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    Thank you all, I appreciate your answers.

    It might be something to do with my guitars / pickups. I compared a guitar with EMG 707 with the one with 81s and the 707 sounds much more bassy (even though it's the same tuning). Unfortunately, I can't lower the 707 more (it's currently around 3mm from the bottom of the strings).

    DonPetersen thanks, yes, it does change the sound a lot, that's how I actually deal with the whole issue. I use Studio EQ in the pre section, Low Freq around 80Hz and Low Gain -12dB

    Hi all,

    I have a little problem I can't figure out for a long time and it feels like it's high time to try and ask the community 8o

    Most of the professional profiles I buy (I'd say 70-80%, SinMix, Reampzone, STL, Tonecrate sounds the best but still not great) sound way too bassy with my guitars. I used to play a lot through my studio monitors (Yamaha HS80M) and recently mostly plug my headphones straight into Kemper. I very rarely find a profile which sounds decent with my guitars without tones of tweaking (I mainly play Ibanez Prestige, Emg 707 and 81/85), I always have to tweak them a lot and it's mainly about bass. I've recently started playing with the output EQ and I've noticed that when I reduce the amount of bass the sound starts breathing (with original settings for profiles it usually sounds like suffocation :D I reduced the bass by 5dB which is a maximum value for the EQ but I feel that it needs to be reduced even more. I also add a studio EQ pre amp to send less bass but as you can see it needs a lot of bass reduction.

    I know that what sounds good is good but I'm wondering if this is normal, why would so many profiles have the same problem? I have a feeling that it's something on my side that I do wrong but can't figure out what it might be, so I'd appreciate your help.

    I performed Init Globals reset and have a feeling that it helped a bit but the sound is still bass-heavy.

    I'd appreciate your help / suggestions.



    Hi guys,

    whilst waiting for the adapter I’ve tried to reamp the analog way using balanced audio cables.

    Kemper OUT L - Apollo LINE 1 IN
    Kemper DIRECT OUT - Apollo LINE 2 IN
    Apollo LINE 3 OUT - Kemper RETURN INPUT

    In Logic I have 3 audio tracks:

    1) reference track receiving a signal from Kemper’s Output (INPUT Line 1 - STEREO OUT 1-2)
    2) DI recorded from Kemper’s DIRECT OUT (INPUT Line 2 - OUT Line 3)
    3) Final sound of DI run through Kemper (INPUT Line 1 - STEREO OUT 1-2)

    When I record guitars I set Input Source to ‘Front Input’ and then when I reamp I change it to ‘Return Input Reamp’. Everything’s pretty straightforward, but it’s not working properly in my case.

    The problem I have is that when I record a guitar and play DI through Kemper it sounds much quieter and muffled (and has more low end) than the reference track, both seem to have the same amount of gain so playing with Reamp Sens doesn’t help. Now, when I hit record on my track number 3 (final sound) and record it it sounds the same as the reference track. What do I do wrong here guys, why can’t I compare the DI sound run through Kemper with the reference track before I record the final sound I'm happy with?

    Many thanks,

    Hi guys,

    I joined the Kemper family yesterday and had a chance to spend a couple of hours with the unit (love it so far!). It’s now time to connect it to the system and it looks like it would be good to get some help with this ;) I completely forgot that the only cable it comes with is the power one.

    I’d like to connect my Kemper to UAD Apollo Twin audio interface and the way I’d like to do it is a bit like what we have with the software amp sims. I’d like to be able to hear what I play (the final sound), but in the same time record DIs and tweak them whenever I need with Kemper’s knobs after recording (basically I want to re-amp it ;)

    Is the above possible? If so, how can I do it and what cables would I need in this case?

    Many thanks,

    That's super helpful mate, thanks so much!

    Reading your reply was like hearing myself talking about this :D I have to spend too much time trying to make guitars sound good when my main focus is actually on playing the instrument. It sounds like with Kemper it might be much easier for me to find the quality sound I'd like and also work in a better way.

    Thanks again, it looks like I'll be joining the Kemper family pretty soon :D


    There’s one more thing I forgot to mention/ask about, it might sound a bit weird, but I’ll try to make it as clear as possible ;)

    I used to have real amps, but these days I mainly work with software-based amp sims, mainly Peavey’s ReValver 4. Amp sims are getting better and better, but it’s obviously a different thing than the real amp. There’s a couple of things that behave differently and one of them is a pretty unpleasant hiss sound. There’s a couple of ways to remove it and the one I use is I put an eq/low pass filter between the amp and a cab and cut everything from around 7k+.

    From what I can see, in Kemper there’s no option to move modules/components, they’re fixed, so I won’t be able to do the trick I mentioned above. The question here is - would I need it? In the real world, we don’t put eqs between the amp and a cab (at least I can’t remember doing it ;), but I’m wondering how it works with Kemper. If I wanted to use it with a third party IRs, let’s say Ownhammer, would it work the same way as the software amp sim or it behaves more like a real amp?

    Thanks again!

    Thanks! It helps a lot, especially the part regarding profiling amps/cabs ;) For some reason (I've probably watched some videos) I thought that there's a guitar involved in the process as well, but now when I read it again it's quite clear that it's not ;)

    Hi Kemper Lovers :D

    I’m planning to buy some good amp modeller/fx unit and I currently have two on my list - Kemper Power Rack and Axe FX II XL+. I need something that will give me both good, mainly heavy sounds, but I also need some good quality effects. Now, I currently don’t have any guitar amps so I won’t be able to make my own profiles which means that with Kemper I’d have to use either built-in ones or would have to buy some custom profiles. As far I understand, Kemper profile is a copy of custom amp settings created using a guitar. In this case, the best sound you can get is when you use the same guitar (strings, tuning, pickups etc.). I know that it might sound good with a different instrument, but it’s a bit of a lottery, is that right? My question is - is it still worth considering Kemper if I don’t have my own amps to create profiles?

    I’d appreciate hearing your opinion on this. :thumbsup:

    Many thanks,