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    That's why I am intrigued. If it's for a drop out affect then either a less distorted patch or a drastic cut in eq to lo-fi the sound works better and retains the balance. Even with two guitars you would never have a live band panned hard left and hard right.

    It's just my opinion though, maybe loads of bands do it and I have only ever seen one of them.

    Like stereo effects, best left in the studio.


    Hi bud

    All channels are set to 0 and no bus or plugins added, completely clean channels with zero alteration in Cubase 10.5. It almost feels like the Kemper sends the correct level out but does not recieve the same level back so needs some attenuation.

    I wonder if it's the 18i20 as with the inputs on +12db it leads me to think thr Kemper is making up for the lack of volume in the return signal.


    I'd love to run into two cabs and be able to mute one cab as and when I wish, so certain parts of songs will only come from one side of the stage when playing live.


    I don't mean to be nasty in any way I am just asking to understand something.

    What are the punters on the right side of the room going to listen too when you mute the guitar on there side? I have been at a gig only once in my life where a band did this and the balance in the music was completely lost. In fact the vocals and drums coming from the right speaker drown out the guitars coming from the left speaker for the people standing to the right side of the stage.

    I am just intrigued.


    Evening all

    I was wondering if you could settle a little back and forth I am having in my head.

    For the whole time I have been recording I have always reamped my guitar signal be that with amps, Line6 modelling pedals or with the Kemper.

    With the Kemper and the 18i20 I have this routing set up:

    Guitar to Kemper - Di to soundcard - soundcard to SPDIF in - SPDIF Stereo out to Soundcard.

    All works, no routing issues and I am really happy. What I have noticed is when plugged directly into the Kemper, and not reamping but still monitoring via my soundcard, I get a lot more saturation and balls from my sounds, very inspirational. Then when I switch the input to SPDIF Reamp the gain drops off, not significantly, but enough to notice the drop in saturation.

    I combat this by turning the reamp volume in the input section to +12db and the distortion to +12db. This evens the sounds out and it sound perfect.

    My question is for those who reamp, would you create this +12db increase within the Kemper or would you create this using the gain on the soundcard? Is there any benefit to keeping this increase in the Kemper? I am just intrigued how others address this situation.

    I am considering replacing the 18i20 as it was a bad purchase, I sold my Ur824 so I could have SPDIF for the Kemper and really with I hadn't.

    Thank you



    You may mean this by "split bass technique" but have you tried to apply some parallel compression? Proper bussed compressed rather than a plugin with sidechain capabilities?

    Have you applied eq to the kick and bass so they sit together in separate eq spaces?

    I am not in a position to listen to the track at the moment.

    A good rule to is to not adjust the volume too much. If you can't hear it try to use eq to make the space as turning it up will only hide other instruments.



    I work in IT at a high level, I understand the concept of playing around with hidden folders and whilst I was not encouraging people, it is no different than modifying an amp or upgrading your car, you do so if you are confident.

    I don't want to get into a pointless debate over this. It worked for me, RM would be more efficient if it worked this same way to speed up the process and the only victim if it cocks up is me.

    No offence meant to anyone.

    That's fine but I will say it worked a treat and i had zero issues. What took me hours to do various folders and sub folders to get the structure right took me an hour with thousands of profiles.

    Not quite sure how you can create an issue making folders in the Local Library folder then letting RM scan the folder. There are no files at all placed in that folder doing it this way it is pure folder structure.

    Anyway delete the post if required bud I don't mind, I have my work around.

    Sorry to hear it mate. I have actually, apart from beta versions, never had an issue with it. I just find the ability to manage folders and files completely counter intuitive.

    I would rather you just pointed it to a root folder and off it went.

    As I posted this in the Rig Manager section and as a feature request I will add what I found really sped things up for me.

    I found a way to kind of do the time consuming work.

    [deleted by admin]

    Rig Manager will create the folder structure and all you need to do is start copying the files over.

    If it could just recognise the files and automatically import them that would be great but it does not seem to do this.

    I hope you find this useful.



    I found a way to kind of do the time consuming work.

    [deleted by Admin]

    Rig Manager will create the folder structure and all you need to do is start copying the files over.

    If it could just recognise the files and automatically import them that would be great but it does not seem to do this.

    I hope you find this useful.



    Would it be possible to have organised folders in Windows/iOS and point Rig Manager to the root folder so it can scan and create the same folder structure in Rig Manager?

    So far I have 100s of amps and every purchase means I have to import them into a manually created folder structure. As I formatted my PC and now wish to have all the purchased amps at the ready it is extremely time consuming to have to create this structure manually when trying to organise by Amp Profiler/Amp/Di or Studio/Mic/Cab.

    Thank you



    I generally only have 2 or 3 amps in Rig Manager so I don't get too distracted when playing.

    As I own nearly 1000 amp profiles I would like to add them into Rig Manager to see what gems are there. I have them organised into named folders in Windows in the following format as an example;


    - Marshall 800ZW

    - Direct

    - Studio

    Is there a way to import the folder with name and all profiles ino Rig Manager so the format is the same as above?

    I can't find a way to do this and the best I have found is to create the folder in the Rig Manager, name it then copy the files manually across..... Very time consuming for this many amps.

    Any ideas on how to speed the process up?