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    I have to say, communication from Neural has been utter crap. Certainly left a very sour taste in my mouth.

    Yes, definitely. But I would add, as a new company they deserve a true chance to prove themselves. I wonder how Kemper handled everything 9 years ago with the introduction of the Toaster and if everything was perfect from A to Z. I wasn`t around till 2007 when everything was rolling perfectly.

    from their website: “Preset changing will incur in the inevitable, familiar gap. You can use Scene and Stomp modes to change the sounds while maintaining delay trails without any crossfade/gaps.

    It doesn’t say here how long that gap is. They talked about the gap in a very long livecast video during its development, that I had found on YouTube. Definitely not spillover. So it defeats the assumption that this thing has gobs of untapped DSP. It does in a sense, but reserves it for within presets by giving you four amps and cabs and ridiculous amount of effects to go with them. So even if the gap is super short there’s still no spill over and even though I don’t always need spill over in the middle of songs, I need it enough that in general I have to organize around that common need, hence trying to (in general) cram everything thing I need for a song within one preset.

    "Maintaing Trails" = "Spillover"

    I change presets (rigs) between songs. That's what the Kemper Performance is for. So you have instant access and spillover between five completely independent rigs.

    A performance has 5 slots that can be seen as snapshots (Helix) or scenes (fractal). Yes, spillover is needed and possible within these 5 slots/snapshots/scenes. The Helix has more than 5 (8 or more, depending on how many switches you program to be snapshot switches). So do fractal devices. You can write it down: the QC will also have scene mode with more than 5 scenes where spillover will be possible.

    I can't imagine the "most powerful floor unit" in all the known universes and on flat earth having such a long gap. But if so there still are scenes / snapshots to not have to deal with preset change gaps. I mean, who changes real presets within songs? This is what scenes are for.

    Man....the word count alone......

    If you’d bother to read the comment in-context, you’d see I was being *very* specific with it.

    Admittedly a little exaggerated but also you get the point.

    To return to topic again: my whole point maybe was that a Kemper mini makes a lot of sense for me but I am torn between saying I want it immediately with this generation (parts should be already small enough (?) to put them into a smaller green box) or to better say no, from a business point of view it makes no sense to NOT put all the extra money, research and efforts into the next generation instead of messing with the (although successful) past generation. Competitors do not sleep but Kemper, I guess, also does not. We will see, spoke the blind.

    Don't you worry too much, you'll have a hard time to find any other guitar gear that has flourished as much as the Profiler did (and continues to do) in the last decade. ;)

    Fair enough. I've done my contribution by owning 4 Kempers now 8o.

    he doesn't give a shit.

    (As it already has become somewhat off topic and I heard this from very few people, let me add:) Maybe CK is a business world exception (maybe not) but let me ask: How do you know? Surely you have strong evidence for knowing what he exactly thinks. I suspect that it in this case it is rather you who is delighted by your own thought of not giving a shit yourself but this again is speculation and would be totally fine if it was true. I own a rather small business myself and from what I have learned so far businessmen give a whole damn lot of shit, tons of it, if they get positive feedback about their current products. Not because their ego gets smeared but because this is one of many hints that they are doing the right thing. And businessmen also give tons of shit about what greater numbers of their customers and the market desires in future products. This whole section of this forum is exactly about this: giving shit on what customers think and want. Is everything relevant? Does every little request, emotion and thought count? Of course not. But chances are that, yes, CK gives a lot of shit. I can understand why ge remains silent, though. I think (again speculation) that as a good engineer AND businessman he is able to distinguish between comments and requests that are useful for him and comments that are for mere entertainment, thought expression etc. ;).

    The human curse. The grass must be greener on the other side even though they know it's not . The kemper team have given us alot thru the years and you're still dissatified? Make better music and be a better guitar player instead.

    Maybe you are not the greatest authority in reading between the lines or I am not an authority in putting thoughts precisely into words:

    Precisely because I AM absolutely satisfied with the Company and my Kempers I want to see THEM flourish and I want Christoph Kemper to bring me and the world a Kemper II and not anybody else. Sooner than later.

    But even if so, don't forget that we are not talking about a religion, after all, but about a company and a product that you pay for. You always get what you pay for and you always deserve what you pay for in a business world.

    IMHO, "Everything" points in neon lights towards a new and more modern, multiple form factor generation of the Kemper. I am so tired wishing for the obvious in my eyes. Everything else, all my many mere wishes for all those major and minor "improvements" of this generation are simply tiring. They are only dragging my patience and making me squint and crave towards the quad cortex and praying every night that it will sound like my Kempers. Until then: I am very satisfied with this generation as it is,it is perfect as it is, like an old Mercedes-Benz us perfect. Maybe I will keep one Kemper and enjoy its good sound forever. But... you know...

    I sold most of the newer amps that I used to use live. No need for me, any more. I've kept three old jewels in my home that I will never sell, just because I think every guitarist should collect a few favourites. Besides that they just look gorgeous in my living room, there is no more beautiful furniture. Maybe I will take them out for very special occasions but so far they are only for making me smile whenever I see them. Should I ever really "need" a tube amp for a live event (cannot imagine one right now but only "if") I would ask a friend or a music shop to lend me one.

    I think I still totally hate that 12V power input. But I am getting dead nervous about those "hundreds of improved amp captures" that are expected to come stock. Can't wait for the next official video.