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    In one Kemper stage I have a basic performance with 5 slots (clean to lead) plus a morphing function which gives me a lead tone for every one of those slots (knobs 1-5).In every one of those 5 slots I also have an activated wah in the first FX position which is on "Bypass @ stop" so that I can always have a Wah which is only engaged at use of the expression pedal.

    When I hit the morph button (=same knob, no matter which of the 5) to boost the signal there is always an increasing "morphing wah tone" which acompanies the increase of drive and volume - only during that morphing process. Same when I hit the morph button again to return to the rhythm tone, then the wah decreases along with the drive and volume. First I thought it sounds cool, which it somehow does but now I do not want that always.

    I mean, that should not happen at first place if the wah only activates by the push of the exppedal... do I miss anything? What´s wrong and how can I fix this?

    The UI with the touch display and those turning knobs is hands down the best that planet earth has seen so far. And combining modelling and "profiling" with 4 signal paths is the most innovative thing for me. But other than that... With every new bit of new information it somehow loses fascination, I don't know why. Maybe because they just don't give good sound examples or because I am still so in love with the stage and its sound? With this latest video I thought that the footswitches of the neural are just too close together for my taste and the display should be more far away from the upper knobs. Man, I feel like I could hit 4 of the knobs at once. More so on dark stages and beer in my brain.


    Yes, I definitely hate these narrow knobs. This unit will better deliver as good tone as the Kemper or it will be dead right from the start. Let's wait for that capturing feature, I am so damn curious...

    Plenty of people care about modelling. People also use real amps, which typically involves some of the same knob tweaking. And profiles are snapshots of certain sounds, rigs set a particular way.

    Ok, just for smartassing: The rethorical question "who cares about..." very often (like in this case) translates to "I don't give a sh** about..." (in this case about modelling and all its tweaking because it is such a waste of time) 8o.

    Just for clarification.

    Next point: you need the same "amount" of tweaking for an amp like for a Helix??? :?:



    Wait until this thing will show if it is able to profile amps like it promises. Only then you can judge its sound compared to a Kemper. Who cares about modelling and death knob tweaking these days except those without a girl (or boy) friend.

    My point is essentially that we don't know if it bothers Kemper that after nearly a decade, their product is no longer going to be at the front of the pack.

    Yes, this would be indeed a very interesting question for CK himself. At least I would like to know the answer. In interviews I feel like he always remains quite vague. My own understanding of human psychology and my realy basic understanding of marketing lead me to conclusions like above. In my personal understanding a company like Kemper should present clearer plans for a Kemper2 in times when "profiling" will flood (I claim) the next generation of digital amplification. It is only the silence that many people hate. On the other hand, yes, maybe from his standpoint t really IS difficult because... with no capacities at the moment you cannot be more precise in interviews (?). And if you are not clear you create room for speculation. With Kemper we are well trained for waiting. "Let's wait and we will see some day" said the blind and fell into a hole.

    None of us here are certain of the Kemper business model. As you say, these are fast times we live in; gone are the days where you could build a company with certainty and an ever growing product range and they may have never intended to try to stay ahead of the competition. Maybe their business model was to sell the Kemper for a decade and provide hardware support for a further decade

    I'm afraid this makes no sense. There is no company (or side company with a side product like in the early days of Kemper) in the world that preplans its death from its beginning or that can preplan a theoretical new future product for after 20 years without knowing what future markets will demand after decades. Kemper company simply does not have the capacities to speed up new tech and products in a way Yamaha (Helix) does or other huge companies do. As hypothetical evidence I want to mention the time it took to develop the editor, the delay of the Kemper cone and the stage and, yes, the design of the stage which itself was already outdated when it was released in our "fast times".

    The huge plus of Kemper still is its mere superior and 3d amp sound which still is absolutely the best on the digital market imo. That's why I am one of Kemper's best customers. If sound is "enough" (like for me at the moment), there will never be a need for something else. Maybe. What is "need" anyway, other than the best possible digital sound achieved conveniently.

    But if you were a new customer and had to decide if you wanted the perfect sound of a Kemper or a perfect sound like the Kemper plus every other option in the world, no matter if you have a real feel of "need" right now....

    I say it again: a better Kemper in a better Helix housing is the way to go. And if CK won't do it - well we all see the developments. Patents run out after 10 years. That would be next year for "copying and reproducing the exact tube amp's momentary sound setting" (=profiling). I hereby again foretell just for fun that we will see "profiling" of some sort in every modeller company from fractal to Line6 - each under its own name. Quad Cortex are only the first that announce it which shows the way. Independent of whether they will achieve this high goal or claims. Maybe their profiling will be rubbish in a first attempt but this is the future as long as guitarists want tube amp sound and as long as modelling can't achieve that last 1 % of live realism that most guitarists desire.

    Well, we will wait and see. Without having an idea of what all those technical expressions mean, I rely on my ears and the feel I get while playing with a digital unit. This new thing will have its real chance to prove what it claims: to be a much better Kemper in a much better Helix housing. By now I can't imagine anything being "better" than my sound I achieved with my Kempers, but who knows. Yes, maybe more convenience, more options and less weight are good points. Maybe. At least soundwise I have already reached my goal.

    That all being said, basically this new unit is what I myself and others have been requesting for years for a Kemper 2 version in this forum. I hate to say it again but... sorry I've BEEN saying it again and again: Someone else WILL do it if you don't hurry to do it. These are the fast times we live in and the guitar players wishes are simple: they want EVERYTHING in an indistinguishable real world quality with every option and every effect existing in different low weight and affordable unit formats. Quite easy to produce right :/. Let's see if this new unit will keep what it promises. At least soundwise I can say that it is is a contradiction to try to sound more realistic than a real tube amp. How would THAT be possible. And with my Kempers I feel like I at least already have this sound and feel on stage.

    Btw: have you noticed its price? Symbolic. The business world is hard and not forgiving. But I am sure CK will react.

    Ist das so? Vielen Firmen bringen Updates auch nur raus, um die Fehler zu beseitigen die sie bei der Auslieferung mit eingebaut haben und auch da gibt es Firmen die nicht einmal das schaffen. Was Kemper hier macht, sind ja nicht einfach nur Updates, sondern echte Weiterentwicklungen! Von daher mal: DANKE KEMPER!

    Ja, das ist so. Das ist bei Line6 so, das ist bei Fractal Audio so, das ist bei Mooer so und vielleicht auch bei Yamaha und Boss. Das waren sie dann auch, die großen Modeller und um die geht es hier. Danke Kemper, sagte ich ja auch wie du gelesen hast. Und das meine ich ernst, ich will nichts Anderes außer meine 4 Kemper. Aber wie gesagt:

    Das machen halt alle so und halt leider


    Trotzdem immer noch danke Kemper? Selbstverständlich danke! Auch Kemper bringt riesige, tolle Updates. Man denke an die Delays uns Reverbs vor Kurzem! Das war gigantisch für mich! Man sollte nicht immer alles als selbstverständlich nehmen, klar.

    Aber: das machen halt alle relevanten Hersteller um die es hier geht so, bekomm das rein 8o

    Sind kostenlose FW Updates nicht Standard seit


    bei allen Herstellern? Ja, ich bin trotzdem sehr dankbar, dass ich nichts bezahlen muss aber diese Pflege dient im GLEICHEN MASS den Interessen der Firmen. Warum wird immer wieder der Punkt KOSTENLOSE Updates als etwas Besonderes bei Kemper dargestellt. Nochmal: dankbar bin ich trotzdem. Aber das machen halt ALLE.

    You should update to 7.1.3 first. If the problem persists, please do open a support ticket.


    Updated to the latest FW. The problem is still there. Every 10th to 20th push or so does not work. Sometimes it works for a long time and only after a while it does not react. After a second push it sometimes works again. But sometimes I have to push it twice or more times until it reacts. Sometimes it does not react at all.

    Timo, I do not want to be rude but come on, you guys can´t be serious! This is the unit you sent me back in exchange for a unit with a broken switch! After having sent you the first stage back I waited for 14 days for this one. I do not want such a gap again. I am really sorry that your first production line was somehow messed up, but this is really not my fault as a loyal customer. After all I own four (4!!!) Kempers. I really need this stage on my board and I do not want to use my second one (which works fine) from another rehearsal room.

    Yes, I can again pull a support ticket but I think this time I really need a compensation of a kind that YOU (the Kemper team) please think out. Please do not carry out production errors on my back twice. I hope you understand my anger. I could accept it if you just send me a new one that just works. I can THEN send you back the broken one. This should be the most fair thing that comes to my mind right now. Even then there would be a "gap" of not having a unit that I paid for, for a second time because of production errors.

    What do you suggest? Is my suggestion ok? ?(

    Hey guys. I woke up this morning and thought: wouldn't it be a great idea to have an editor for my Kempers like for my HX stomp? How comes that nobody ever thought of this idea? We really should place this topic in the new features section, so that the Kemoer engineers can consider this option.

    You should update to 7.1.3 first. If the problem persists, please do open a support ticket.

    Before I update the stage with the weird switch 1 issue (which I have to get from the rehearsal room first) here is some strange news about the occasionaly "freezing" stage that I am updating right now while typing:

    I have just updated this second stage via RM. It is not rebooting again after shutting itself down for the update process. The display is lit but it has been remaining in this state for at least 20 minutes now. The power button does not react, no other light is on except the "empty" display. This always happens when I start a new update at least with this stage. I dropped a support ticket for this freezing dispay stage ("FDS":P)a few weeks ago (?) and I am still waiting for news from Kemoper on this. I can´t remember if the stage with the switch issue which I have in the rehearsal room had similar updating problems.

    Ok, that´s realy too long, I am pulling the power plug....

    ....rebooting it... seems to work properly.

    What was that?

    X/ Don´t want FDS no more.

    I have two stages. One works fine so far but the screen freezes sometimes. This never happened when I used it while playing but during playing breaks. The other stage was exchanged by Kemper because it had that broken switch issue. Now this same exchanged stage which lives on a pedalboard and is used not that often showes again issues with switch button 1. Sometimes it just does not react when I want to go back to slot 1 of a performance. Being angry alone won't change anything. Could it be a software issue this time or is it again (and again and again) time for another support ticket?

    There we go again:

    I tried to rename the Slots via RM and again the Stage froze. It only shows "Kemper Profiler". This time I am prepared, bitch. Seems like a big fat bug, right? Is it because the stage awaits the new 3.0 editor?


    After restarting the Stage again, the postion of the mentioned performance (that I loaded again from my PC) is at its OLD PLACE (65 instead 89). A miracle?