel I need but I remember turning on that JVM and I just couldn't stop playing with zero tweaking but after a while the Kemper had the same effect.

    It's the same as buying profiles. You will waste money finding a Profiler who gives you what you want. I have bought from around 8 different highly rated profilers and find I always return to one particular person. Even the same amp profiled by different people can go from tinny to full sounding just based on the profilers technique......its just pure opinion.

    As a side note the forum over the last month or so has become extremely defensive and posts for help are becoming sidetracked by people's opinions, and frustrations rather than providing help. We are close to Line6 forum replies of "RTFM" "do you know what the search function is for" and "you don't know what you are doing". The attitude of some new members, not referring to this post, and the tone and nature of the responses of older members have made me inhale deeply at times and I have thought "if I need help the forum is not the place to go".

    We are here to share our experiences, help each other achieve the tones we crave and as equally important provide a place where people feel comfortable posting for help knowing they will not be ridiculed or their post ending up 18 pages long with no actual helpful reply to the post.

    This is just my opinion and if I have misinterpreted the replies then my apologies but I'm hoping the OP finds his sound and comes back to contribute to the forum.

    Good luck mate and hope the FRFR gives you what you want. I have never tried the Kemper though a cab as frankly I don't want to like it and have to carry a cab with me lol.



    It may seem lazy but I play in a metal band and a Grunge tribute band which makes walking around the back is fine.

    When sitting down to play my acoustic and sing it's a pain trying to get the levels correct. It may be I just need to set the vocals right and then work from there with the guitar or even buy a rack draw for the vl3x so I can slide it out and adjust the output mix.

    Weight isn't a high issue but what concerns me is adding another digital device to the signal chain. I will have to check but a small 1u rack mixer shouldn't add much weight as I'm not interested in having any eq just a basic mixer.

    Cheers dude


    Happy holidays all

    I have a 6u rack case which consists of a power strip, Kemper, a vl3x and a wireless system. All these goodies are plugged into a DXR10.

    Now all is sounding pretty good but one thing I find frustrating is the fact the DXR10 controls are on the back and even on a guitar amp stand it is frustrating to find an appropriate mix level without going around the back of the DXR10. Now the Kemper isn't an issue as the master control is at the front so we are good. Mixing the vocals is more awkward as you have to use the DXR10 mixer.

    So I was wondering, how do you guys deal with this type of situation. I was thinking of putting a small 1u rack mixer in the case, what do you think?

    Thank yo



    Wouldn't you just connect the floorboard to Kemper A and then the Midi out from Kemper A to the Midi in on Kemper B. This is how I control my Kemper to automatically change patches on my Vl3x.

    You would then just need the midi chart.

    I'm not sure if the Ethernet can be split between the two with a splitter. Whilst this will work for sending the signal I'm unsure of how it would respond to the power sent to the Kemper foot controller.

    Just an idea as I don't own two Kempers.

    Hope you find a solution.


    Wow, this post is actually shocking

    Tombilbo be good man, this is a great forum and you will find a lot of help here. Telelogic didn't actually say anything wrong.

    If you have the ability I would return it, download the manual, read the forum posts and then see if you want to repurchase. You have owned it for two days and in no way will you learn the depth of this device in that time nor will you understand how easy it is to operate.

    I come from a modelling background (not the sexy type but the Line6 type) and an editor was vital and extremely convention. I researched the Kemper and took the risk. Do I want an editor, yes absolutely as my Kemper is in the studio, then moved to a practice area, then to a studio to jam with the band. With an editor I could drop the Kemper rack on the floor, plug in the cables and I'm ready to record it wouldn't have to be next to me all the time.

    If I had an AX8 I would cry if I didn't have an editor and that's just from reading the manual. With the Kemper you soon learn to don't need one, it would just be convenient to have it.

    As for the soundcard idea I don't think that will ever happen. The Kemper is not aimed at kids playing in a garage, although I am sure some own one, but is aimed at profession studio musicians, professional gigging musicians and hobbyists with money and sense. I use a Steinberg UR824 which has a vast array of inputs and outputs, to implement the features of such a soundcard like this would be an entire redesign. Introducing a 2in 2out interface via USB would in my opinion distract Kemper from developing features we all want (better overdrive, better reverb, editor etc) and would not be used by a lot of owners.

    Anyway good luck with the Kemper mate and I hope either way it all works out.