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    Guys, the most important thing is a stable and working beta, after all. Seems that the latest beta is working really fine. But if you don't have a second or third Kemper (like me 8o) better do not risk to be the first who installs the newest beta software on a unit you have to rely on.

    This is so individual that there is no best way but different solutions. In my case it depends on which band or project I am in. There is one tribute band for which I use the one song one performance method because there are so many slightly different sounding original versions of the same songs that it is hard to find one sound or one "pedalboard" that fits everything from that band. Other than that for most of the other applications I create "Amp performances" of my favourite amps. I take different gain stages of the same amp from 1 to 5 and create pedalboards with pre and post fx around each amp, add lead boost morphing to each of those slots and I am good to go for most styles. At the moment I use about 6 such favourite amps (=performances with 5+5 slots each).

    Seems that the Kemper team is working very hard to get things fixed, soon. So despite all pissyness (if there was any) here still comes an honest and fat thank you and apreciation for that. Can't wait to get the AS again, after I had to go back to the latest OS for yesterday's rehearsal. Bummer I could not bring on my acoustic patches, I had prepared to impress my bandmates 8o.

    Now that I have installed the latest official version 4.7.1 everything seems to work fine, again. Damn, that´s why betas are called betas, I guess. I miss the AS, now that was making progress in making it sound quite usable. But I bet today will see a bug fix of the latest beta, so that I won´t have to live without too long.

    its not only you theres already another thread bout this

    i have the same experience, one question did the update through Rigmanager went smooth at your side,

    or did you got an error message, that was the case in my update, after the second attempt all went smooth

    but i have the diff sounding rigs too

    The Update process itself was ok as always (always in my case). I wish I could get back to the older beta.

    I wanted to ask if anybody experienced anything similar after updating to 5.7.1.:

    Some slots within performances sound different than before. I thought maybe it was only my ears but then I checked the amp models in the rig menu (I am talking especially about the 57 Deluxe rig from the latest MB 2020 pack). Some of the rigs just do not sound as they did before, I think. They are al lot brighter, harsher and just "different". I noticed it while changing slots within performances: half of the performances sound as before, but others (with different rigs/settings of the same amp) do not sound right. I think I really know how I set those performances up. The slots sound too "different" now.

    If it is only me I will double check if maybe any output parameters have been messed up or something like that.

    Hi self, this could be something:

    Is that what you thought of?

    Yeah thanks, self! That's helpful. But if you just look at page 2 of this thread you will find that somebody already posted that. Just be more careful next time. Not being lazy just helps not bothering others, ok?. Thanks.

    The AS sounds very promising for my purposes, cool little thing. Is there anywhere information on where and how to best use it in an "ideal chain" (Youtube, Forum, manual etc.)?

    (oops, sounds like I'm too lazy to look it up myself...:/)

    Hi self, this could be something:

    Is that what you thought of?

    The AS sounds very promising for my purposes, cool little thing. Is there anywhere information on where and how to best use it in an "ideal chain" (Youtube, Forum, manual etc.)?

    (oops, sounds like I'm too lazy to look it up myself...:/)

    Sometimes I feel like this Kemper generation can last forever (good tone is good tone). There seem to be many users in the forum who seem to know much about computers and programming and could maybe put more "improvement" into programming and overall approaches of this Kemper, the average guitarist wouldn't even understand (like myself, maybe). The average musician like myself does not know much about programming but hooefully enough about psychology, marketing, own needs and comparing a product to its direct competitors. But still I feel like much less is really enough to ask repeatedly if it simply does not make much more sense to put every new big effort in a Kemper II from now on, instead of trying to make this old "man" learn new skills and lame tricks. It is not better sound that users continuously demand from this Kemper - of course not - but more and more hardware and like in this case software gimmicks. Nothing is wrong with making a good product and its "software" steadily better. But I wonder how much "better" this generation can get, no matter how much "better" its software and processes around these older guts and hardware housing can get. It is perfect as it is and will remain when many will finally hold that desired Kemper II in their hands.

    I haven't tried the bam but I bought the Hotone Loudster. It is neutral, loud and also does the job. My experiences so far: The amp in the Kemper Head is "better" out of the box. In direct comparison the power amp in the Kemper head is somehow much fuller with more lows, lower mids and "pressure". The Hotone has only 75 Watts (Kemper 600). That could be the main (?) reason. But you can easily eq the Hotone if you want those frequencies be pushed, so that both can sound and react the same. I think the powered cabinet is around the corner. I can easily live will this setup for my stage until then.

    Although nice... Tastes, applications and opinions differ. The whole point of digital stuff for me is size and weight. That's it. If I would start rebuilding racks and heavy duty stuff again I would just stick to the real world...:/. One "light" powered Kemper cab is the only logical solution for me and the most logical concept for accompanying a Stage, imho.

    There are price differences in cabinets like crazy. I put my Kone into a 1x12 Cabinet from Palmer (about 100 Euros, new) and can´t think of any advantage of having paid more for a cabinet with a famous name on it. Are there experiences about non imaginary superior qualities of expesive cabinets for the kone? (Not talking about open/closed here).

    All right, the Hotone Loudster has arrived and so far I am happy and can clearly recommend it. It is powerful, soundwise neutral and really not expensive! Right now I am satisfied and I don't see a need to compare it to something like the bam200 but maybe in the future (after a longer test under several conditions), who knows. But for now I will keep my small rig as it is: Stage-Loudster-Kone (and nothing more).