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    No issues on my end. Just drag and drop the files into RM like usual. Maybe your download is corrupted or something. Just redownload it and try again. Also note that the two new Cab files need to be imported into a Presets folder, not Rig folder.

    If everything else fails you can still opt for the USB drive import to get these profiles up and running.

    Thanks again Petr for the update - the Driftwood sounds massive Strungout82

    I just updated to the latest beta firmware and RM. Then I was able to drag them in. It’s just weird that the rest wasn’t a problem. I usually don’t go for the beta releases, but thought that it was worth a try. And it worked.

    Yes….he is doing a great job. It’s serious bang for your buck, buying his metal pack.

    Thank you guys :) I'm so glad that you like my work.

    Exactly. The only wish I have, is that there will be more profiles with the Boss HM-2/Eyemaster to choose from. My guitars does not respond that well on these. Some are better for my guitars than others and it also differs from guitar to guitar. So to be able to have a large selection of these would be highly appreciated ;) . To be fair it’s pretty difficult to nail that sound apparently. I’ve not had that much success with any of the profiles with that pedal in front. Might be my guitars. But a selection of both small and larger amps to try out, would be awesome. And profiles with lots of distortion as well as light distortion.

    All other profiles are great stuff for my guitars.

    (EDIT): I’ve tried to use my Japan HM-2 and the Eyemaster both between the Kemper and guitar as well as in the loop. It’s like it just not gonna sound good no matter what I do and which profile I put it on.’s like the Kemper doesn’t handle it that well. Or again....might be the 4 guitars I’ve tried.

    I am still waiting for the new HM-2 waza pedal to be relased. Then I will make a lot of profiles of it :)

    Hey, sounds great, I'll definitely check it out soon.

    Can you give more details about the performances that are set there?


    I have made several performance files that behave like channels on amp. So on the first slot is a clean profile, next is usually crunch, then higain profiles and last is some solo profile with reverb and delay. Check the description of the pack to read about all the amps that have been profiled :-)


    Thank you for your post and input :) I will probably make a short txt file with more info about the profiles and cab presets. So about the MTS modules... I really love them. Especially the Salvation audio ones :-) They are really great in person and as profiles. My favourite ones are the Camerock (based on Cameron CCV), Camerica (based on Cameron Atomica but very similar Camerock), Salvado (Soldano SLO) and Stonerverb (based on Orange Rockerverb but much more versatile because of the different modes and switches). I have ordered another module from Tony that is based on the famous Ola Englund's sig amp from Randall ;) I'm going to reprofile the Shiver (Bogner Shiva) and Terrier (VHT Pittbull) modules as I'm not completely satisfied with the profiles yet. And you are right about the midgain profiles. I will do much more of them in the future, not full on metal assault only :D

    Take care :-)


    Just recently found these profiles. Lots of of great profiles for metal, well miked and many profiles per amp. Recommended!

    Thank you so much :-)

    I usually avoid changing the EQ of the profile too much and use studio EQ effect in the X slot. Adjust the Low cut to 80-120 Hz (to reduce boominess) and High cut to 8000-10000 Hz (to reduce harshness). You can boost some of the lower and upper middle frequencies to your taste but it really depends on your guitar, pickups etc...