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    Hi everyone!

    I had a Kemper a few months ago and loved the amp tones I could get from it. It had some great edge of breakup amps. Overall, some were really great. Others, eh not so much but I know that's part of life. The reason I sold it was because I found the effects to be lacking (I use lots of them including modulation, reverb, delay, some synth) and the interface to access and edit the effects to be cumbersome. Tweaking the amps was easy though.

    I just bought an Axe-Fx III thinking it would solve all my problems but I am not impressed with the amp tones other than super high gain ones. It sucks hard at edge of breakup. I am yearning for a Kemper again. I love the effects in the III but definitely not the amps. I can't afford a Kemper, an Axe-Fx III, and a FC-12 Midi Controller right now so here's my potential solution: to pair an FX8 with the Kemper for the best quality effects and best quality amp modeling. Here are my questions:

    Has anyone paired an FX8 with the Kemper with success?

    Did it sound good?

    Was it difficult?

    Anyone know if the FX8 effects sound anywhere near the quality of the III?

    Thank you! The guys over on the Fractal forum are telling me I'm crazy for thinking the III doesn't sound good and for returning it but I have a very sensitive ear that I trust.