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    I wholeheartedly dissagree, there are parameters of measurable quality when talking about good or bad sounding amps. You can argue however you like about what you like or not, and most often than not if you like it, there are one or more of those parameters influencing your decisions. But your opinion is yours and just yours, and not measurable. There are horrible sounding modern hardware out there, in all price bracketes. I can measure the dynicamic response from the amp to the input, and that to me is a characteristic that makes kemper really appealing as it feels different to most digital modelles, while also can check the frequency response from the output, and make A/B testing against a real amp, and find truly possitive comparable results, which imply that the kemper has made a quality reproduction of the sound it intents to capture. You cant say the same from mustang amps, or the spark amp, or a headrush pedalboard. Not even from the quad cortex to some extent. I havent tested the tone x, but I can run the same tests and compare. And leaving behind my taste, we can know if tone x actually achieves what it tries, or not. And thus, if it sounds as good or not as what it tries to replicate.

    We see and hear the world not as it is but as we are ourselves. You can measure it or not but I am of the opinion that guitarists should concentrate on their skills and musicality instead of creating or following gear or tone religions. Yes, I can make good songs with "bad" gear, so can millions of others, even on a professional level. They can make others happy with their bad, unmeasured tone.

    Guys calm down. ToneX just sounds as as good or bad as everything else. I've learned that trying to get others to see things the way you do is always wrong. Especially when there's no right and wrong. Any modern unit will sound great if you know exactly what you're doing. You can make the Kemper sound bad with just a flick of the wrist. The focus on one's own abilities in terms of listening and playing is the most important thing. Then every unit sounds good. And accept that there will always be guitarists who will hate your tone while others will love it.

    After messing around with the fm9 for quite a few weeks, now, I would (repeatedly, I know) say: a Kemper 2 should be like the fm9 (or better Helix) but with simply the Kemper Amp Sounds. Fractal's parallel high quality fx were an eye opener. I've put many heavy fx in the fm9 after the stack in parallel (at least 4) and, yes this is it, for me. Another improvement should be all in one profiles of amps. This means profiles that can blend any driven amp state in only one Amp profile instead of having to mess with many profiles for one and the same amp. If a "Profile Pack" would consist of only one mere profile (the according "amp"), that would be another real next level in ease of use, for me.

    I bought my Kemper Stage (used) because of what I heard coming out of it, I haven't heard any sounds come from the X-amp that would influence me to try one. Most of what I see on-line is sales hype.

    Here is one of the many inspirational videos on youtube if you don't want to try it yourself (which would be best). This is not advertising but only for educational purposes 😉. I can confirm everything in the video from my own experiences with my Amp1. The X will be the same tech. So...

    Yes, I agree, there is a reason why small and big companies look at the markets and decide that the world needs more single small pedals of all kinds. And plugins also become cheaper and better. But still, single pedals need more single pedals to accompany them and pedal boards and cables to make them giggable (expensive). So as long as there is a gigging market the best all in one solutions will thrive, I guess. I don't know if it is too late, as you say.. Kemper II is too late for me, that's for sure 😂. Anyway, to "have to" (well, not really, my KStages are already there) decide between very good and very good for the sake of it is great. We will see. From my gigging perspective at this point one of my stages might have to go for the X... but that is what I already said with the QC. And the latter will never happen.