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    I've just noticed that the Lock is actually working fine in Browser mode but NOT in performance mode. Both input menu and the effects chain are locking correctly in Browser mode so the problem is particular to Performance mode only.

    Win or Mac? For me, on Win10, does not work in Browser mode on local library rigs only. Works ok if loaded from the My Profiler folder.

    I can not get Rig Manager 3.0 Beta to see my Kemper (Powered Head)

    It says my Kemper needs an update and the profiler has to be 7.1.12 or higher...I have updated the Kemper to the latest which is 7.1.5. I am at a complete loss....Instead of getting to play with the new editor, I have no manager at all.

    Also, the beta box in preferences is checked but grey.

    Latest is 7.1.12 :…ting-System-Beta-Versions

    Well that's........ interesting.

    Pretty sure this has been raised in every single beta release so far.

    Personally, I use RM to browse through rigs in my local library every day and I've never seen this issue before updating to 7.1.11.

    I keep my stomps and effects blocks always locked.

    Changelog in 7.1.12 says "Addresses Locking and Morphing related issues". I've updated but issue persists.

    Are you getting good results with headphones? If so, it should translate well to a fairly neutral cab.

    Maybe the Mesa TC is your tone after all.

    I run my unit through a HeadRush FRFR112 for Blues, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and I love it.

    I have about 100 profiles (mostly commercial) loaded in, which I use with very minimal tweaking depending on the type of guitar.

    If you've used countless rigs and are still unable to find a decent tone, then maybe the KPA is not for you.

    For my part, I was simply blown away the first time I tried it and still am after 3 years.

    But that's just me. Tone is very subjective and maybe my gear would sound like crap to your ears.

    Not sure if this has been brought up yet but if I create and save a new profile of my amp with RM 3 open, the new profile does not appear in Rig Manager. I have to close and reopen it each time for the profile list to refresh. Never experienced this in the previous version. Anyone else notice this or is it just me?


    editor works fine for me win 10 was wondering when the impulse response feature will be active i can drag and drop only converted cabs also will i be able too drag and drop multiple cabs and convert them ? also is there a way to view cab presets in the kemper on the editor

    Feature is already active.

    Just drag/drop unconverted IR's in the "All Preset" folder or subfolder of your choice and they will convert automatically.

    All presets, including cabs that are already on the Kemper will show under the "All Presets" / My Profiler folder.

    Thanks for confirming it's not system dependent.

    Positive this will be fixed at some point.

    I opened up a new thread yesterday, but realized that maybe I should've posted this here.

    Here are some observations, hopefully someone can confirm by replicating this on their system:

    1) When opening a 2nd RM window, if I turn items (stomps, amp effect, etc.) on/off on the Kemper itself, it does not reflect on the editor.

    It still works if done from the editor, but not the other way around.

    2) Dragging presets from a 2nd RM window to editor does now allow to save it after modifications, as the "store" button is greyed out.

    3) Dragging IR's (.wav) to a RM folder converts them automatically, but you need to exit that folder and go back in order to use them.

    Easy to work around these issues, but I just though I would point this out as I'm sure the Kemper teams wants our feedback.

    This is on a Win 10 system. Can anyone else confirm this?

    Turning items on/off on profiler does not reflect on editor if a second Rig Manager window is opened.

    (Still works if turned on/off from Editor)

    Dragging effects from 2nd window to editor does now allow to save it after modifications as "store" button is greyed out. (Win 10)

    Anyone else or just me?