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    I also use the volume as a manual noise gate when recording so I never use the min setting knob n the FV500H.

    When I was testing out the curve function the other day, I was trying to figure out what it actually is that makes me prefer the difference in feel and response between pedals. I realized that a pedal feels right to me and most expressive when a fairly narrow range of movement covers a wide range of volume. I occasionally will swell from fully off position but most of the time I’m working it in the sweet spot.

    For example if a pedal moves 90 degrees physically, a 20 degree range might be all I use for the expressive swells. If I have to move my foot back and forth the full 90 degrees to get that sound, it’s too wide and hard to be precise. The crybaby style pedals have too limited a throw and sweet spot to feel good as volume pedals, but that’s also why they work well as wahs.

    I think that’s why a lot of people use the FV500H. It’s sweet spot has a very natural, expressive sound in a comfortable, controllable range. The curve control helps me dial this in regardless of pedal used, but that’s what I’m always aiming for if that makes sense.

    I really wish the analog main outs had all of the same output settings as the spdif outs.

    When using spdif it’s easy to just select Gtr/master mono to record di and amp’d sounds.

    That option is missing from the analog outputs.

    I’d prefer not to have to repatch or use other additional outs to accomplish this and I also don’t want to use spdif outs. When I was using spdif it was so easy to just select the Gtr/Amp split option, track bass and then change the setting back and track guitars.

    Anyone know if there’s a hardware issue that won’t allow this or is it a software decision?

    I'm always using tempos without a fraction of a beat resolution, so 120, 117 etc. It's pretty much impossible to use the dial on the Kemper to change tempo without going into a tenth of a beat fraction....decimal point resolution. I really wish there was an easier way to adjust tempo or an option to constrict the resolution to not use fractions of a beat.

    The tempo knob is so touchy. Maybe two knobs could be used, the left for whole beats and a second knob for tenths of a beat.

    I have the Boss EV-30 Dual Exp pedal that has two separate outputs.

    I’ve seen other people use this pedal with both channels wired to the remote.

    I was wondering how are these being used? I figure one ch for volume and the other for pitch or wah or whatever but how

    do you set it up?

    How do you keep it from affecting both things at the same time?

    I’d also like to know some ideas for expression usage that I might not have thought of. Thx!


    Calibrated and the side knob checked to be absolutely fully at 0.

    I checked the Boss 500H and EV-30 using the input on my MidiTimePiece and an app called MidiMonitor which lets you see what CC and Midi are being received. Yeah, there's a big fat dead spot in the low end and a smaller one in the high range of the pedals. Even the Yamaha FC-7 had it too. A quick search in google and I found discussions saying it could be fixed with shims physically but I love the way the 500H works as an analog pedal so I'll just keep using it in front of the Kemper.

    I might try a few other pedals and keep testing things out. Still I think adjusting the curve in the Kemper would be a nice thing to have.

    Check out this thread discussing volume pedals with ckemper

    Best Volume pedal?

    It’s not the FV500’s output, it’s the way the Kemper responds to the output is different than the way the pedal sounds when used analog with audio. And there isn’t a way to change this response curve in the Kemper.

    Try setting the volume pedal range in the Kemper to -3. You won’t be able to go to compete silence but the swells will feel and sound much better.

    Or just use the FV500 in front of the Kemper like I do.

    Guavadude , at half swell our volume pedal engine does roughly the same volume as the FV 500. We are about 2 dB less, which is pretty close.

    However, in the first third we are more progressive than the FV 500, which is more or less linear by technical reason, and thus has a sharper onset.

    Is it this what‘s bothering you? The first third of the range?

    the first third of the range is what's bothering me about the exp pedal settings vs using FV500 analog. It's the 2db less on the exp pedal that I'm hearing. I want to use the full sweep of the pedal so it's very expressive but if it takes too long to get to a decent volume level, then I end up using only the top half of the range of the physical pedal. The exp pedal seems too linear now for the way I use it. The pic below is what I wish I could set the curve to while keeping the range at -5 so it's from no volume to full volume.

    That's why I wish there was a curve control because this sweet spot of the physical pedal is different depending on what pedal you use. They may all be linear but the way they feel and respond under foot is different. Admittedly I'm being really picky here but for these types of swells on lapsteel and pedal steel, it's really important to feel and respond right.

    Michael Thompson, session stud who does a lot of this style volume work, also uses an FV-500. This is a good example. The Vertex mod just removes the tuner out.

    When calibrating a pedal, is there some sort of indication that it is in calibration mode? Pressing the calibrate button changes nothing on the screen to let you know if it’s working or not (I am using a Stage). Same with exiting the calibration process.

    All seems very hit and miss as to having any indication if it’s working or not.

    I was wondering this myself. Calibration button is lit all the time, seems like it’s always calibrating.