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    Too busy recording to take the chance on the new OS but gotta say the Kemper drive sounded great on a rock bass track today. I was able to keep the low end intact and just add some fur.

    Something to keep in mind, it sure is nice when fuzzes, distortion and compressors have a high pass filter. It lets you leave the low end alone and only process the mids and highs which works well for Baritone and Bass.

    Have you tried to control the sound by the AC controls?

    The lower you dial the AC controls (to the left), the more the sound leans towards the original electric guitar sound.

    Yes, when I tried out the AC by itself I tried it before and after the amp slots, with compression before and after, every knob in all ranges. The profile I dialed in above isn’t really trying to be an acoustic sound, just a unique and interesting clean guitar sound.

    The AC sim is awesome for what it is, this is just more how I’d use it. If I could easily blend direct and AC to taste and aviod using the parallel path, I could add trem and have delay on both sounds.

    Thx, glad you like it. If there was a mix knob on the Ac sim I would have been able to add trem to the patch too. Using the parallel path really limits the ability to treat both sounds as one.

    I’ve requested a mix knob in the feature request section. If you agree, please throw a like and a comment on that thread. I’d appreciate it and hopefully it’s something they’ll add since the other Eq modules already have it.

    Ac Sim Mix control like other EQs

    This sound is really perfect for those 80's clean rhythm tracks which is funny because I just got called for an 80's Miami Vice style session.

    I'm guessing back in the day they just did this with DI gtr and lots of compressor and EQ with effects.

    I REALLY wish they'd add a MIX control to the Ac Sim. Using the parallel path is a crappy way of doing this and won't let me share depth effects.

    I'm really liking the sound of the Ac Sim blended with a direct guitar. I find the two together sound better than just the Ac Sim on it's own.

    Currently I'm using the parallel path to add the DI guitar but I'm then limited on using only two effects slots and I'd much prefer to have them share the reverb and delay.

    This is the best I can make it sound as is using two reverbs. It would be so much easier to just dial in the mix knob to 70% acoustic to elec and be done with it.

    Out of the Celestion alnicos I really like that Cream speaker from the demos I've heard but haven't pulled the trigger on one yet.

    The G12H-30 is a fav of mine, sounds great in a Deluxe Reverb. The G12-65 is a great all around rock speaker and the one Tom Bukovac uses in his 2x12" for sessions.

    The V30 gets a lot of use on sessions but I'm not crazy about it live. I noticed that Tim Pierce uses a V30 for sessions a lot too. His video showing off 10 guitar amps shows his iso booth in his garage for the cabs. You can see a bunch of different speakers in each.

    Speakers and pickups make such a big difference.

    just a head's up, Wampler has a few free plugins taken from their Terraform pedal. One is a really good chorus. There's a vibe which is ok and an envelope follower that's exceptional.

    Soundtoys Microshift and Little Microshift do a pretty good Dim C and a great DMX width that I use a lot.

    I'd like to use the Looper section of my Kemper Remote (or Stage) to control the looping features of Logic, Ableton or any DAW (Digital Audio Workstaion). Unfortunately the Kemper Remote doesn't output Midi CC#s so I'm trying to drum up some support for this feature to be added.

    As cool as the Kemper looper is, it's limited. If I could chose to use the Remote to control the looping and recording functions in my DAW instead, it would open up a world of layering options. It would also be convenient for hands free control of recording.

    There would need to be a preference added in the Kemper OS to disable the Kemper's looping or a mute to turn the loop volume completely off. I'd like the Looper Mode switches 1-5 and the UP/Down arrows to output a CC#, say 50-57. The DAW would be setup to learn these CC#s to control looping and recording/playback functions. The Up/Down switches could be used to move through and select the tracks. Then I could jump back and forth between Performance mode to select sounds, jump to Looper mode to control DAW and layer as much as I want with different sounds.

    It's just so frustrating having this amazing remote with all these great switches, already labeled and everything but I can't use them with my DAW. This would also be a great way to control a laptop on a gig and a wide variety of uses for anything that receives Midi.

    I've created a poll to see how much support there is for this feature to be added.

    If this is something you'd also like to see added to the Kemper Remote and Kemper Stage please vote yes! thx.…e-to-control-daw.2158683/

    The best and easiest way to approach this would be to have a preference to disable the Looper in Kemper and use the Remote’s looping switches to control your DAW. They will need to add midi CC# outputs for the switches. This way you are using the power of the DAW completely integrated with the Kemper.

    I really hope more people will ask for this since changes are prioritized by user demand.



    Can you please move my original post to feature requests.

    I can’t think of any upgrade to the Kemper that will make a bigger difference in my creativity and work flow.

    It will let me use the full capabilities of the DAW and the Kemper Rigs and Remote by merely letting me disengage the Kemper looping with a menu preference and adding cc# to the Remote’s looping switches.

    I really hope the team considers this. Thx!

    Simple replace the Slave Kemper with your DAW

    That helped. I was in Looper mode on the remote and nothing was happening. I've revised my original post for what I really want.

    It would mean adding a Kemper pref to disable internal looping in order to control DAW looping and the Looper switches to output CC#s . It would be amazing to use the full range of Kemper sounds to layer as much as I want in the DAW with remote control.

    Trying to see if I can use the Kemper Remote Looper switches to output cc messages to control Logic's Live looping or Ableton.

    I've seen old threads saying the remote won't send cc but wondering if it can now.

    I see that in performance mode I can use the remote to send patch change cc#, but what I really want to do is disable the looper in the Kemper and then use those switches for remote operation of Logic or Live. If I use the remote as patch changes to trigger Logic loops, it will also change my rig sound in the Kemper. I want to keep the selected rig by going into Looper mode, then use all those cool labeled loop switches for looping with my DAW.

    As cool as the Kemper looper is, if I could chose to use the DAW instead it would open up a world of layering, not just one loop.

    Then I could switch back and forth from Looper mode, change my Kemper Performance rig, go back to Looper mode, use switch 4 or 5 to move to the next loop cell and get my freak on. Or if possible, once in Looper mode, could the UP/Down bank switches also output CC#s. That would be great for moving up and down loop cells.

    The tap switch would remain tap tempo as always.

    It's just so frustrating having this amazing remote with all these great switches, already labeled and everything but I can't use them with my DAW.

    I still think the FV500H used analog in front of the Kemper is better than expression pedals if you’re looking to emulate the swell from a guitar volume knob, which is how I use it. But I’m really picky and it’s a feel thing. I also use an expression pedal for other functions, just not volume swells.