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    edit - probably should have led with simpler question - if I un-install the re-install RM will I lose all of the rigs that I have loaded into my Local Library in RM? Thanks

    I'm having trouble with Rig Manager. I sent an email to the support team at Kemper, but with Covid I don't know that they are able to respond.

    I have been running (along with OS on the Kemper) for the past two weeks. Last night I was moving some performances around in Rig Manager (in the MyProfiler section) when it crashed. When it re-launched it wasn't showing any of my performances where they would normally show up in the middle section of the MyProfiler screen. And there is a strange pattern of dots showing up. However Rig Manager is seeing the Kemper - the proper rigs are showing up on the right hand side of the screen where the content of 5 slots in a selected performance is displayed, and if I move the cursor from one (blank) row to the next in the middle section the correct rigs show up.

    I tried re-booting both my computer and the Kemper multiple times. I also ran a repair on the Rig Manager s/w. But the issue remains. My next step will be to un-install Rig Manager and the re-install, but I'm concerned that if I do that I will lose all of the rigs that I have in my Local Library. I don't want to have to re-load those if I don't have to.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

    Thanks, Jfischer and Bulldog - I have ordered both - will try them and then keep the one that is best. I'll report back with results, but I'm not expecting to receive the Katana until early-Feb (back ordered).

    Hi, I’m reviving this thread to see if anyone has any direct experience (or speculation!) regarding the Orange Pedal Baby vs. Katana 100W Head as the best choice for a power amp to drive a cabinet. Clearly these are night and day in terms of portability, flexibility, etc. – I’m just focused on differences related to sound quality. The intended signal chain would be Kemper Monitor Out (no cab model) to one of these two power amps (if Katana then in via the “Power Amp In” input to bypass all effects) then to my cabinet (Avatar 2x12 or Marshall 4x12). Both power amps are class A/B, similar power levels. They are to replace my Magnum 44 which I am concluding is a source of a lot of the frustration I have had getting a sound that I am happy with out of the Kemper/cabinet combination (an earlier thread) – I have also considered the ISP Pro Stealth, the Matrix 800, SD Powerstage 170, and a few others, but I think it’s down to the Katana and the Orange. Thanks.

    A big thank you to everyone who replied - very much appreciated!

    To answer some of the questions:

    - FRFR and/or PA - I haven't tried FRFR, but will - I do have an Electro Voice powered PA that I have used with it, but I'm not keen on the boxy and honky sound

    - Monitor EQ (as distinct from main output EQ) - yes, I do use that, but the EQ'ing that I have done to get rid of the 'mud' is a studio EQ in the Kemper signal chain

    - Style of music - all kinds as I play in a cover band (weddings, parties, events),etc

    - FOH sound - yes, I am happy with that (compared to mic'ing my cabinet), but to be honest I'm equally happy with the PA output of the Mesa TC

    - Making my own profiles - yes, I have tried that, but the recent Mesa TC profiles from Tone Junkie are better than anything I have been able to make myself (though I always find myself pulling down on the highs in Tone Junkie profiles - a bit too shrill right out of the box to my ears)

    Mschribes comments come closest to capturing my conundrum - I'm happy enough with the FOH sound and like the flexibility of the Kemper, but when I'm playing at home (98% of my playing) I want it to sound like a tube amp and I just can't quite get there. I'll keep trying some more (and try a true FRFR), but it sounds like I either have to accept "good enough" for when I'm practicing, or limit by use of the Kemper to live.

    Thanks again for all of the help!

    I love the Kemper for the flexibility and convenience, but after 2 years I am still unable to get a sound that I can live with through a speaker cabinet. Relative to a real tube amp, it lacks punch, directness, and low end fullness relative to a tube amp driving the same cabinet. I have concluded that a big part of the problem is muddiness in the lower frequencies (harmonic distortion?). I have had some success suppressing some frequencies in the bass and accentuating some mids to try to address the muddiness, but that means going in and tweaking every rig (which I gather most are not doing, and which takes me too far down the rabbit hole of constant tweaking rather than playing). Plus, the EQ block affects the FOH sound as well as the monitor sound (i.e. signal to the cabinet without the cab sim). I have tried multiple cabinets, and have tried driving with the Magnum 44, with clean audio amplifiers, and with the power stage of tube amps. I get the best results with the power stage of tube amps, but then I am left having to cart a tube amp for performances which largely negates the convenience factor of the Kemper. The only thing that I haven’t tried is a more expensive solid state power amp (e.g. Matrix). By the way, I have used countless rigs purchased from all of the usual suspects. I’m just about ready to give up on the Kemper and go back to my Mesa Triple Crown completely. So many people with better ears than mine seem to be completely happy with the Kemper - can anyone suggest something that I might be missing? Thanks,


    I just discovered Bert's profiles over the weekend - so far I have only played with the free ones on rig manager, but they're all great! What I like most is that they are mix-ready from the start. Just based on those I have already replaced several of my live performance profiles (profiles that I purchased from big name vendors). I'm about to buy a couple of Bert's packs - if they are as good as the free ones then I expect that before long I will buy the full pack. Does anyone know if Bert has an offer like the one from Tone Junkie where if you upgrade to the full pack you get a reduction based on packs already purchased? Thanks,


    I typically run 5 rigs live that run from clean to distorted. I use the rig volume control to balance the volumes. The trouble is that they balance differently depending on whether I'm going through the PA or through my cabinet. Since I run the cabinet block for the PA channel and not for the cabinet channel, I figured that an easy solution would be to balance for the output that goes to the cabinet (cabinet block turned off) and then adjust the level of the cabinet block per rig for the PA channel. The only problem is that I don't see a volume parameter for the cabinet block - just the single page of high shift, low shift, character, pure cabinet controls. Does anyone else have the same problem? Any clever suggestions for how to adjust relative volumes for the two channel, but per rig, where the only difference between the two channel is that one has the cabinet block enabled and other doesn't? Thanks,