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    Auto Align is great, and InPhase by Waves does a similar thing. But try it first before correcting anything - I often find that the tiny extra bit of time it takes for the sound to get the room mics is not a problem. In fact, it's part of what makes room mics sound like room mics :-D

    First thing to always try in cases like this is to plug in straight to the Kemper headphone amp with a pair of headphones you know well. This can help eliminate routing as the source of the problem.

    Another thing I've seen people do if they really think there's a problem with the unit (besides contacting support) is to upload a DI track along with the KPA track (same take, if possible). Ideally, use a factory stock profile so any other users on the forum can attempt to reproduce the problem, or just re-amp it on their system and post the results.

    Do you have Logic? You can use Match EQ and their Impulse Response Utility to make a custom IR for your bass, which can then be loaded into the Kemper (or any other IR player) as a cab. Also something like a ToneDexter would work - generate a preset with it, then profile that preset with the Kemper.

    In both cases, you'd mic up the bass and plug in the pickup, then generate a custom EQ curve/Wavemap (ToneDexter terminology) to make the pickup sound like the mic.

    I'm not sure if this was in an update or if I just missed it the first time, but:

    Button for Clear Lock (unlock all), Lock all but Cab, and Lock all but Amp - inspired by ToastMe

    This exists in RM - you have to right-click on a module to access the popup menu. Like if you right-click the Amp, you get a popup that lets you: Disable Amp, Lock Amp, Lock All But Amp (very useful), or Unlock All. Great!

    There are a lot of ways to reduce noise, but sometimes you're just stuck with a certain level of buzz/hum/hiss, things you don't want, in a system involving magnetic pickups. Software like the iZotope RX suite can "learn" a noise profile and try to remove it, which can work quite well. EHX makes a pedal called the Hum Debugger that filters out 60 Hz (in the US) and its harmonics. I think what the OP was asking for was a more "intelligent" noise solution, similar to the iZotope or EHX products, in addition to the Input noise gate and the Stomp noise gate.

    Now, I'm not exactly sure what process the Input noise gate is using, but it actually may be similar to the Hum Debugger:


    KEMPER PROFILER Main Manual 7.0

    The input Noise Gate eliminates the noise and hum of your guitar in a very smart way. Turn the NOISE GATE knob to the right until noise and hum have disappeared; do not turn it beyond that point, as this might alter the sound of your guitar. When set to the appropriate position, you will notice that noise and hum are eliminated, even when the strings are still sounding. There is no need for an additional release control as found in classic noise gate.

    The soft knob “Line Frequency” lets you choose between a line frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. The Noise Gate will use this setting to eliminate ground hum, the frequency of which is based on the physical location the PROFILER is being used at. “50 Hz (auto)” and “60 Hz (auto)” will detect the line frequency automatically.…-guitar-impulse-responses

    Eminence released some impulse responses of the signature Paul Franklin and Travis Toy speakers. I grabbed the 15" versions, and they're great! Will probably buy the 12" versions too.

    With those, you could mix and match virtually any amp. You might have the best luck with merged profiles, since the amp/cab separation is perfect. I have some steel-oriented profiles I made on the Rig Exchange - just search for PSG.

    Also, reach out to Michael Britt - he has some steel profiles that are quite good.

    Would love to see these in a future update:

    • Buttons or menu options to lock Stomps, Stack, and Effects in groups (like on the front of the Profiler)
    • Ability to save presets for those same groups, instead of only single slots
    • Button for Clear Lock (unlock all), Lock all but Cab, and Lock all but Amp - inspired by ToastMe
    • Onscreen tuner
    • Ability to click or double-click to type in a value on any parameter, rather than having to turn a dial
    • “Fine” control (Command-click on Mac in most audio apps) [EDIT: Thanks to Wheresthedug, I now realize this works as Shift-click on the Mac Rig Manager. Thanks!]
    • Option-click to return to default, rather than a pop-up menu

    I've also noticed mouse inaccuracies when I use my Wacom tablet, which works fine for every other program I own. When I click to turn a knob, it wants to jump all the way up or down, depending on which direction I turned it. Has anyone else experienced this? If I use my Magic Trackpad, that doesn't happen.

    Beyond these ideas, having a more plugin-like GUI would be awesome. Especially on things like EQ - having something called a Graphic Equalizer that appears as knobs is just...weird! A Studio Equalizer that shows the resulting EQ curve would be nice. For other effects, GUIs that look more like the hardware that's being emulated would be cool, but not really crucial.

    Thanks! :)