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    well I’m not bonding with the Quad Cortex.
    ‘unless I have a “eureka” moment, it’s going back tomorrow

    Kemper is still king to me

    I didn't really expect the modelling to be anywhere near Kemper's profiles. But how were the factory captures in your opinion? Have you done own captures? If anything, they say, then the captures are indistinguishable from a their real amp. Are they?

    But everywhere play to make/create music.And please stop denying that.

    I cannot stop what I never started, no matter how much you want me to have done it. We only "play" instruments for lack of other terms. Better you stop denying THAT, because I never denied what you accuse me of having denied, I won't fall into that trap:D.

    But here'sthe thing: the QC seems to be a "toy" in comparison to the Kemper (though a good toy and only in my personal eyes). Therefore let's agree that messing with IT is literally "playing", even if we had another word for it 8o. Which we don't.

    Oh.I understand.So if someone asks you "was spielst Du?" you answer is "Ich musiziere"..

    That's fine.A little bit stiff.Hordor style.But in any case it is not wrong.

    Man :). What's wrong? Leave Hodor alone, he's my friend.. I would say, you are distorting completely what I said: I said, there is a word in German for making music that does not imply "playing", that's all I said. I did not point to what you answer when being asked which musical instrument you "play". We use "play" in this case only because of the absence of a better word, not because we literally compare the biological behavior "playing" with "using an instrument". And yes, people use "musizieren" in Germany a lot in various cases, for example in school language or when people describe social activities. It is not "stiff" at all by itself, it is how you use apply it. Don't blame me, blame those .... German to the bone Germans.

    Every music tool is "a toy".

    Well, no, without wanting to get too philosophical. Otherwise everything you "possess" except food, clothes and shelter are mere toys (wifes included).

    "Play" in musical terms is something different (for me) than "playing" with literal toys for the sake of playing (which is biologically spoken learning). Answer to your question: in German, for example, there is a verb for "making music" that does not contain "playing" ;). I cannot imagine that the ancient Greeks did not have such a word.

    A little bit overhyped.And most people don't like this.Anyway.

    Yet would be a great time to announce a "KPA XL" with dual amp,more fx,more I/Os/touchscreen and wifi..for whoever thinks he really needs all this.

    And for the rest of us this would give @CK the time to decide about a real KPA 2 which is as revolutionary as the current one was during the last decade.

    Good summary. What you call XL would be a real II for me already. Yes, everybody should distinguish between real tool and toy for himself. You can make a lot of money with both.

    Yes, Kemper keeps getting better after 10 years. So does the Helix after 6 years. 6 is not far away from 10. With line6's innovation and gear production speed, I hope they will never crack the code of Kemperlike profiling.

    I was intrigued about Neural's concept (and to be honest I still am). But so far I am happy I haven't made the mistake of having almost sold one of my stages that sit on two different boards for one QC. Let's see what future FW updates will do with it. I think, for me, it is better to wait for Kemper II in 2023. :)