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    Man I am happy for you!! I'm glad you think it is worth it, I will probably make the plunge as soon as it is available in the US. - I can probably find it but what was your previous setup?

    I have all my songs set up per performance as well and was getting close to going over the limit because I play in a second band sometimes. I can't wait to try paults idea. I did a spreadsheet with all of the rigs that I use in each performance and found that I basically use the same 7 profiles with some change in each (chorus, flange, wah etc. I would switch from song to song via Bluetooth using an iPad and the Bandhelper app which works great. After I figured out I am only using 7 profiles I basically made 2 performances that covers everything - I find my sound and volumes to be more level and I really prefer this simpler method basically treating each of the 2 performances like 5 channel amps. I can get what I want on the fly pretty easy. That being said it is pretty cool to have my setlist on the Ipad and just press the song name and it switches the KPA to the desired setting. - I might go back and change the midi codes to match my 2 new profiles to do that - that being said it sounds like paults has the solution you are looking for.

    I am currently working on a pedalboard. I started out wanting to have my Kemper and 2 expression pedals to be mounted on the same board so everything is hooked up, then I made the mistake of buying the 43" unit! I put put a few extra overdrive pedals along with my Polyphonic Tuner. - This is what I ended up with, I haven't even tried any of the overdrive pedals with the Kemper yet but figured if I need to play on a backup amp for some reason they would already be with me.

    Excellent description, thank you!!

    With my current band our singer also plays guitar on most of our songs but if my rig went down I would probably jump to his rig, I also have other combo amps I can take along (although I usually don't) but I am thinking about a simple solution that is lighter and smaller than lugging a heavy tube combo around and I a getting some good ideas from this post. Has anyone ever tried just using overdrive pedals into FOH or a monitor speaker?

    As far as I know there is no way to delete an entire performance but you can save over the top of one by hitting the store button and then change the destination by turning the destination knob to the performance number you desire (it will also tell you the name of the performance you are saving and the name of the one you are overwriting.) - Hit store again, change name if desired and then hit store a 3rd time.

    You can also move a performance by hitting the arrange button and moving the current performance up or down using the soft buttons.

    I'm also trying to figure out how to morph the rig volume. I followed the steps in Reply #5 above, but the new morphed volume doesn't save. It's louder while I'm testing it out, but when I got back to it later, the volume increase is gone. Is there something I need to do to save the rig-volume morph? Thanks

    Don't forget to save after adjusting, - I also changed the rise and fall to 0 so it is an instant volume change.

    I cannot see where that is! I've been all over the system and rig menus and don't see it.

    I don't have my stage with me but it should be on page 1 of the pedal settings, it says MorphPedal >Wah - uncheck the box if it is checked and that should take care of it.

    Are you going to use the same monitors for your guitar and vocals and possibly other instruments? If not do what BayouTexan suggested above, If so just run the main out to the board and adjust the levels at the board. Don't use a phantom powered input on the board. - Either way I would go into the output section of the Kemper and activate the Main Out--12dB button so you don't over drive the input of the board.

    If you use the monitor out you would need to get an external power amp such as this Seymour Duncan, if you run both cabinets off your powered Kemper output I think you would need a device like this Palmer CAB M Passive Cabinet Merger. I'm not sure how the volume would match up between the 2 cabinets and you might want to look of a similar device that would allow you to mix the signal to adjust the volume between the 2. Maybe someone else can explain if you can hook one cabinet to left and one to right straight of the Kemper but I think you would have an impedance mismatch.

    Is this during live play where stage movements might do an accidental movement of the pedal? I read a couple of posts from people with that problem. I only had the problem when activating the morph feature but it seems like I would hear the wah randomly. I solved that by deactivating the morph to wah link, it might be worth a shot to check that (I don't see how that would be related but it might be worth a try.)