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    I‘d like to have that feature too. Moreover, I‘d like to be able to have „FRFR“ mode in the global output settings and choose imprints per rig.

    I do not find the time to find the best matching imprint for a few hundred rigs, so I‘d go with the cab which comes with the rig per default and just apply an imprint on my favorite rigs :thumbup:

    And also I noticed I prefer some of my fav rigs in FRFR mode

    I updated RigManager to 3.0.117 (on MacOs) through automatic update - no issue :thumbup:

    I updated the Profiler (PowerHead) to firmware 7.3.0 via USB-Stick - no issue :thumbup:

    Finally I switched to the cabinet section of an profile and OMG! Look what I found:

    Thank you so much Team Kemper! This is awesome! And this came in quite surprisingly - I wouldn't have expected this feature so quickly :love:

    Just played through the rigs of the 2020 Pack, they are amazing! :love:

    Thank you so much Michael for this new pack!

    90% of my live performances are based on the BogSheba Profiles from the Sweet 16 Pack, but I think they're gonna be replaced by the new 68 Mars Profiles :)

    They so much remind me of my own 1987x :thumbup:

    My Kabinet should be delivered tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, I downloaded the latest FW (7.2.1) and updated RigManager to have everything prepared.

    By playing around with the new Kone Settings in the Kemper's output section, it looks to me as it's not possible to save the Imprint per Rig?

    For instance, I would have assumed that I could save one of the Celestion imprints on Marshall Rigs and choose one of the Jensen Imprints for Fender profiles?

    Or did I miss something?

    Nevertheless, super exciting and can't wait for tomorrow ;)

    My guess is that the editor will be released among with the new Kemper Stage- so it's probably only a matter of days.

    An editor looks quite mandatory to me for that new device - so I hope it will be released on Wednesday - no beta, just booooom and there you go :P

    Hi all,

    I use the "freeze" feature in a few performances for either delay or reverb.

    For the delay, is there a way to increase the Mix parameter when the delay gets freezed? I think it would be possible in conjunction with morphing.

    However, I assigned the freeze action to one of the I-IV switches on the remote and as far as I know, it's not possible to assign morphing on the same footswitch. Hence, I'd have to hit two foot switches at once, which sounds quite uncomfortable to me 8o

    With respect to the freeze action in the new reverbs (which are really awesome, thx Kemper!), I created a performance with the REV Aftermath preset. It is really great to strum a chord and freeze the reverb's decay to play a few licks over it, but for my taste, the decay time is too short when "unfreezing" the reverb. Same is for spillover when changing the performance/slot while reverb is freezed. I am wondering if there is a way to modify the decay time after unfreezing or on spillover? I tried the rise/fall settings, but they do not have an effect since they are related to morphing.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for your help and best regards,


    Wow, that cab looks cute... perfect for home...

    I‘m wondering if they‘ll also release some monster cabs in 2x12 or 4x12 format for the stage :D

    Hi all,

    for one Song I prepared a Performance Slot with a Clean Sound, which turns into a HiGain Sound when enabling Morphing (via pressing the Rig Button on the Remote).
    I need this for an outro of a song - when the clean chord starts fading out the morph turns it into a Higain Sound. Therefore, I set up a quite huge rise time of 2 bars for that rig.

    But it turned out that the rise time is being ignored occasionally. If I press the rig button for the morphing effect, sometimes the HiGain sound appears immediately.
    I also found that this only happens on the first occurence of morphing in that rig. Once I went into morphing and back again the issue does not appear anymore.

    Any suggestions what the root cause of this issue could be? I'm not sure if this is an issue in the firmware or if I did something wrong in the configuration...

    Thanks for your help and Regards,

    Mine went up in smoke today too!

    Brought it to the rehearsal, plugged everything up and played a little bit at low volume (Powered Kemper with Guitar Cab), then we did a little talking and as I wanted to play again - no sound. The display and Remote still worked and the input leds indicated that a signal is received - but no sound.

    I decided to power off and on again and had a weird sound through the speaker when powering off. And when I powered it on again, smoke appeared and a bad smell... display still worked...