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    Your ears adjust to sound, in the same way that your eyes adjust to light. The "shock" you are describing is accurate.

    Think of being in a dark theater and that going outside to the sun, same shock until your eyes adjust, then it's just another sunny day.

    It's not just you, it's just how your ears work. (Unless it's hyperacusis.... in which case that is beyond the scope of this post LOL.)

    I would say try not to get caught up in the A B ing of profiles, with gear there is ALWAYS something "better" who cares!

    What should matter is what sounds good to you when practicing at the time, or what sounds good in the mix, when playing with others.

    Keep in mind these will quite often be two completely different tones.


    If lowering the guitar volume helps, lowering the pickups a bit, could help, worth a shot,

    Also remember that the Cab IR's are still active when the Kone imprints are engaged, perhaps a different cab IR/Kone imprint will loose the harshness.

    If all this fails, I would try is putting the Kone in a proven cabinet, (one that you know is solid and sounds great) and see if the issue is still there. It's possible the Kabinet is the culprit. (If you dont have another cab you could put a different speaker in the Kabinet and see if the problem persists)

    A problem with the cabinet CAN sound like an issue with the speaker.

    This thread interests me because, I almost sent out for a replacment Kone under similar circumstances - it was in a cabinet that had a problem (unknown to me), I put it in a different (proven) cab, and the issue was gone. Love the speaker now, will be buying another.

    The problem was an unpleasing high end distortion similar to what you are describing.

    If all else fails contact Kemper customer support.

    Shelling out the money for a "full range" speaker and then running it full time with a low pass filter is.... less than ideal.

    I reached out to support, and they just gave me the Exterior dimensions that are available on the website.

    Come on guys there's a lot of people with cabinets out there does anyone have this info?


    What about your comparison with the Thiel box?

    Have you tried the Kone in the Thiele box?

    Quick update. I put the Kone in my Thiele box.

    Love it!
    As much as I would like to avoid putting the speaker in a box that is built like a cinder block... it will stay there. Tames the highs a bit and tightens the lows compared to the closed back cab it was in. Which, it’s worth mentioning again was not a Kemper Kabinet but a 1/2” B birch cab with very similar dimensions.

    Super happy with this Speaker!
    Side note, my reverbs and delays sound significantly better compared to a typical guitar cab. I’m assuming that’s because all of the high end info that is naturally rolled of by a guitar speaker is present in the Kone :thumbup: 🤙🏻

    None of this should come as a surprise for people having consulted the five pages dedicated to KEMPER Kone in the Main Manual. It also helps to adapt precise terminology. Not sure, what you are exactly referring to as "cabinet preset" in this context: a cabinet PROFILE, an imported impulse response, a Speaker Imprint ...

    Well I'm not fluent in your precise terminology, so what I am referring to is when you hold down the cabinet button, release, then turn the browse knob and it says "Browse Cabinet Preset" at the top left of the screen (So let me know the proper name for that, thx) And unless I am mistaken I did not find anything referencing what I am referring to within those 5 pages. Maybe it is obvious to others that this would still be active, it was not to me.


    What about your comparison with the Thiel box?

    Have you tried the Kone in the Thiele box?

    I did not put the speaker in the Thiele box, but I did do an A B comparison (with a looped guitar riff) between to Kone and the Ev in the Thiele.

    It was a fairly similar sound signature, the main difference I noted was the Kone was not as tight in the low end and there was much more of it, and it was significantly brighter.

    I think with some eq adjustments it would be very easy to get the Kone to sound very close to the Ev, if that was your goal.

    I wanted to share my experience with my new Kemper Kone in case it may help anyone else out with their purchase.

    First thing I did was put it in a closed back cabinet with similar dimensions to the Kabinet and fire it up.

    At lower volumes it was...okay, though there seemed to be a slight unpleasant distortion in the high end.

    When I cranked it up that high end distortion became VERY evident and there was a low end rattle. So far... not so good

    Then after playing for a while I heard a slight pop and silence =O......:cursing:

    After a few expletives, I calmed down and started sniffing around, no blown speaker smell at all, this was promising,

    I then realized the back of the cab had vibrated so much it popped out the speaker cable. Nice work Kemper Kone !!

    The next day inspected the cab, the back was some sort of plastic which is now trashed, but everything else was baltic birch.

    I glued in bracing at all corners, added a layer of poly fill covered it with a t-shirt, and replaced the back with 1/2" MDF which I also braced.

    The result was a drastic improvement. it sounded and felt SOLID. However there was still some high end unpleasantness.

    What I realized is that the cab presets are still active in the cab section even when the Kone is activated in the output section.

    My preset was on a vintage 30 preset which in combination with the Kone was giving an artificial twinge to my tone.

    I found a better cab preset (C IR Creamback M 112) and I'm a happy Kemper! This thing sounds great!!!

    So if you guys are having problems with the Kone - make sure your cab is well built and SOLID (this made the biggest difference by far.)

    Then check ur cab preset in the cab section.

    This speaker sounds every bit as big as my EVM12L !

    I will be doing a head to head comparison with my Ev Thiele cab soon, just for the heck of it, I'll let you guys know how the imprint compares.


    I have the same issue, Kemper in bedroom, and would like the feature to deactivate the light of the on/off switch.

    And, Hoki Toki, people are different – hard to believe, I know ... Better think twice, if your "other opinion" is really worth being posted and helps to solve a problem. Thanks.

    Not sure what the issue is here, he just gave you two real world solutions to a very basic problem, and then offered some good advice....

    So I run my powered Kemper through an EVM 12L in an open back cabinet that I built, and I'm very happy with the tone (and the BALLS) of the setup. What I'm wondering is if anyone has any experience switching speakers from a guitar cabinet to the Kone, and if I would still get the great tone that I have (with all the balls) but just with more diversity and if it would be worth the switch? What do you guys think?


    And by the way, big shout out, and thanks to Kemper for, what is by far, my favorite musical purchase of.... way to many :)


    I was like you before , anything on my sound was bad unless it's stereo . Or til it's stereo. Then with time I realised that stereo is a mirage. So I work in mono til it sounds good in mono (its harder) then if I can I put it in stereo, But stereo is not the goal . I mean the goal is to sound very good in mono... and stereo comes after. And if it,s impossible I dont care coz it's already good in mono. Get it?

    Not hugely relevant here, no offense intended. I'm talking about using a stereo looper. Which means left side, one loop, right side, different loop, mono different loop. I.m looking to achieve a specific goal here, not just polish a sound. Got it?

    Thx for the input. I appreciate it.

    I'm hoping fo a solution outside of a DAW. Im going to do some more experimentation soon, maybe I can come up with something using the stereo AUX inputs.... If I come up with a solution I'll be sure to post it here. Thx guys.