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    Thank you whippinpost91850 and dmatthews for all your help and input. What dmatthews pointed out to me in a PM was that I wasn't doing a preset per song in bandhelper, here was his explanation for anyone else that stumbles across this. "In Bandhelper add a midi device, call it Kemper and tell it to use channel 5 and 0-127 Create a new midi preset for a song. Tell it to use Program change 0, 0,1 (that's performance 1, slot 2) as an example. Go to a song and add that newly created preset to it."

    Now my only problem is the bandhelper app keeps disconnecting from the yamaha bluetooth adapter so I am trying to figure that out.

    Hmmm... so you didn't pair the adapter with the phone right? Just the app?

    Just for giggles... The adapter has arrows on it. The one with arrow pointing towards the Stage goes to midi in port, and the other one goes to midi out. The red light comes on the adapter itself, yes?

    Can you post screenshots of the Kemper and Bandhelper setup? You can PM me if you like

    Yes the arrows match in and out and the light will go solid when I have a connection. I appreciate your input and I will take some screenshots and send them to you on a PM if you don't mind. It also keeps keeps disconnecting. Yes - through the app is how I am connecting it.

    Thanks you guys for trying to help with this! I have it connected through the app and shows it is connected. Here is how the app is configured

    MIDI Song Number 46

    MIDI Program Number
    Bank MSB,0 Bank LSB,0 Program 46

    Gotchya, yeah it won't even recognize it unless I go through the app. - I have a gen 2 ipad and I can't get it to link at all, it does link up with the new iPad but I still can't get it to recognize the signal coming from the iPad so I am wondering if the Yamaha adapter is defective.

    Nope. Just saying that if you go into the iPad bluetooth to connect to the Yamaha that's wrong. Do not use the iPad built-in bluetooth, just use the Bandhelper app to connect to the Yamaha.

    I know it sounds silly/ridiculous, but that's how it works.

    Interesting... I know that you are not supposed to use the device (iPad) to connect to the Yamaha BT adaptor. You are only supposed to use the Bandhelper app to connect to the Yamaha.

    If you connected to the iPad itself, delete that connection and only use the app.

    Are you saying use an iPad to midi hardwire connection? I thought about trying that but I don't own one currently.

    I'm using the Yamaha bt01 Bluetooth converter and a 1 year old iPad and a Kemper Stage. -The Adapter connects to the iPad and app and I can tell that the ipad is sending a signal according to the activity log in Bandhelper but it doesn't change anything on the Kemper. The BT101 wouldn't connect with my older ipads so I am going to see if I can test it with another setup to make sure it is receiving the signal from the iPad. I tried setting the midi channel on the Kemper and in the app to 1 and also to 5. I reset the global settings but still nothing.

    OK - I think I am missing something, I am using the Stage so under systems I have Midi Device A set to Channel 5, in Bandhelper I added midi device (Kemper) channel 5. I have the song Program Changes/Bank MSB, Bank LSB, Program 50 (it's in the 10th bank 1st slot. So far I can't get it to change to the slot. Are either of you using the Stage, I doubt that is the problem. In Bandhelper it shows MIDI Song Number - I have tried that blank and with the same number as the program.

    - In the activity log in the Bandhelper app it indicates it is sending date one song says (F3, 32) to all ports, another says F3, 3D) to all ports and a 3rd says (f3,OC) to all ports.

    My goal is to run Bandhelper to select a song that will automatically change my Stage to the performance for that song. - I need to know what do I set the Kemper system to? Page 7 & 8 of the systems button shows some midi values and I need to know what to set those to? Also under the performance mode (Edit)(midi Settings) what do I put for midi Device A, message, Device B, message? Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey guys, best way to record via spiff and monitor yourself in real time? Have an Avid 11 Rack as an interface.
    Need zero latency

    I'm curious about hearing the answer to this, I was going to buy a SPDIF interface. I tried using an IRig HD and the latency problem is bad, I thought a SPDIF interface would take care of that. What software are you using? I am using Reaper and it did help to change the buffer setting but sill not good enough to use with the IRig HD. Are using the monitor or headphone out of the Avid 11 Rack?

    I'm a fairly new user but I have found in many cases that the profiles I use with my Strat do not work with my Les Paul or even my mahogany bodied strat, even though they are all passive pickups. So Ii use different profiles with different guitars.

    Thanks Mike, I am going to try a different power source at my next practice and see if that fixes it.

    This post has been dead for awhile but I am getting a high pitch hissing noise when I run this peddle either in from of the Kemper or in the loop. It happens when the pedal is off so I think something is bleeding through it's internal circuit. Has anyone else had this problem? I bought it used so I wonder if mine is just defective.