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    You rip and criticize the company for all manner of reasons (including their country of origin), and then say "I have nothing against Kemper...."'re just whining, then?

    If he just argued that perhaps the editor case could have been handled better, one way or another, or was even just somewhat frustrated by the delays, that’d be one thing. It’s the rather conspiratorial elements that push this too far out.

    Well the Germans brought us the Kemper & the Kemper Stage, but they can't give us an editor? In 2019? Joke I tell you.

    I do not believe CK was convinced when it comes to the “need” for an editor in order to invest required resources in that direction. It is my impression he saw more of a need for this when it comes to floor units. When asked in an earlier interview about a possible editor (someone brought up pod having an editor) he replied by asking if the pod in question was a floor unit. Considering this impression of mine, I’m not too surprised editor is coming out (relatively) near the stage release.

    Perhaps he eventually did change his mind when it comes to all kemper units in general, about editor need, and/or perhaps more resources were eventually available, of course. Who knows.

    LOL Do you people seriously believe the editor is coming this year? What a joke. Kemper, a German based company cannot hire enough coders to finish the editor. I'll bet it's still in Alpha stage and not even in Beta. All this rubbish that's been fed to us. 19 November 2019 and still nothing. Nada. Zip. Lets all wait another 5 years for the editor.

    I certainly wouldn’t bet my life on a 2019 release, but not sure how them being German-based is relevant.

    By the way, we should care, at least indirectly, about Stage sales and the overall success of the KpA line of products if we like new features for our kpas or hope for new products from the kemper company in the future. Bills have to be paid, teams of paid employees that develop editors, roll out new effects and firmware improvements, as well as ongoing customer and product support and continued compatibility with Mac and Windows over time isn’t cheap. New sales provide the means.

    In that sense, sure, agreed. It’s a more nuanced reason than the usual “my dad is stronger than your dad “ gear wars.

    As we talk about reality and twisting it..

    Who’s getting a stage ??

    In my post from the 30/7 the Stage was already number one in the sales rank..close to 4 months now..

    Stage beats even the kemper head in the preamp category in total sales. If total sales is calculated differently than just "amount of units sold", taking into account stock, then how exactly? Would this amount to "winning a war", at that point? Why does stage not show up in top 19 of past month sales of same category? Is there some different way of calculating that alone, some extra variable.. or maybe out of stock orders don't count? When did stage go out of stock? Do they not count in both monthly and all time pages? If not so on all time page then how was kemper able to fullfil such insane demand that left kemper head itself in the dust?

    At times, empirical reality isn't as simple to understand. I'm sure thomann will explain things to me.

    In regards to the editor — like I said before (at some point), a function that would be very useful to me is the ability to control the profiling function via the software. Just not sure there’d be big demand for that on the forum , assuming it’s not included, as relatively few people profile their amps it seems.

    But yes. It’s sure possible there will be features that some want which aren’t included in initial release. That said, I believe that reception to the editor won’t be too absurdist. It’s likely that the amount of constructive posts will drastically increase at the point when there’s something “material“ in people’s hands.

    1) The stage is what’s in question on that end.

    2) “Category” as what you mentioned, per Thomann page, which applies both to “total sales” and “last month sales” pages. The ranks seem bizarre to me. I’m emailing Thomann to ask for further explanation, just for the sake of completeness, clear up my confusion if that’s the issue.

    3) You don’t seem to show much interest in what is said. Same time, it’s others who are just “mad”, “warp reality”, “play with words” and so forth and so forth.

    Do you think this is more likely to illustrate a kind of bias on your part or just others? I’m out on this particular topic, as it won’t get somewhere.

    As far as sales figures go, I don't feel you can compare a Line6 product (owned by Yamaha) to Kemper GmbH.

    One has the production capacity and resources to make sure everyone who wants one gets one, and gets it nearly immediately. They also have a stocking dealer network and marketing resources that dwarf Kemper. I suspect that even at peak efficiency, Kemper's total production capacity of all Profilers regardless of form-factor wouldn't approach what Line6 can churn out for just the Helix over any given time period.

    For sure big differences, no question.

    Its funny, I remember the first feature request/s about improving RM and it was a real split who really wanted one. It really felt at the time like it was a nice to have. I felt like the minority saying it would be useful (at the time people were pushing for dual amps and revised reverbs and delays - wanting to make their strymon's unnecessary) and yet this is the most animated and longest thread I've ever seen.

    More importantly, the most heated, dragging other aspects into it etc..

    This thread's usefulness is now ( for me) only useful for its comedy interludes...

    Once, there was debate about aliasing performance being sufficient. Goes without saying that this was more or less settled when kemper allocated more performance resources to better aliasing performance, even though they didn’t originally seem to think it would be as badly desired, needed.

    There have also been other threads about editor (one or more) which were eventually closed down. Massive. Biggest threads god has ever created. Uuuuge. And They (or it) were in part fueled by radio silence on kemper’s part, to be fair, not just user absurdity.

    It’s good that G string offers some updates, In terms of communicating with the users since an editor was already shown off, some date estimates given.


    Excuse me..which again is the "relevant category" for the stage;If it is not "guitar preamps" I're one of the more intelligent folks here..please stop playing with words.

    Where did I play with words?

    Point was: there’s a thomann page for total sales. There’s a page for last month sales. You can pick this same category in each. It’s bizarre if stage tops total sales considering helix been selling for a long time, if not logistically impossible, perhaps even considering “out of stock” orders assuming they count.

    It’s also bizarre how stage doesn’t show up in last month’s top 19 in the same category. And being “sold out” also has to do with how many units Kemper and the dealer can move. Thomann does mention “taking into account stock” in total sales page, which could maybe imply some connection between sales and stock — but then “total sales” can be misinterpreted.

    Also perfectly possible I’m misunderstanding things, missing out on some variable. There is no issue with having things explained. If someone does, cool, thank you.

    Personally, editor will make a big difference in how much kemper is used. I’m preparing to play a gig atm of mostly covers. Won’t bother editing Kemper effects when it’s as easy to do on ax8. Not considering unofficial editor (which I couldn’t get to work atm), doing so with Kemper is taxing on my shoulder, makes it harder to find the right effect settings, and so forth and so forth. Editor coming out will be make substantial difference to me.

    And surely when it’s out kemper can market it way better, too — Here’s the stage, and we have an editor that can control A, B, C, most things you care about, etc, etc. Even stage if system currently tops global sales (don’t know how we’d determine that exactly considering lack of info), I wouldn’t be surprised if proper editor marketing gives them a meaningful boost.

    Within your logic everyone who wants "the best guitar combo amp available" (incl. tube amps!) has to buy the number 1 in sales ranking on Thomann in this category: The Harley Benton HB-10G :D:D:D:D:D

    Don’t bad mouth the G, k...... ;D Uhm, when I first bought Kemper, didn’t know many who were aware of the unit. It has since evolved (better aliasing performance, which for me was a big deal), but the core sounds are rather similar. And certainly the unit improved with release of rig manager and so forth and so forth... But possibly low total sales ranks (or even monthly ones) didn’t make it a “bad” unit back then — if that would be a point to make.

    Mentioned total sales stat. You can re-read my post if interested. I’m just trying to understand what’s up with these rankings. Not that this has much bearing on how I feel about a unit or what I use, again.

    I agree with you that the charts(are they still relevant today;) don't say much about good taste but gear is not as much about good taste as it is about sound,reliability and ofcourse personal needs..I just don't believe that people today spend double as much money for the stage as they could save buying a helix Lt or whatever half the price and with "the world's best editor/UI" because they "don't know" that the editor is still not ready or that some kpa-stages have qc-issues..

    Obviously most customers don't care..and there must be some reasons for this..;)

    At the Thomann section where last month’s sales are ranked I see no kemper stage in the relevant category where the top 19 are listed.

    If I check the all time sales (another page) stage tops the list. But that can’t be correct considering how new stage is compared to helix. I’d ask Thomann for details if strongly interested. I’m either not understanding this (surely possible) or something’s off about some of these rankings — perhaps some mistake, I’d assume.

    In any case, I wouldn’t say sales numbers matter much to me. I don’t use one unit or another because it currently sells best... Neither would this make me feel nice to sort of be on one team vs another, which seems fairly common in “gear fights”. Perhaps I could take some credit or feel cool if I’d be making profiles that influence customer decisions... which I haven’t done/don’t do.

    But yes.. Helix topping the list would hardly influence my decisions, in this case.

    Now sure, your point was about “winning the war”, not “what matters and/or should matter to one in terms of what unit they use”. I don’t mean to set up a straw man.

    When it comes to that, I don’t know whether I’d tie a “war” to sales, total sales, recent sales, what other attributes there could be. It depends on what we consider “winning the war”. Perhaps there’s more cultural aspects of this where the impact of a unit can be greater than another — even considering less sales. Maybe a case can be made for the relevance of this.

    In any case, Stage is a floorboard. The importance of editor is even greater there. I think that’s a rather uncontroversial claim. And I hear talk about the editor often enough. Heck, I know some waiting for the editor to determine whether they go the kemper route. Certainly this is not to say that, for example, “better tone” cannot be, is not — on average — a bigger influencing factor for the consumer.

    But then again a few friends couldn’t care less if helix “sounds like the real amps it models”. They love the tones they get, the flexibility, routing, editor, even display on the unit. Whether kemper sounds better or a bit better (some even prefer how helix can sound) is not a big determining factor for them. If they thought the difference was substantial, perhaps it’d be more likely to matter more — but there’s possibly some line where extra convenience receives a boost for these fellers.

    This is not very surprising to me considering that’s also a massive reason I use Kemper. If I was dead set on dealing with “more inconvenience” I’d only be using tube amps, depending on the scenario, not even my Kemper profiles. Where the proper line for each person is can differ a lot. And I’m just not sure what the “average” is in this case in 2019.

    PS: this post isn’t perfectly OT. But it’s also hard to keep rehashing the same stuff ad nauseam. If I’m banned, at least I fell not saying that editor is maybe coming tomorrow.

    PS 2: I am well aware that not “a few friends” and “people I often talk to” are not proper grounds to build an inductively strong case (in most scenarios). Certainly should not be taken as such. What I’m saying isn’t as “mak wow omg lelz all the truths k” as it can be interpreted as.

    This has come up through the years the forum has existed, from what I recall. Most “official” advice I’ve seen other than the manual has been CK saying that one should play “in the areas where the differences become apparent”.

    I’ve had a few cases where refining made things worse. Usually it helps the profile get closer. Typically this involves the bass response mimicking the source better. Not “perfect”, but better.

    Now I myself would not expect much more advice from kemper on refining than what’s currently available. But there’s people who’ve been profiling for years who have their own takes on what tends to work better. Perhaps someone chimes in.

    It's just my perception, but I highly doubt an integrated market for profiles within an editor would be something kemper thinks is worth doing. I don't see the big need for that myself either.

    Personally I believe the delay is due to more or less software bonanza.

    For one, kemper does not regularly update people about deadlines, which can give the impression that everything is always "on time". But the internal time frames may be quite relaxed anyway. And perhaps now when the expectation of Summer, Q3, couple of days (whatever the case has been) it's a different ballgame for them.

    I am sympathetic to companies that tend to function more "democratically" than others. Kemper at times has given me such an impression, as accurate or inaccurate it may be. But in any case, I do not view it as such a bad thing for them to "take their time", and perhaps not overwork people into oblivion.

    Then again this assumes quite a bit too. At times, the issue is not just "overworking", but certain dysfunctional aspects of organizational culture that does contribute to "overworking" anyway. There's quite a bit when it comes to programming practices that can result to this, too. The programmers here will know what a mess at times needs to be tackled.

    Fractal had issues when it comes to having a version of Ares run on Ax8 due to a software guy leaving who was (from what I recall) responsible about quite a bit when it comes to ax8. Who knows what the case is with kemper? Updates are also generally slower than these of some others. And kemper is quite an "independent" company to start off with in terms of obligations, is my impression.

    Of course, goes without saying that I think digital units should come with editors. Rig manager itself was a substantial step up for kemper. Editor will too, depending on what it offers. At this point, even fb kemper page is filled with comments about editor nearly no matter what the page posts. It's passed the stage of typical "demand". We have dinosaurs walking the forum at this point.

    And I don't like giving advice like this as much, but it could probably help many people to forget about the editor for a while. This isn't to repeat the typical "just go play guitar, noob!" meme we've seen for years whenever someone feels like minimizing one issue or another.

    It's more about your own mental wellbeing.. at least for some! In terms of energy spent. Personally, I have also felt the anticipation for sure, and checked here often enough, but at this point I've more or less pragmatically forgotten about the issue in terms of energy (mak voodoo k) allocation.

    It's contributed to a healthier life :D

    At this point, my interest in using the editor for editing rigs has taken a back seat. What my heart desires the most is for the editor to come out for this thread to end.

    Heck, even if I sold kemper tomorrow.. I'd check back regularly to see if the editor has come out.. and feel like I could die peacefully, one day, knowing this thread has run its course.

    "If you don't like it, don't read". I fully recognize the inability to abstain from reading this thread. I also fully recognize that my own post amounts to participating in this madness. I am not the holy man from up high or down below.