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    Another nice video David, but I think you need bigger boobs, you will sell much more with them!

    For those who don´t know him please check these songs, they´re priceless and are always on my playlists!

    The Key
    Never Give Up
    Beyond the Sky
    Loneliness (my favourite!)

    Or these if you want to laugh it out:

    Unboxing vídeos parady
    Magic Ballons

    Keep doing them David!

    Don´t take the site dates for granted, I've ordered more than once from them with dates like 'expected stock in 45 days' and 'expected stock in 15 days' and 4 days later the orders arrived at my home, sent from Germany to Portugal.

    Thank You all.

    Yes it's loaded with V30s, I like it a lot and the reviews online confirm it's quality, I can´t compare directly it with others because I've used crappy combos long ago and after that I just used the Pod with JBL monitors, but it think there's no close price competition on this HB, it's cheaper than buying just the 2 speakers alone!

    I've red that the outer paint is not top quality and it can get damaged if you take it on tour after tour but as long as you intend to keep it at home, like me, that will never be a problem.

    Dear Kemper users

    My name is Rui Martins and I live in Portugal, in Costa de Caparica, near Lisbon, I am 40 years old and I play guitar, bass and drums (still missing the keyboard but i want to get there too).

    I have been in a few bands, not too fancy, but nowadays I play alone and jam a few times with friends. One of my joys in life is to create music, there are few things that bring me a bigger smile than finishing a song with everything in harmony and sinc with each other, it's like coaching a team where you have to put everybody 'rowing' in the same direction. I like to play also, of course, but nothing beats creating music to me.

    I used a POD HD500X before the Kemper and although I could use it very well (after spending a lot of time trying to get a tone but finally got it and liked it very much) the Kemper is in a different league, as you all know.
    Love the complexity turned simple of it, everything is easy to find and operate, infinite choices of tone, my only complain is that it should be colored RED instead of green, ahahah just my personal preference here! (that red head for Wagener is just wow!!!)

    So this is my first post in this forum, but I think it will be the first of many because it is attended by some very helpful and kindly hearted members.
    I already solve some problems with my Kemper, mainly the direct recording, just by reading some topics here and the ideia for the rack case and pedalboard layout that I have I got them here from other users setups.

    I like all kinds of music, a few more than another, but my two loves are metal and classic. Right now I am listening to 'Synthesis' by Evanescence, 'Silent Scream' by Elysion, 'In the Red' by Crucified Barbara (I like women singing as you can see!), 'Waiting for an Alibi' by Thin Lizzy and 'Hungarian Dances' by Brahms.

    Gonna leave you with some pictures of my Kemper and Remote, hope you'll like.