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    @magentix: sorry, autocorrect failure! I wanted to write too loud instead of roomloud :S These mics can handle it! There's a processor in the dedicated bodypack where you can fine tune the settings. I play with 2 Rockbands, both with a second guitarist and loud :D drummers

    @REHO: best you check out the acs homepage! I came across this system on my research journey through the www and of course YT where I found a great, explaining video by an American drummer. Then Tom Quaile, a British guitarist, did a review and after that it was a buy to me :D
    I must confess I didn't use it with the KPA yet bc I'm still in the programming mode and haven't had a gig yet.
    Up to now I used my Friedman SB, getting the signal out of the Palmer Bonamassa DI Box into the Behringer Xair and from there into the Behringer PM16 into my inears. With the PM I can adjust EQ etc and get me the best inear so far but still not the real deal. I count on the KPA to be the icing on the cake :) .

    Search Youtube for David Wallimann and Paul Davids :-)

    I don't know Paul Davids but I have some lessons from David Walliman and I strongly recommend his stuff. Check out his free stuff on YT!
    Playing for over 30 years live in different bands, cover, original stuff as well, recording artist on over 200 songs in the pop and rock genre I was in a kinda rut finding myself repeating myself over and over again, Davids lessons helped me a lot to get over this!
    Check out his Guitar Infusion lesson where he teaches you modes and other stuff!

    Ah, interesting.
    Question: Are you using a guitar cab on stage or do you go just with inEars?

    My hearing sucks badly, so when I don´t use earplugs of any kind I sometimes only hear a cacophony of sounds.
    I´m not able to decipher my own playing... ;(
    Since I´m the only dude using inear I (still) need the cabinet, so I have both, cabinet and inear.
    I do soundcheck for the stagevolume and sound without inear, then I plug them in and do my own inear mix ( I have and use the whole Behringer digital stuff like Xair 18+PM 16)

    Before the ACS I had some Shure 215. They are ok but you have a lot of stagesound bleed bc they don´t seal your ear...

    I have an Ernie Ball VP Jr in Pedal 3 input, dedicated for volume pedal use, ok!
    Is it possible to kinda calibrate the heel position as rhythm volume, let´s say 80% and toe position 100% for lead volume? ?(

    What pedal do you guys use for whatever?
    I have a Mission pedal with the "feather" in it (the one which is always in heel position) for wah/morph stuff

    I´m a total rookie here but from what I experienced so far, I´ll stick to my 1x12 TAD cabinet with the Celestion Gold speaker in it.
    This cabinet sounds just great with whatever amp I used ( Friedman Small Box, Friedman Pink Taco, Marshall 2061, BlugGuitar Amp1)

    So it does with my Camplifier 180-equiped Toaster :thumbsup::thumbup:

    But in any case it´s finally only for the boys in the band. :whistling:
    Due to severe hearing problems I will use IEM on stage!! Alone in my room there´s no problem so I can dial in my tones :D
    Yet knowing that my sounds are great is a relief :thumbsup:

    I had the 205h for a while.
    Both Marhalls are great amps but Kemper is way more versatile... at any volumes!
    And it really feels right/vlaveamp-like while playing over a cabinet!

    ... I´m in the Kemper World, too!
    After purchasing both, the black Toaster and the Remote, "used" via ebay/ebayKleinanzeigen I had my first try with my old 1x12 Celestion Gold Cabinet...
    Got me blast away!!! Played till the D-string on my Strat finally broke (by playing some SRV-like stuff with the dialed in tone... :D )
    Finally I hear all the sounds I was looking for over the years... (and I had/still have great gear like Friedman Small Box, Axe-Fx II (only for recording!), had a Bogner Ecstasy 100(!)b, a monster rack in the 80s, equipped with mesa Boogie Quad and Soldane/Caswell etc.)

    NOW I checking the forum for tips how to start and how to create a reliable, live usable setting/s using the Remote... :thumbsup: