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    A line in to the kemper is a great idea, but feels a bit of a round about way to solve a problem.

    I have Sennheisers HD25 70 ohm, which I was told were great for recording.

    As far as cab enabled, Monitor Cab Off is ticked as I play through a guitar cab. That shouldn't affect the SPIF or analog outs though would it?

    Thanks for the advice so far.

    I'm currently using my focusrite saffire for recording and playing my kemper.

    The headphone out makes my kemper sound like ASS. It's night and day compared to the kemper headphone out.

    Listening to music via the focusrite seems fine, but soon as I try and play along it sounds terrible. Kemper is very fizzy.

    1. any suggestions how I can improve my headphone sound on the focusrite?

    2. any suggestions of a suitable home interface with a better headphone out.

    I'm playing my Kemper into a Focusrite Saffire pro 24 via SPDIF.


    I'm getting static like crackles through my interface when playing. At first at thought it was my monitors, but I also hear the crackles through my headphones.

    No crackles through the cab or when I plug headphones into the Kemper, so I'm assuming its an interface problem. Crackles also record.

    Audio interface is firewire, via an apple dongle to thunderbolt.

    I've shut down all programs, I've restarted the computer, I've restarted the interface.......Crackle is still there.

    Any other suggestions or is my interface on the way out?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and potentially help me out.

    Have you ever had to refresh or factory reset your kemper?

    I know many digital devices benefit from a factory setting after a while and I wonder how the Kemper does over time. Only had mine for over a year.

    The fact that all improvements are FREE means I don't feel I can moan when nothing is released.

    It's still the same product it has always been and it doesn't get worse with age, well not yet anyways.

    Thanks Monkey_Man . After doing a bit of reading last night this is the conclusion that I came to, although you have just reassured my thought process by confirming it. Hope to give this a bash this weekend.

    MixControl does have options of routing audio, although at the moment it seems a bit complicated. Hopefully that'll change once I've actually done it.

    Not worried about latency at the mixing stage, just want my takes to be as tight as possible.

    Thanks once again.

    I'm currently reading up on various websites about the best way to reduce latency.

    It's currently not a massive problem, but of course, I'm keen to ensure that all my takes are as tight and accurate as possible.

    What tips to the kemper community have in order to reduce latency when recording guitars?

    My setup is Kemper via SPDIF, Focusrite Saffire Pro, MixControl Routing Software, Logic running on a MacBook Pro 16Gb RAM. Although any advice doesn't need to be tailored just to my setup, would happily read about general methods to reduce latency.

    I may be over paranoid but I'm just getting into home recording and I'm keen to learn the right way and reduce errors and mistakes quickly.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and of course for helping me with other issues I have posted about.

    Wasn't sure where to place this thread. It could also go into "problems" or into "other gear". I figured this would fall under "tips" but if any moderators disagree I apologise and feel free to move it into the correct section.

    Just tested it through headphones to see if it was a monitor issue, it's not.

    Headphones straight into the kemper and there are no pops. So it's nothing to do with the kemper, more to do with SPDIF and potentially my interface.

    Any advice appreciated.,

    Sync source set to SPDIF.

    Using a focusrite saffire pro 24 dsp with logic and mix control software.

    Can't hear the crackle when playing through my cab. Crackle appears on recorded audio as well as when monitoring. tried DAW monitoring and Direct Monitoring and still getting a slight crackle.

    Gave the SPDIF cables a push to make sure they were connected properly, Seems like they are.

    Any other suggestions? Thanks for taking the time to read.

    Since owning a kemper, I have started recording a lot more in the house and I'm keen to improve my recording practices and mixing techniques.

    Can anyone recommend free (or cheap) DAW plugins that you think every home studio should have?

    I'm using logic as my main DAW.

    Now I have a kemper I play my electric way more in the house than ever before. It used to just be used in the practice studio.

    Got the kemper hooked up to an interface and I've built myself a small home studio, although I have one problem.

    The office seat I use (IKEA) is very awkward to sit on when playing guitar and operating a laptop/daw.

    Anyone have any suggestions of a god studio chair, that doesn't cost a bomb and is easy to play guitar while sitting on it?