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    Hello all

    I think I know the answer but hey let's ask.

    Can you run guitar and vocals through the Kemper at the same time. For example, guitar with amp, boost, reverse then a mic on a parallel path with a little reverb or delay and then have these on different outputs say guitar Main Left and Vocals Main Right.

    It's only for a dynamic mic so no need for phantom power.

    I have a vocal effects unit and thinking if the Kemper can do this I can buy a smaller rack.

    Or would I need a second Kemper.........


    Hey man

    Thank you for the response.

    I would love a 4u but the Vl3x is quite a tall pedal so stuck with 5 or 6u.

    I agree also with the lid/pedal storage idea as the molded ones are around 6cm deep so would need to raise the pedal.

    They are actually quite cheep and I don't kind the extra weight as I've replaced my JVM and 4x12 with the Kemper and DXR so a little extra isn't a problem.

    My other concern is I don't really need vocal effects so considering getting a 4u as my wireless is a shure stomp box rather than a rack......

    I wish I could run my vocals and guitar into the Kemper at once so I can use a little reverb and delay.

    Maybe I should ask that question as that would be bloody awesome.

    Thank you for the response mate


    Afternoon all

    My decision to buy the Kemper was a 3 day affair...... The rack case not so bloody easy. I think I am slightly paralyzed by what I want to do so need a sanity check from the guys here.

    I have decided on a 5u or 6u case as it will house my Vl3x on the base or on a shelf plus my shure wireless system.

    What I also want to do is have all my XLR and jack cables plugged in PLUS mount the floorboard and a single Mission pedal on the removable lid that goes on the back of the case.

    As shocking as this sounds I can't find a single retailer close by that has anything in stock for me to check so....

    Kemper + cabling + floorboard and mission pedal = what depth?

    Also is there space in the door panel for the floorboard plus mission pedal, and if so will 2 fit?

    As a secondary question what would you buy 4u for guitar and 4u for vocal effects or straight up 5 or 6u to house all.

    Cheers guys, I'm new to rack gear and there appears to be no set depth when people state Shallow for instance so it's a bit confusing.



    I reamp a lot but never with an external amp as the sounds from the Kemper are more than sufficient for my needs.

    But to answer your question I would imagine that the Send on the Kemper to the Power Amp on the tube amp would be the best way to go as it's an effect send and you then bypass the amp section of the tube amp so I'm effect not putting an amp through an amp. May need to change the output settings on the Direct out.

    Hope that helps in some way and sorry if I have misunderstood your question mate


    Evening all

    After spending a lot of time yesterday testing the re-amp feature I found I could not get a decent hard rock sound when reamping. All the cleans and palm mutter crunch were great but the overall higher gain sounds appeared very saturated.

    I followed a lot of guides online and all said to "set main to GitStudio" now when I select GitStudio the audio is muted... If I set main out to main out stereo or mono it works perfectly.

    Am I missing something? Just want to check as I'm about to go back in to check the pure cab and dist sense to make sure it's not me.

    Cheers all


    Hey all

    How do you guys manage your presets? There are so many in the unit plus tons to download its a bit overwhelming at times. I spent two hours reamping and scrolling through sounds.

    My approach with modelers has always been to delete all user profiles and only add the profiles I like so I have a manageable environment.

    Rig Manager seems great as I have managed to pull it into my work flow easily. My method is to create a track in Cubase, create a performance by the same name. As I reamp if I like a sound I move it to the performance and then I have stock sounds for that project.

    Whilst I have individual folders in rig manager to keep the presets how do you do it?


    Evening all

    After 2 days of actually using my Kemper I have realized I can't live without this device.

    I am in the middle of recording a song and decided whilst reamping I will look at some commercial profiles.

    What I'm after is the best JVM, Afd 100 profiles

    Also covering grunge and hard rock.. Gnr, Velvet Revolver, STP, AIC etc

    What would you say are the best profiles for this style of music. Preferable all in one pack.

    Thank you all


    The morph function will be getting testing today..... Genuinely excited.

    Cheers for the video link, been watching quite a few videos and they are extremely helpful. The Kemper ones are a bit short but great for a visual understanding when the manual does not explain things the way I understand them.


    I'm not a telecoms guy, Im Head of IT so my main responsibility is disaster recovery, security and infrastructure design and builds. I just know a little about Telecoms. We use an avaya IP Office system with IPOCC, multiple locations and I designed the DR side so was recabling, building in switch resilience and testing DR for a multi million pound project we have starting in a week.

    All fun and games. I only have a small team to manage and as I'm the most technical I always get my hands dirty....... In fact Im not one for letting your team do all the work and I enjoy keeping my skills up to date.


    Cheers GuitarTone

    It's hard typing it out on my phone which has a rather schizophrenic approach to spell check. Presumptive text rather than predictive

    Thanks got the advice. I have used IRs before and they do sound good but what I don't want to do is overcomplicate the use of the Kemper otherwise I'll be overthinking the sound rather than playing and making use of the unit.

    Off to work to redesign a Telecoms system....... Mortified but I work on my own so I can YouTube some Kemper videos and listen to them in the server room.

    Cheers dude


    I have yet to test performance mode. I can't wait to try it but it won't be until tomorrow now which is heartbreaking.

    I have not had a single negative experience as of yet...... This coming from a man with a great ear and a fussy disposition.

    Any tips on how you use it would be great as I have not researched that yet.

    Cheers mate


    Morning all

    Well I went into my little studio after work and left at 11:30......all I was doing was testing the re-amp features and ended up listening to loads of presets.

    One thing I did test was how it compared to my JVM when reamped and it's night and day. The JVM sounds great but a little distant, the Kemper sounds like it has some serious balls.

    During the re-amp process I started to think

    "I've changed all my settings for input and output, how the hell do I remember the settings when I play live!"

    "oh you can save multiple output presets, ffs this is awesome?"

    That was a Wow moment for me.

    Roeffel/BShaw92 - cheers mate, I downloaded a few free ones but I'm working over the weekend so will test ASAP

    Teleman - it's a horrible feeling mate especially with the Helix as that's a heck of a price jump. I have no first hand experience of the Helix but my experience of Line6 is they troll forums promoting products, spend what seems like a fortune on marketing and website design, lore you in then release a subpar product. The HD500 put me off Line6 completely. I never bought one but whilst considering it the HD500 had CPU issues, basically not enough. Line6 decides to fix this problem by releasing a HD500x and charge you. In my eyes that nearly/just over £1000 for an old product.

    Kemper, who the hell are Kemper unless you look, I never heard of the..... 3 days later and I'm still smiling.

    When I got back from work on Friday it was around 11pm, I went into my little studio and checked it was still there..... Then I checked on my son. Sounds bad but when he can replicate a tube amp better I'll love him more lol

    Basement - cheers dude, I'll be looking for some new profiles soon. For now the stock are giving me a great flavor.

    DMathews - cheers mate, from what I can gather my fear of not cutting through are unfounded. Can't wait to jam this beast.

    Monkey - haha, and heres me thinking I was being original.

    So far the Kemper has replaced the JVM, all my pedals and the re-amp box I use. From about 30 cables to 3 lol

    I want to comment on the effects:

    When I owned modelers I found the effects hard to get crisp and lush sounding. The main reason is they never sounding like they were an effect send or "in the loop" they seemed to be part of the sound.

    The Kemper is so different. With a delay, phaser and clean sound I can create a lush undercurrent of pad like sounds and the clean guitar just sits on top rather than become part of the mush....... That's where I lost a lot of time yesterday, thinking I was Gilmour sitting there just playing beautiful sounds.

    I did and didn't worry about the effects. Some said subpar and other said great. For someone who doesn't use much effects they are just brilliant.

    I just now need to unpack the mission pedals and floorboard. Then I'll be back with 6u rack recommendations lol

    Cheers all, still smiling


    Selected Master Stereo and it worked.....

    Also just played a drum sample through and played with the amps and delays.... With a slightly distorted amp and a small amount of delay you can get a really good drum sound like it's been recorded in a bad studio, real new band sound.