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    Hey Jason,
    My guess is that something like that can be bought for a very little amount of money. Palmer Cab Merger is the name. I am not sure if something similar is availably by radial... So no need for soldering. :-)
    As well there are some cabs that have that as a standard feature (bluguitar cabs)...

    You can most certainly buy it, but if you're not afraid of solder 8o you can save the $50

    Also with that box that you referenced you could accidentally plug into the parallel Jack and blow the amp on the Kemper.

    <3 the solder! Solder is our friend lol.

    Do you ever do wet/dry, meaning guitar cab dry and dxr wet?

    Not with the DXR because I only have one, and I would lose my stereo imaging. I've gone that route with my studio monitors, and it sounds great.
    It gives you the volume you need and the full HIFI sound of the Kemper stereo delays/reverbs...... man I can't wait for the new reverbs! :thumbsup: !THANKS C KEMPER!!

    ********Note you can ONLY do this with 2 8ohm speakers ! ********

    Here is a wiring diagram for your reference.

    ********Note you can ONLY do this with 2 8ohm speakers ! ********

    So as most of you I'm sure know, the guitar cabinet makes a huge difference in your sound, it is no different with a powered Kemper. So I thought I would throw out this little tip, this is how you can run two guitar cabinets, using one or the other(L,R) or both in series (at the same time.)
    I wired up a little panel with 3 mono jacks that is easily accessible, see wiring schematic above, I have a closed back cabinet with a vintage 30 speaker (I also sometimes swap the v30 for an EVM12L which sounds great) running alongside a fender deluxe reverb style pine cabinet with a weber 12f150 speaker. Now with the protection that Kemper has set up on their unit it's very easy to just unplug from one cabinet to the other, you do not have to turn the output on and off every time. I can get amazing fender black face sounds from one cabinet and amazing distortion sounds from the other just by moving my speaker output from one jack to the other. You can also run both at the same time.
    If you run one or the other, it will be 8ohms of resistance to the Kemper, if you run both, it will be 16ohms of resistance to the Kemper both of which are safe.

    Quiz ?(?(?( What type of speakers can you use for this wiring config????

    ********Answer - You can ONLY use 2 8ohm speakers ! ********




    Hello Kemper world-

    So I couldn't find any threads mentioning this type of set up, so I thought I would put it out there.

    This is how I run my stereo set up at home and I get an amazing sound. I run a guitar cab on one side, in my case the left side, and I run a DXR10 on the other side in my case the right. You get the amp in the room sound/feel from the cabinet, yet with the DXR 10 you get all that lush high-end goodness from the the stereo FX.

    So it's pretty basic but in case it helps, the way to set it up is, (and I should mention that I have a powered Kemper) you go to the 1st page out the output section, and set the \monitor output\ to master left, and the \direct output\ to master right, done stereo set up. Obviously if you use different outputs for your set up you will need to adjust accordingly. You can then go to page two of the output section and control the volumes independently.

    Hope that helps someone.



    Hello Ras-

    I would highly recommend getting the powered version of the Kemper if you can afford it. Personally I absolutely love the sound of the Kemper running through an actual guitar cabinet. I have studio monitors set up, but I use my guitar cabinet I'm 99% of the time. Kemper also has many routing options which allows you to (for example) run your main signal to your guitar cabinet while all stereo affects are run just threw your monitors, or you can use your guitar cabinet as a left output and a power source as you're right etc. It's just really nice to have these options.

    All that said my personal preference for studio monitors is Yamaha HS8, however sound is a subjective thing. If you have the option I would recommend buying your Kemper first, and then taking it to a music shop and trying out a bunch of different studio monitors, and FRFR's (Yamaha DX10) and get what you like instead of, in a way, rolling the dice. Again sound is subjective and, what we like you may not, if you can demo some speakers first you should.

    +1 on the Kemper Remote (floor pedal)


    So I just thought I share a quick tip for those of you who, like me, what to keep the lcd screens on the kemper & remote looking sharp.
    What I do is I put a tempered glass screen proctetor for a cell phone over the screens. Works great and you can get 3 for $5 on eBay. The thinner the better. It’s not a perfect fit as you can see in the picture, but once the screen is lit you cannot tell at all. So there you go, you can have perfect screens for the life of your Kemper



    This will be my first post here. Just wanted to thank the people at Kemper first and foremost for such an amazing product, I no longer have GAS for amps! For that I, and my bank account thank you. Secondly thank you for working on Rev, FX management, and an editor, that is just exactly what I wanted to hear! How ever long it takes you to release these new features, at that time I will be ecstatic. In the mean time congratulations on your success, and thanks again for a game changing product.

    Jason Wharton