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    I’m wondering if this is possible...

    I have a harmonic pitch preset set to morph from a 3rd to a 4th by morphing the voice balance. Heel down is 3rd, toe down is 4th. I’m wondering if there’s a way to have an “off” position in the middle.

    Is there a way to set the mix parameter to 0.0 on heel and toe down, but -50 in the middle so it ramps from the middle both ways? Is there a better way?

    Turning it on and off with a separate button press is too clumsy in the middle of everything.

    I use IEMs with the Kemper, but I still also run a powered wedge for guitar. Just to have some stage volume for getting feedback or if there’s any issues with the IEMs.

    The transmitter on my IEMs has two through inputs. So I take the main out from the Kemper to the input on the IEM, through to the board. Then I have the monitor mix from the board to the other input on the IEM. I can control the volume of each input in my ears, so my mix from the board has no guitar and I mix it myself.

    That way my guitar sounds just the way I want it. I don’t have to worry about whatever the sound guy does like changing gain or eq in the middle of the song. My guitar sound stays consistent all night. I figure the less I have to rely on the sound guy for a good monitor mix, the better.

    They do take some getting used to. I think the most important thing is to get them seated in your ear properly. You might need to play around with the different sizes and types of ear plugs to find the best fit and the amount of ambient bleed that you’re comfortable with. Even the expensive earbuds won’t sound good if they aren’t seated right.

    And be careful with the volume. You can damage your hearing just as easily (maybe easier) with IEMs as you can with loud speakers.

    As far as I have seen from NAMM Vids you can see this in the new editor . Different colours at the border of the potis

    I've seen that too. Can't wait for the editor... I look forward to eagerly checking the "downloads" section a few times a week for the next few months... :)

    I'm talking about on the hardware unit. So in the heat of battle when something is behaving strangely, you can quickly find it without plugging it into a computer.

    Maybe there is already an easy way to do this that I'm not aware of, but I would like a way to see a list of all the settings that are set to morph in a rig. Right now if something accidentally gets set to morph I have to poke through all the modules to see what's morphing.

    It would be great to be able to see all of them in one place.

    ...And also a button to reset a value to zero.

    Im not a lawyer, and I don't know about other jurisdictions, but my understanding is that under EU law somebody can sell on the software as long as they delete it from their own devices, and this would trump whatever is in the licence agreement. There was a case involving the software giant Oracle a few years ago:…a-digital-distribution/1/

    Now the question of whether the seller actually does destroy their own copy or not, and whether the seller going against a purchase agreement (even though not legally binding) is morally just or not, is up to the prospective buyer to ponder.

    On a not-totally-unrelated note, how would people feel if somebody had a second kemper, and made profiles of existing commerical profiles for sale? For what it's worth, I dont have a 2nd kemper, and I don't plan to do this!

    If he’s selling it more than once he’s making copies and not destroying his copy. He’s distributing copies.

    I can’t imagine this is legal if there is any kind of user agreement. Especially with paid profiles

    But I’m also not a lawyer. :)

    I’ve played a couple shows with mine so far and I’ve been completely happy with it.

    I’m running the main out to FOH and the monitor out to a powered wedge so I can have some stage volume since we use IEMs. I’ve profiled my own amps and that’s what I use live (except for clean, I use the JC120 profile).

    The best thing for me is it’s consistency. When you mic a speaker on a noisy stage there are so many variables. Stage volume, mic placement, interaction with everything else on stage, different rooms... One night it can sound great, the next time it’s crap. With the KPA it’s just plug in and it’s there. Especially with IEMs.

    There’s some dialing in, but that’s true of any rig. That’s half the fun.

    I still love my amp rig, which is a head, 4x12, 8 space rack and pedal board... but I don’t love moving it.

    yeah, I've noticed the online retailers seem to have the bundles with the remote, but not the remote on it's own. That was one of the factors that made me decide to bite the bullet and buy the bundle when I bought mine.

    Played my second show with it last night. This time with our PA and sound guy and IEMs. The first show was house PA and sound guy with wedges.

    Same results. Awesomeness.

    It’s so nice having the same sound in the monitors from one show to the next. Not fiddling with mic placement and stage volume to find the sweet spot where you’re happy with your tone in the monitors and can just let it rip. Makes my playing much better when I’m not fighting my monitors.

    And I’m getting better with the remote. Only ended up in the wrong bank once.

    Maybe you need some of these:

    I cannot tell you if it works better with these bc I do not own them but it seems to make sense somehow :D

    I’ve looked at those. Kind of pricey.
    I know it’s a pretty good size piece of metal and it’s tapped for screws and all that, but still...

    My first gig with my Kemper was at a small club that is a hang out for all of the top, local musicians. I use a powered toaster with a 1x12 cabinet loaded with an EVM 12S. The stage is rather loud and my drummer is an animal (he broke his kick pedal midway through the 3rd song) but the Kemper had more than enough headroom and sat in the mix perfectly between the keys/second guitar. Not only did it sound great, it felt great, just as natural and responsive as any of my tube amps.

    When we finished, I had 3 guitarists asking all kinds of questions about the Kemper and my little 1x12. They were more than impressed. I probably sold a few units that night. Does that entitle me to a commission? :D

    I had a couple guitar guys comment on how good it sounded, asked how I liked the Kemper. Nothing but positive.

    There’s some presets that need some tweaking as far as delays and stuff, but I’m thrilled with how it went.

    And load in, set up, tear down and load out were so easy compared to my amp/rack/speaker setup.

    And it. Was. Amazing.

    I was pretty nervous because I hadn’t had much chance to play it at gig volume so I wasn’t sure how things would translate with volume, but it was all good. Used my own profile of my EVH 5150 and I think it sounded better through FOH than the actual amp.

    We were using House PA so I didn’t use IEMs like we usually do, but the sound guy did a good job with the monitors.

    The only problem I had was the remote. When I went to switch 1-5 in the heat of battle I kept hitting the bank up/down buttons and even the looper button. Gonna take a little practice with that.



    Been using the Kemper/Remote for about a month now, been lurking the forum and picking up as much info as I can. Figured I might as well say hello.

    I'm planning on using it for live work mostly, but I'm still dialing things in so I haven't done it yet.