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    Make sure you work out how to disable it or I can GUARANTEE that you will accidentally turn it on mid-gig and not know what’s going on. You’ll be playing the chorus and the looper will start playing the verse simultaneously. Utter disaster. We’ve all been there!

    Great profile, I use it a lot. However I don't know if it's in a pack, I downloaded it as a one-off profile from a page on his blog (1st July 2018)

    Fast red pony car youtuber definitely has his own "thing" going on with his profiles, in a positive sense.

    For sure. I guess some people would hate his Splawn Nitro profile, but if you love 80s hair metal shred then it's superb. One point about it - he has a YouTube video demoing it and, I'll be honest, he doesn't really do it justice. If I'd watched that I wouldn't have bothered trying it, but I'm SO glad that I did! You know when your guitar tone is just so good that it inspires you to play more and better? It's one of those!

    Yes, it's FastRedPonyCar's Splawn Nitro profile - that's the one, it's awesome!

    I've been using it with my Music Man Axis and PRS Custom 24

    Actually, after a bit of searching, I've found a brilliant Kemper 80s shred tone - it's SPLAWN NITRO on the Rig Exchange. Add a nice splash of reverb and delay, tweak the EQ a bit and you get a fantastic (shred-tastic?) sound that combines everything you want - screaming highs, extra-chunky palm mutes, really good artificial harmonics and (best of all) it's buttery-smooth so fast notes flow nicely together. Think George Lynch, meets Warren DeMartini meets Jake E. Lee (but better). I've been delighting the neighbours with it for a couple of hours and I'm sure they love it. Definitely worth checking out!

    BTW I'm running it from my PowerRack directly into a Genz-Benz 2x12 and that might be part of it, but it's probably the best shred solo sound I've found in MANY MANY years. Awesome!

    I love 80s shred, it's great.

    I've found some pretty good profiles that get the Kemper into the right ballpark, but earlier today I watched this...

    ...and thought it sounded amazing. So I dug out my old Yamaha THR10X, used the settings mentioned at the end of the video and got this incredible sound. Not only did it sound awesome but the notes just flowed and it made shredding much easier than with the Kemper. In fact tricky licks that I'd struggle to play normally were a piece of cake.

    So my question is - how can I get my Kemper to sound like this and have the same ease of playability?

    I used to have a MESA Dual Recto and the solo tones on that were always a bit harsh and staccato, the Kemper is nothing like that, but I've never come across a profile that is quite as easy to play as this THR10X sound. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Thanks. I thought that might be the case, but there's still something strange. Even with "Monitor Cab Off" the CAB button on the front of the Kemper is still lit and when I press it, so it's now unlit, I swear the sound changes.

    If Monitor Cab Off really disables the cabinet from the speaker output then surely the CAB button being on or off shouldn't have any effect on the sound at all? Maybe I'm just going crazy...

    I have a specific question, can anyone help?

    I only use my Powered Kemper one way - a speaker cable going from the "speaker output" into a 2x12 guitar cab. I don't record with it or go FOH.

    I've set up all of my performances using DIRECT profiles and have the CAB button on the front of the Kemper turned off for all of them, as I'm using a real cab. It sounds brilliant.

    However when I'm looking for new profiles that I might like in the Browser mode they all have the CAB button ON. So I have to remember to switch it off every time, which is a real pain if I'm trying out lots of them. Is there any way to use LOCK or something to turn the CAB button OFF for ALL profiles in Browser mode?

    (I don't think it's "Monitor Cab Off" as the manual says that affects the monitor outputs and main outputs but doesn't mention the speaker output, which is the one I'm using. Also it doesn't turn off the CAB light on the front and, of course, that's what really counts!)