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    You should update to 7.1.3 first. If the problem persists, please do open a support ticket.


    Updated to the latest FW. The problem is still there. Every 10th to 20th push or so does not work. Sometimes it works for a long time and only after a while it does not react. After a second push it sometimes works again. But sometimes I have to push it twice or more times until it reacts. Sometimes it does not react at all.

    Timo, I do not want to be rude but come on, you guys can´t be serious! This is the unit you sent me back in exchange for a unit with a broken switch! After having sent you the first stage back I waited for 14 days for this one. I do not want such a gap again. I am really sorry that your first production line was somehow messed up, but this is really not my fault as a loyal customer. After all I own four (4!!!) Kempers. I really need this stage on my board and I do not want to use my second one (which works fine) from another rehearsal room.

    Yes, I can again pull a support ticket but I think this time I really need a compensation of a kind that YOU (the Kemper team) please think out. Please do not carry out production errors on my back twice. I hope you understand my anger. I could accept it if you just send me a new one that just works. I can THEN send you back the broken one. This should be the most fair thing that comes to my mind right now. Even then there would be a "gap" of not having a unit that I paid for, for a second time because of production errors.

    What do you suggest? Is my suggestion ok? ?(

    Hey guys. I woke up this morning and thought: wouldn't it be a great idea to have an editor for my Kempers like for my HX stomp? How comes that nobody ever thought of this idea? We really should place this topic in the new features section, so that the Kemoer engineers can consider this option.

    You should update to 7.1.3 first. If the problem persists, please do open a support ticket.

    Before I update the stage with the weird switch 1 issue (which I have to get from the rehearsal room first) here is some strange news about the occasionaly "freezing" stage that I am updating right now while typing:

    I have just updated this second stage via RM. It is not rebooting again after shutting itself down for the update process. The display is lit but it has been remaining in this state for at least 20 minutes now. The power button does not react, no other light is on except the "empty" display. This always happens when I start a new update at least with this stage. I dropped a support ticket for this freezing dispay stage ("FDS":P)a few weeks ago (?) and I am still waiting for news from Kemoper on this. I can´t remember if the stage with the switch issue which I have in the rehearsal room had similar updating problems.

    Ok, that´s realy too long, I am pulling the power plug....

    ....rebooting it... seems to work properly.

    What was that?

    X/ Don´t want FDS no more.

    I have two stages. One works fine so far but the screen freezes sometimes. This never happened when I used it while playing but during playing breaks. The other stage was exchanged by Kemper because it had that broken switch issue. Now this same exchanged stage which lives on a pedalboard and is used not that often showes again issues with switch button 1. Sometimes it just does not react when I want to go back to slot 1 of a performance. Being angry alone won't change anything. Could it be a software issue this time or is it again (and again and again) time for another support ticket?

    There we go again:

    I tried to rename the Slots via RM and again the Stage froze. It only shows "Kemper Profiler". This time I am prepared, bitch. Seems like a big fat bug, right? Is it because the stage awaits the new 3.0 editor?


    After restarting the Stage again, the postion of the mentioned performance (that I loaded again from my PC) is at its OLD PLACE (65 instead 89). A miracle?

    Before you ask: Stage and RM are updated to the latest versions. I wanted to simply move a performance to another position via RM. First it seemed to work. The performance was located at position 89. Then suddenly the Stage froze. It only showed "Kemper Profiler" on screen for a long while (5 minutes or so). I had to pull the power plug TWICE before it started again regularly. After restarting everything the performance was just GONE!

    Where is it? Did anybody experience a similar thing?

    When the message indicates you should "Take a picture and contact Support", they want you to use the Contact link on the website, and provide them with the picture after you receive an email response from them.

    Here is the link:

    Yes, thank you. I did not know how to attach a picture to that. The other points are:

    1. The issue continues. Here I can report more about this without sending again and again messages to support. My stage froze twice today on a gig showing this message. That happened during two short breaks (about 20 minutes each). While playing there was no problem, though, so everything went fine but I had to reboot During the breaks the tuner was on. I believe it has to do with the newest update.

    2. Maybe others can report similar issues. Sharing experiences is always beneficial.

    3. Threads are read and observed by moderators carefully, I can assure you from very personal experience 8o.

    It said I should send a picture. So... here it is, just in case it matters and helps the developers. It occured while my stage was connected to my PC. I updated RM to the latest version and when it finished updating I pulled out the USB cable. When I turned to the stage in order to shut it down I saw this message. After hitting exit everthing was fine again.

    Today, the Thomann Money Back guaranty expires.

    I wonder if I did it right not returning the Stage.

    I'm almost sure the switch is not broken, but 20 days have gone since I opened this thread and the support ticket and the problem is still here.

    The 30 days are there for things to return if you really don't like them. If you like the Kemper and want to keep it, then you have a guarantee of 3 years. So if there really is something broken or shows a really unexplainable thing then you can either have Thomann fix it for you or send it back to Kemper, directly after the "invitation". So, if you like the unit and want to basically keep it, which I assume, then just keep calm... 😉. Try to contact Kemper support again.

    in welchem Pack ist der Sound, den Du da so gerne benutzt?

    Lieben Gruß


    Die performance gibt es kostenlos auf der Seite von TJ zum herunterladen, schau einfach mal dort ("Tone Junkie Worship Performance"). Falls du es nicht findest, kann ich es dir gerne schicken. Ich glaube du kannst dir dort (oder YT) auch vorher anhören wie es klingt.

    Nur zum Verständnis: du sagst der Sound über in ear soll drückend wie über eine Box sein? Klar, am besten man stellt sich den in ear Sound selbst ein - aber das mit dem Drücken und der Gesamtinteraktion wird so leider nie so (gut?) sein wie man es mit echten Speakern gewohnt ist. Ich habe einige Zeit gebraucht bis ich mich an das In Ear "Erlebnis" gewöhnt habe. Am Anfang dachte ich immer "häh, wer spielt denn da? Ach so, das bin ja ich." Nach einer Weile überwiegten aber für mich die Vorteile. Und ja, man kann immer noch beides nutzen. Mittlerweile gibt es auch soundempfindliche "Vibrationsmatten" zum Draufstehen habe ich gehört...:D

    Bin schon seit 4 Wochen fast täglich am nachsehen ob der endlich kommt.

    Bin da wohl noch Axe FX verwöhnt.

    Aufwändige Flächensounds die ich gerne zusätzlich wieder mal programmieren würde,fange

    ich so erst garnicht an.

    Nur aus Neugier: Wie aufwändig sind die denn? Ich persöhnlich finde die Einstellung am Gerät sehr übersichtlich für die paar Einstellungen. Es gibt außerdem von Tone Junkie ein Worship-Patch mit einem fertigen Flächensound das ich als Grundlage für sowas nehme (eigentlich nehme ich für "reine Fäche" meist genau den).