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    What do you (IT specialist) guys think about the "one profile rules them all" approach. Is this technically possible? Or is profiling such a unique "one state" thing. I don't believe so but I am no real specialist, of course. Imagine Because for me, personally, this is a must, if I even think of a successor. Cannot stop thinking about getting rid of those thousands of tiresime single profiles. Imagine to load 5 different amps in a performance with 5 slots, all of them containing the "whole" amp with all its gain stages at once. A new generation has to bring something groundbreaking to the table, IMHO. Something that is of real musical and practical value for the (gigging) musician, that cannot be merely justified with better routing, workflow or titty colours. Although the latter things are also quite important (marketing and emotional wise) of course. Imagine to just load "amps" like in the Helix but in reality to load Kemper profiles. All of them in only one block, visible in something like a Helix routing screen. Omg.

    Another improvement would be to be able to combine many different gain stages of the same amp into one single profile and to be able to simply "morph" one after another while turning the gain knob. Why? Decreasing the gain of a higher gain profile is fine but not the same as if you take a dedicated profiled amp state with lesser gain. Another advantage of this would be clarity: one profile for one profiled amp and not 10-20, as is is now.

    To the "no" fraction: Is this a huge improvement? Yes, for me it is.

    Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Kemper ended this wish for the other side, amp tone wise. That's why my two Srages are painted green in order to always remember that.

    Now it is time to also go green fx and routing wise, because in this respect the other side is really a bit greener, I'm afraid X/.

    We're spinning in circles. This thread is about feature requests for a new Kemper generation and about bringing together all the dream features and suggestions. It's not about if some do not need them and it's not about if the company thinks if the requesters want too much or not or if it fits markets. Nobody can look into Christoph's head.

    I’m always amazed how many people get stuck in a tone obsession. It drives the amp and pedal industry. To anyone on the outside it looks like insanity. I’m as guilty as any. I had a friend come over a while back and look at the 25 guitars I have in my music room and ask what the difference was. I said they sound different and I played a bit on two of them for him. He said yeah they did sound a little different but who cares. This is how everyone else sees our insane behaviors. Anyway I’m glad he said it because I think it was what got me putting lots of guitars in different tunings which has had me picking up more of them more often. I feel the same way about the quad cortex, kemper, axe fx 3, and helix. All of them are excellent tools and any one person is probably better off sticking to one and learning it in and out rather than chasing the latest thing. Gear obsession is mostly just a waste of time.

    But the colors... don't forget all the beautiful different colors! ^^

    Another smooth move would be to release a new model that uses the old footswitch controller, then do the floor model. I'm more than okay if that was done in reverse tho too.

    That raises the question, who here would need/want the new unit to have a new foot controller? More buttons? For sure more customisable assignablility. New functions?


    I also like buttons and the layout as it is. If it was customisable like in the Helix I would use the remote's layout with only few differences - if any. Good to have customisation, though, if a situation, setlist etc. should require.

    Wrong, I am very creative on my Yamaha THR30II, because I play it everyday. Gear shouldn't be limiting creativity.

    Feels like you intentionally misunderstood. Yes, creating licks, melodies, songs, harmonies and building skills like vibrato, phrasing timing etc. is an important part of creativity and inspiration, at least for me. But creating mere guitar licks, melodies and songs or building technique and skills is not what I meant. I know you know what I meant. So, will we hear examples of those complex soundscapes, you are able to create with such a "cable into the amp" scenario - without high quality fx or raw dsp power? I am curious to hear how you can make song parts SOUND spacey (for example) with the thr and use that sound on stage or recording. Because, as I said or meant, I personally was always inspired and pushed into different territory and songwriting whenever I messed with complex sounds even if if did not use everything in the end.

    Edit: I also own a Yamaha thr, it's fun ;)

    Now I'm gonna go back to Team Color Touchscreen. Yes we want it.

    I did not see it as that important but, yes, the more I think about it the more it makes sense, even a (robust) touch screen. Although is not about the fancy colors themselves, of course. The menu layouts and workflows are much more important. Rhett Shull made a review video about the Axe 3, recently. He pointed out how an UI and a screen on a unit itself can make him want or don't want to use a unit on stage. He prefers to leave his Axe at home and take the Helix out, just because you really don't need an editor for the Helix, whereas the Axe is much more difficult to tweak on the fly (user abilities may differ). But I agree with him. Both the Helix and the Axe have a "color screen" but for me the one is so difficult to edit without an editor, whereas the Helix screen is an intuition breeze.

    (Yes, it is tiring to mention again at this point that there is no need to mention the 1000th time that people who only use very simple chains don't "need" (blabla) a color screen or even a successor. You are right, they should consider to create an own thread 😂)

    So work towards your dreams, they will not come to you any other way, than when you contribute to get them :)

    By the way, I find your footer description much revealing your approach "Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!" - this is a case when people wish they had doble profiles and X Y Z and they still play powerchords 90% of the time :)

    I choose not to have and not to need and it works wonders in life :)

    (😂)Man, this is from Michael Angelo Batio and refers to guitar skills and technique, not for gear and stuff you don't really need.

    But it's revealing how YOU think. 8o

    Wasn't the story with their Virus TI2 synthesizers, that was introduced in 2009 and is sold even today, with no perspective for next version? These synthesizers get very good reviews and have been used by The Prodigy, TOOL, Periphery, Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, Celine Dion, Dr. Dre, Linkin Park, No Doubt, Radiohead, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson - to name a few.

    I'm sure Depeche Mode guys were not complaining - "Oh, I need this and this and also this, because it limits my workflow. When will next version with features A B C come out?"

    I don't know the future, but I wouldn't be surprised, if current Kemper Profiler would be its only incarnation.

    1. Needs differ so hard. A wish, a hope and suggestion are not complaints. They never were. We should get this simple thing into our brains, once and for all.

    2. You compare apples to oranges. Synth sound is not a complex guitar rig chain with a core tube amp sound plus various fx.