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    I have been wondering, when you're going to create a profile of your favorite amp, are you setting up the amps eq section (Bass, Treb, Mid, Pres, Master, Pre-amp) to the settings you normally would have it when you're playing through it?

    What about if you need to use a TS-9 in the front to give it a little added grit? Are you including the TS-9 in the whole profile as well?

    Yea I get what you mean.

    In a normal rehearsal situation, the amp and cab is pretty close to me. That cab is then mic'ed and goes to a PA.

    I try to match the cab volume or be slightly less than the volume coming from the PA speakers.

    I compare THAT sound I get to the direct sound I'm getting from the kemper into the PA direct using the M Britt tones because I feel that those profiles are professionally done and would be better than anything I would be able to do. So that's the theory.

    I'm still trying to get my Non powered rack to sound as good as my tube amps. So far, I have not and it's really bothering me.

    If anyone can assist with some tips or setting adjustments, that would be cool.

    Using M Britt profiles of a Marshall JCM 800 2204, Friedman BE100, and a EVH. Cab is only called MARS.

    It's "Ok" but it's not as good. I've tweaked the eq's and it's still lacking in the thump/power/balls that I have when using the heads.

    Going straight to the board mostly. On occasion using the monitor out to the return of a tube head into a 4x12 Marshall.

    Greetings, I've got a non powered kemper rack version. I'm ready to purchase a powered speaker to use as a tone reference for me when I do live gigs. I'll be sending the L and R XLR channels to the mixing board.

    I'm wondering about Monitor out and Direct Output Send. I was using both of them into a stereo power amp and running two cabs from the power amp. That gave L and R signals so I'm close to hearing what the audience would hear. I edited my effects like delays this way so I can hear the L and R effects and how much to add or take away.

    Now, many of the powered speakers that I've seen are not stereo, I'd probably have to go Monitor out to the input of a single powered speaker.

    That means it's no longer a L and R signal.

    I guess I could get 2 powered speakers and run L and R. They would have to be less quality models because of limited funds.

    But those of you that use a good quality single powered monitor, how do your effects sound in mono if you tweaked them when you ran stereo? What was it like playing live? What did you have to adjust?

    Thanks for the assistance.

    I plugged in a basic expression pedal to the #6 input of the remote footswitch. Went in and assigned it to be a Volume pedal as instructed per tutorials. It works as it should but, when in the off position, it auto triggers the tuner. I don't need that to happen.

    I just want it to be dead quiet. Any ideas?

    I have on position #1 ("A"side) a delay effect set to Zero so there's nothing on it, just a dry rhythm tone, and I have that exact same settings for the "B" Morphed side with the delay on and it's set at 35% for the "B" morphed side. That's all fine. I go from dry to boost with delay on position 1...all good with that.


    My #2 switch already is designated for a solo boost, with more gain and volume, PLUS a bit of delay with chorus on it, which is totally separate settings than on #1. The delay settings are longer. If I go to the Morphed side of the same #2 switch, can I change the delay or chorus to be a totally different type without affecting the original "A" settings of #2?

    I noticed that when I watch any tutorials from Kemper that have the remote, all the lights on the buttons 1-8 are off EXCEPT for the one that's actually activated.

    On mine, I see all the lights 1-8 are partially on, then the green light glows brighter for the one that's actually on. It's only a slightly brighter amount. I would like to have the lights 1-8 to be all off except for the one that's supposed to be on, or the Morphed channel.

    I've gone into the setting of the remove on the Kemper for the remote, but I'm unable to achieve what I'm looking for.

    Any ideas?

    Finally got my Kemper sounding good and getting my rigs set up. I'm using the Kemper remote and have the rise and fall times set to zero because I need instant change.

    I would like the bottom half to be a crunch "dry" setting. I have my Morphed "B" side with more gain and more problem.

    But when I Morph to the upper half of the same channel, I'm finding that I can't add Delay or Chorus, or anything for that Morphed side only, it affects both A and B sides.

    I want to have the dry channel to be on the A side, and the B side (Morphed) to have more gain and volume PLUS a delay, and Chorus for the B side. Then go back to A and have the dry signal again.

    So far, everything I try put the effects on both side. Can this be done?

    Cheers and thanks.

    Couple of things first.

    I'm trying to use the Non Powered Kemper Main outs to the PA Board, and have a 4x12 or a 1x 12 cab near me for a reference monitor. I'm using a Mesa 50/50 to power either of the cabs. So far, I'm still tweaking the tone I'm getting from the cab.

    I've wondered about the live sound I'll be getting when doing a gig. It's not going to be the same as the cab sound I know...but if the sound guy isn't very good, you're tone will be crap regardless if you're going direct or mic-ing a cab old school style. He/She has access to the EQ on the board to adjust to what HE/SHE thinks is good, which may be different than that you think.

    So using the Kemper, is it better to go to a club (before it opens) that's got a decent sound system, and plug the Main outs to the board and sit with sound guy and tweak it to your preference? Or go to a studio with a cab, get your tone that you like out of the cab, then go to the control room and tweak the tone that will be sent out? Then go to the club and say copy these settings.

    I don't have a decent set up to tweak at home but have access to the options mentioned.

    Let me know what you would do.


    I've got a few amps from the library sounding pretty good through head phones.
    The goal is to have that exact same sound go to the board and have it come out to the main PA speakers, plus have a cab onstage so I can have the sound like an actual "head into cab "amp. So far, I can get a great sound out of my head phones, but not a great one from the cab.
    I've tried turning off the cab feature but it still isn't satisfying.
    You can remove the cab sim tone for the cab onstage and still have the cab sims go to the front right?

    The cab doesn't seems to have the same tone coming out that I would get as if I was running a traditional head directly to the cab. Almost as if I'm re-amping it 2x.
    In theory, if I connect the XLR's from the kemper and go to a board, is it exactly what I'm supposed to be hearing in the head phones?
    Can anyone offer advice on how to do this properly? Getting disappointed quickly...
    Many thanks,

    Kemper is not powered. Was planning to use it with a cab for myself to hear behind me most of the time, unless I trust the sound guy, (which is not very often,) and wanted to send the signal out to the house system avoiding a mic.

    What's the best way to do that?

    Hey, I have a question about how to profile an amp.

    I got a 1980 Marshall JMP 50 watt.
    I normally go the route of....Guitar>tube screamer>front of head. and dial in the eq settings on the head until I smile.

    If I were to profile this amp, am using the signal that's including the tube screamer and leaving all the knobs on the head as they are?

    Am I normally setting up the amp to sound the way I like through the cab, then adding the Mic and following the steps to make the profile?

    I've been scrolling through Rig manager and copying some favorite amps to "My Library".
    When I go to Performance Mode, I'd like to add these amps into this list since the current selection doesn't have enough choices.
    How do I do I add from My Library into Performance Mode or just update amps in the Performance Mode?
    Cheers and thanks,