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    I bought my Kemper Stage (used) because of what I heard coming out of it, I haven't heard any sounds come from the X-amp that would influence me to try one. Most of what I see on-line is sales hype.

    Here is one of the many inspirational videos on youtube if you don't want to try it yourself (which would be best). This is not advertising but only for educational purposes 😉. I can confirm everything in the video from my own experiences with my Amp1. The X will be the same tech. So...

    Yes, I agree, there is a reason why small and big companies look at the markets and decide that the world needs more single small pedals of all kinds. And plugins also become cheaper and better. But still, single pedals need more single pedals to accompany them and pedal boards and cables to make them giggable (expensive). So as long as there is a gigging market the best all in one solutions will thrive, I guess. I don't know if it is too late, as you say.. Kemper II is too late for me, that's for sure 😂. Anyway, to "have to" (well, not really, my KStages are already there) decide between very good and very good for the sake of it is great. We will see. From my gigging perspective at this point one of my stages might have to go for the X... but that is what I already said with the QC. And the latter will never happen.

    I'll take a second look in 5-10 years if and when it catches up to Kemper, and when someone is able to create more than the 3 tones shown on youtube.

    If you are really interesred in tones there are not only 3 but tons of tone and review videos about the Bluguitar Amp1 (Mercury and Iridium edition) on YouTube. The Amp X is only the mere next level evolution of that thing. I suggest you better watch those videos IF you are really interested, because what you say makes you look rather... well uninformed I should say. And one more thing: I claim that everybody in this forum loves his Kemper very hard , so no need to fear that anybody wants to pull you to any other side (if that should be the case at all :)).

    Honestly, it would be a waste of time for me. The Kemper satisfies all my tonal requirements, and I have finally gotten to the point with it that I can dial in tones with my eyes closed.

    Namm would die out in your world, right 😂?

    Yes, I agree with you. I have been playing Kempers live for 5 years now (80 % of the time). Still, there are a lot of gear nerds in here and especially those who love and look for the "best amp tone", like you. So... interesting things remain interesting in a Corner that's called "Other Gear".

    The Amp1 is totally great but not versatile. The X could be both. We will see.

    Very excited to see if this can be the best Kemper Stage competitor for me, so far. This might be also interesting especially for those who keep only needing a Kemper Profiler for its core amplike tone. The Amp X claims to be able to replicate the tone and feel of any tube amp in the world - but totally analog. Exciting times, I would say.

    But you start with this pedal and finish with a huge pedalboard because you add a compressor, od, disto, chorus, delay, reverb, it loader... Then, you need a switcher, you have buzz and hum, you change the power supply, all the cables. At and the end you concluded that kemper is the simplest solution. :)

    Yes we all have been there... all in one solutions then back to pedals... back and forth and back and forth. What a curse to be a guitarist ^^.