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    I was just curious if anyone uses a laptop on stage to run the Rig Manager to select performances. I play in two cover bands and have tried to setup one performance per song. - That is great as long as you stick to the setlist but that never seems to happen and we always keep about 25 songs listed as extras to play to the crowd if needed. I would think it would be easier just to click on the song I need from the laptop rather than trying to scan performance by hand or foot on the Kemper Stage. Now that they have the new Rig Manager I can see even more of an advantage to using a laptop on stage? Please let me know if anyone is doing this now and the pros and cons.

    I received my 108 and tried it with a Headrush Pedalboard - the first attempt it sounded like it had too much bass, the second time I tried a few different presets and it made a big difference. It seems loud enough to compete with bass and drums and it is very light and compact. I think for practice and home use it works perfectly. I would definitely use it to gig with in a pinch but it really can't compete with the Mission Gemini 2. After I test it with my Kemper Stage I will report back. I plan on keeping it and I might even get another one to run in stereo - but that is probably overkill for what I am using it for. I plan on using it as a monitor in the future too.


    If I change the amp in any Slot in Performance-Mode (holding Amp- and Cabinet-Button) the name of Amp and Cabinet will be changed. The name is not changed. It would be good, if the name of the original Profil would be the name of the Amp in the slot.
    Has anyone a solution?

    I know that I can change the name in RM. But I don't want to manage these in RM. There must be a solution in KemperStage.

    I ran into this as well but I was using the copy and paste option, sometimes it changes the name and sometimes it doesn't. I guess it depends on what kind of mood it is in.

    I'm looking for a cheap light weight FRFR solution to transport easily for practice and jam sessions. I have a Mission Engineering Gemini 2 that I use for Live but it weighs almost 70LBS so I would like something easier that I can just grab and go. Has anyone had experience with both of these and could give me an idea if the 112 is that much better, or have another inexpensive suggestion? I was thinking I could use it to double as a vocal monitor for some gigs also.

    Yeah been trying to think about where it could go since there’s no Performance menu like there is for Rigs. Hmm...

    This should be on the top of the list to add! Maybe they could add it when you hit the back button (on the stage) and it brings up edit the slots it could just engage one of the knobs for performance volume - it would just be a matter of hitting the back button and having it right there.

    If you are working in the Performance mode, when you are on the rig you want to copy, press and hold down the rig button and it will give you the option to copy the rig, go to the slot you want to copy it to and hold down the rig button again, it will give an option to copy or paste - simply paste it and save the performance.

    There are some songs where I want a stronger sounding wah (tom morello style) so I use it in the X slot on my Kemper. However there is sometimes I want a more subtle wah and would like it to be on the front end (A,B,C or D stomp box), however it seems that my mission engineering pedal only controls whatever is in the X slot (I can change it to control different slots, but it seems that it is locked to that spot once I put that in).

    Is there a way to move my wah around from pre to post or post to pre but the pedal also follows where it goes?

    I am assuming you have the EP1-KP Mission Pedal specifically designed to be used with the Kemper Amp. It sounds like you might have the TS switch on the pedal assigned to X to activate the wah function, what I do is put the wah in any module slot and choose to have the pedal set to bypass at stop (you can also use bypass at heal or toe). That way you don't have to rely on the TS switch of the pedal to activate the wah - simply leave it on in the effects module and as soon as you move the pedal it will activate the wah and when you quit moving the pedal it automatically shuts it off and it shouldn't matter where you have it assigned.. I took the TS switch and assigned it to reverb so I can use it to turn on and off reverb if I want. -

    I am trying to organize one performance per song for the cover bands that I am in, I am finding that if I want to change the order by dropping and dragging it actually swaps the rigs instead of dropping it in front or after my target rig. Since we mix the set list up from gig to gig it makes it hard to move them around. Since I am new to Kemper I am not sure if has always been that way or if a recent update changed it? I found that I can move the performances up or down one performance at a time but that is a little time consuming if I have to move several of them.

    It would be nice to have an undo/redo button in Rig Manager, I was trying to copy a performance to paste in another slot, instead I accidentally hit copy so it wiped out my entire performance and put another performance in that I previously copied. I should have made a backup but I am trying to create a setlist and was going song to song.

    How do you organize your live situation? Do yo have just one performance with your basic Bass sounds, or do you really create one performance for each song?

    I am new to the Kemper world and just got a Stage - like it really much. I am asking myself how to organize my live setup as easy and simple as possible.

    This is a great topic for bass and guitar, I would like it if people would also elaborate on how they have the rigs set up using pedals, switches volume and expression pedals. - I tried mine live last weekend after only having it for 2 weeks. I used only 1 rig with different gain settings in 3 or 4 different performance slots. I needed a little more boost for leads so I programmed that on the fly, unfortunately I assigned to the same button that controlled the delay so when I would turn on the boost it would turn off the delay. Since I am not that experienced with the Kemper I didn't really figure out how to change it back until after the gig. Overall I was happy, I also had my Mesa Lonestar set up with an A/B switch just in case but I didn't use it all.