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    I noticed a few things last night...
    In performance mode, I selected an amp, and duplicated it in all slots available for that one amp in "channel" or
    "bank" 1 and saved it. I believe that there are 5 slots per each bank.
    My ADA pedal board has buttons from #0 to #9.
    From #0 to #5, I was able to see that each "slot" was advancing as I was hitting buttons from 0-5 all within "bank" 1 and it was within the same channel and amp that I set up. The moment I went to #6, the kemper jumped to bank #2 and had a different amp. As I hit buttons #7, 8 and 9, it stayed in bank 2 but advanced in slots.
    This makes sense to me because I only had 5 Slots in bank 1, and I was trying to see what 6-9 would do, so it went up to the next bank which is number 2.
    Since I'm not using the kemper foot controller, is this normal for everyone else?
    I guess I can program bank 2 to have the same amp and it'll just jump up or down between bank 1 and 2 as I use buttons 0-9. Wondering if this is the way it's going to be.
    All replies appreciated.

    Remember the ADA Midi foot controller pedal? I've got one and have used it with a few midi devices in the past. This afternoon, I connect the midi cable from the pedal to the kemper rack and starting hitting each button on the pedal to see if it changes channels on the Kemper. The numbers on the pedal change, but only a few actually did something on the kemper... not all.
    I want to set up each button to be a same amp but with different effects on each channel, but if each button doesn't do anything this can't work for me.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks for the advice from everyone. I'm trying this tonight...hopefully. Lots to learn for sure.

    I did read through the manual, and I have a question that I did not find in it unless I totally passed it up.
    I see there's a monitor out that is suggested for a speaker cab of 8 or 16 ohms. That's fine if you want to use 1 cab, and then send the Main Outs to Front Of House.
    But, I have 2 cabs that I would like to use on occasion when playing live. I was thinking the Main Outs will go to my Mesa 50/50 power amp Inputs, which will then run out to the cabs, but what about the FOH then? Would the Monitor Out go to FOH? That would then be a mono signal like mic-ing a cab correct?

    I just picked up a non powered rack. Trying to use become familiar with this unit and getting a little overwhelmed. Basically looking to have programmed channels for : 1>Crunch
    2> Solo 1
    3> Solo 2
    4> Flanger Crunch
    5> Clean with Chorus and Reverb
    6> Harmonies Crunch

    I plan to send a signal to the front house for them, plus I like to have a 1x12 speaker cab in back for my own reference instead of using the monitor wedge in front.
    I'm using a Midi foot controller to switch channels.
    Looking for some basic instructions on how to get started and recommendations on setting this up for my taste.

    Hey...newbie here.
    I bought a Kemper non powered rack last night. :thumbup:
    I'm currently using a Digitech 1101 with the Control 2 foot pedal. I was thinking that I would use the Digitech to switch channels on the Kemper via midi cable so I could still use the digitech footswitch.
    I do not use the digitech as a stomp pedal setup. All the effects and tones are already assigned and stored.
    I want to use the Kemper exclusively if possible, or have the options of using the effects only on the 1101 if I desire to.
    The foot controller has a CAT 5 cable connection to the 1101 and has a volume pedal built into it.
    What would be the best way to connect the Kemper to the Digitech, or Digitech to the Kemper to get the best results and still be able to use the foot controller?

    I'm thinking about getting a Kemper Rack non powered. I was wondering about the foot controller. Has anyone used anything else to control the Kemper besides the one Kemper is selling?
    I've got a midi controller from long ago, plus my current Digitech Control 2 foot controller has the CAT 5 connector, wouldn't either of those work?