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    I think when I did my tests after the update, I was using Boss pedals. But I've never noticed a dead zone, just the sweep isn't quite right. I have a few other exp pedals I can try. At that point I just gave up and use the Boss FV500H post comp pedal and pre Kemper.

    I should note that if you're using an exp pedal for simple quick swells or like an on/off while recording, it doesn't really matter what you use or how it's set. I'm using it with a lap steel and riding the volume for swells and to control sustain...increasing while it rings out.

    I'll do some tests and see how each exp pedal I have reacts. I'll also try to record the midi output from them so I can see what I'm hearing. I haven't been able to get an exp to feel right yet and they sure don't feel like they are all reacting the same to me.

    I just got a tone dexter not long ago....I could do profiles of some of the existing tone prints and upload if there is interest......

    Not sure they would translate given its already"matched" to something

    I’d be interested in trying these if you don’t mind making them. Has anyone tried loading one of those acoustic IRs into the Kemper’s cab?

    This is an issue with the Kemper that needs to be resolved. There are so many expression pedals and they ALL repond differently. If they’d just add a few parameters to control the curve like every keyboard controller has, then EVERY pedal would be able to be setup to respond perfectly.

    I don’t think this is an excessive request.

    I love the taper of the Boss 500h and use it for volume pre Kemper input.

    I use it after a comp pedal and before dirt pedals.

    I could never get the sweep to feel right as an expression pedal for volume and still wish the Kemper had better adjustments for pedal tapers.

    Just plug it in as you're thinking, no need for a DI.

    You might compare this to just using the line ins on the MOTU. There might not be as much different as you think and that will leave your Neve available for acoustic recording without having to repatch all the time. Or if you're MOTU has digital in, then that's an option as well.

    personally I think the less wax the better. A pickup that is slightly microphonic but doesn't squeal is where the good stuff is at.

    It makes the guitar come alive and react to the amp at a much lower volume.

    Squealing pickups are another matter. I bought a set of Duncan Antiquity P90s and they weren't potted at all. I couldn't use them at stage volume. I sent them to the custom shop and they lightly potted them for me. Now they're awesome.

    Alnico II magnets, low output and a little microphonic, that's the sweet spot for me.

    I wish Rig Manager had a better way to reject profiles like you do in Lightroom or photo apps. Once you use the X key to reject, you can then have all the rejected files removed from the app and drive.

    When you’re working through a pile of 18,000 anything, you need a lot of easy to use options for organization.

    More than anything, I need a way to have a profile be available in several folders at once without having to duplicate it each time.

    ALL options are available in the SPDIF outs, but not all options are available in the Main analog output routing.

    The ability to have the GTR direct out on the left and another option on the right output are missing from the Main outs. That’s what I want. I just can’t understand why the choices are limited and different from the SPDIF at the analog main outs.

    I use the Ton Ham Clean on pretty much every style that isn't distorted bass.

    Also try the David Eden (amp name) profiles.

    Wave Bass 72 can also work. There's really no shortcut for just trying out a bunch of profiles with your bass. 18 Ampeg SVT 400 and Bronco Bassman TV are a little grittier.

    I make a "testing" folder and if they are good I move them into a Favs folder. Then there are some that are sorted for the bass I'm using.

    I've been having some crashing and hanging in Logic and have finally tracked it down to my RME and Kemper's digital outputs not getting along. I've decided to blow off the SPDIF and move to using the Main Outs into the RME but I'm just now noticing that all of the routing options from the SPDIF aren't available.

    I've been using the GTR/Master Mono (or Stack) option when tracking bass so I can deliver a DI track with a mono amp'd sound track.

    Is there a reason why these options aren't also available to the Main Outs? Seems like they should be. I'm using the other outputs for other functions.

    I just want to be able to use the Main Outs in stereo for guitar tracks and then change it to GTR/Master Mono when tracking bass.


    I use the Wampler Ego comp in front of the Kemper and it’s great for that dynacomp sound with more control. I actually prefer it over the Cali comps but mostly because I didn’t want to spend that much and I already owned the Ego.

    Try the Cali Compact bass version. With the high pass filter, you can really dial it in to leave a lot of the signal intact, especially on baritone or low tuned guitars.