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    When I first got my kemper I was keen to get stuck in. I copied every profile I could find onto a usb, fired them all on and then browsed for hours/days. I think I may have completely filled the kemper with profiles.

    Since getting my Kemper, RigManager has improved and I have it permanently connected to my computer via a usb cable. So I no longer need all those profiles on the Kemper. The Kemper rarely leaves the studio and gigs are few and far between these days.

    I'm keen to rebuild the kemper and reorganise my rigs within the next few months.

    Any tips, recommendations or things I can do to ensure that my rigs are as organised as possible and to avoid losing any important performances and such?

    I have a Zilla cab and a separate bass cab.

    I was wondering if I would be able to use a cheap A/B switch to quickly switch the kemper output to the zilla or the bass cab?

    Has anyone tried this? Obviously with the kemper we don't need to worry about the "load" so I'd image a cheap switch should do the trick.

    Something like a switchblade or an even cheaper A/B switch.

    At the same time, I also have some issues with bluetooth hum. When I use my bluetooth track pad I get some noise through the monitors.

    Now with the new and improved RM I am keen to keep my Kemper permanently connected to my MacBookPro via USB.

    Unfortunately this has resulted in some hum coming from my studio monitors in my small home studio.

    Any advice on how to eliminate this?

    I have been looking into USB Isolators (link below) but I little to no knowledge of how effective they are and if it could solve my problem.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Amazon USB Isolator

    After Mac upgrading to Catalina I had to download new software to operate my Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP - Mix Control 3.9.

    All seems to be working when using interface for playback. Tried to play the kemper for the first time for the first night and I'm getting "Sync Status - No Lock".

    Audio is showing on the faders, but getting no output.

    Not technically a kemper issue, but it does fall under problem solving.

    Any advice for a quick fix?

    I truly believe that it'll come out before Christmas.........please?

    I don't *need* it, but I definitely *want* it.

    I'm not much of a tweaker at the moment but I am looking forward to getting into it with the help of the new Rig Manager. I'm also looking forward experimenting with different cabinets. I'm aware I can do all that now, but the new Rig Manager will (hopefully) make all this much more accessible.

    I'm excited!

    Kemper told me to delete it, I did. From what I can tell everything is still working fine and I have cleared a serious amount of data from my HD.

    Anyone else get excited about the post announcement in the 'Announcements' forum.... only to then have all your hopes and dreams crushed when you see it's just a minor OS update...

    I guess getting the features of the products that are out now working 100% will always become priority over finishing and fixing features/products that haven't even been released yet.

    I recon the software is 100% ready to go, but they’ll be busy making all the documentation that’ll come with it.

    i.e manual updates and YouTube tutorials.

    Once they are done I think rig manager will see the light of day.

    I have my guitar connect to front input of my powered toaster, SPDIF (IN/OUT)to focusrite saffire 24 pro, with two krks connected to the interface. Laptop is a mac. Normally play with ultra low latency so I can hear the signal directly from the interface rather than through the DAW.


    Yet I still get the odd crackle when I am playing through the interface.

    I have had the input on my guitar changed and bought a new lead for guitar to kemper.

    Is it possible that the SPDIF might be noisy? I thought since it was digital it wouldn't make much of a difference. Is there such a thing as a better quality SPDIF cable or do they all do the same?

    Or is there a grounding problem in the room? Cables to the speakers? Issue with the interface?

    Obviously keen to find the source without having to replace every cable in the room so any help would be appreciated. Any tests you could suggest to help me find the source of the noise?

    I haven't noticed this noise when running the kemper through my cab, but I only do that in a band scenario so maybe I'm just missing it.