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    No, it’s just set at a moderate level, nothing extreme required. When the speaker is a few feet away it doesn’t take much. Use this in combination with compression, delay and other tips mentioned. I do use an expression pedal for volume but usually just for swells.

    The good thing is that it will work with a distorted or truly clean tone. You can lean away from it and lean in when wanting more sustain but I don’t have it very loud so it’s not out of control by any means. I do turn the Cab off on the monitor out since it’s a speaker and leave it on for the main stereo outs.

    You can easily get that Fripp sound by running a fuzz into an overdrive pedal. I always used a Rat into a super Overdrive but any almost two pedals will work.

    Kick it old school: use a 12” speaker, not just studio monitors, and sit close to it with guitar facing the speaker. It just has to be loud enough to get natural feedback from the speaker stimulating the strings. A semi hollow body guitar works best but not necessary.

    I keep a little speaker cab next to me when recording direct from the Kemper and just dial up the volume to it as needed for more sustain. It’s amazing how much more alive the guitar will feel with even a little amount of natural feedback and stimulation.

    The best I’ve heard my Kemper sound is when using a Klon in front of it.
    I prefer to use analog distortion and compression in front of the Kemper.

    If you want convenience and full recall, use the Kemper for everything. If you want better tone, quicker tweaking and wider variety of options, use pedals with the Kemper.
    I use DAW plugins for stereo effects like delay and Reverb...easier to tweak on screen and more options if you have a lot of plugins.

    So don’t sell your pedals. Good sounding pedals will never go out of style.
    Try everything and use what sounds best. But there’s nothing wrong with just using the Kemper for everything either. It all depends on what you’re doing.

    got the wahs loaded and they work fine with the EV30. I still might mod an older Crybaby but I'll more than likely just use the 535Q I have laying around in front of the Kemper or in the loop. I'm building up a new pedalboard with lots of dist choices to use live with amps and with the Kemper in the studio or live. Very similar to the way Tim Pierce is using his Kemper with analog pedals. Seems like the best of both worlds.

    Checking out all the wahs was cool though so thanks for the effort to put it together!

    Thanks for putting this together Monkey Man.
    I have several Crybaby Ways laying around. It seems like I can just put a 25k pot in one and mod it to work as an expression pedal. Anyone done this?

    Will that work better for these Wah presets than something like a Boss Ev-30?

    Take 30 seconds and google Digi 003 spdif clicks and read a few responses. If it’s a hardware issue it’ll be common regardless of software so the fixes will still apply.

    Set clock to external spdif
    Make sure sample rates are the same
    Changing I/O can cause the 003 to revert back to internal

    Yeah I realized that mid post but figured I’d throw it out there in case someone had a good workaround.

    Toast ME has cool Amp or Cab unlocked only buttons, so I requested the ability to create my own presets of what I want unlocked/locked like those buttons. That way I could have different presets for trying delays or whatever.

    I've tweaked a profile, locked all of the effects except the delay and I'm auditioning the new 5.1 delay profiles, which are great.
    I've saved this Locked profile but I'm finding that when I recall it, the effects are back to an unlocked status. I'd like to be able to recall presets with the locks already engaged so I can use this approach quickly without having to go through the lock process each time.

    But I see that the concept of Locking effects overrides the preset recalling so I'm not sure what I want is possible. I guess I just need to lock the Stomps groups and then unlock the Delay.

    I tend to create a performance with the sounds for the song, and name it the song !

    That's a great approach for a live gig but a less than ideal approach for production and session work where you can be working on several different tracks a day with LOTS of parts.

    So every track you record, you're going to save a tweaked profile, which are often variations of the same amp. So now you have hundreds of similarly labeled rigs but still don't know which ones match up to which recorded tracks. And to complicate matters you're going to create Performances of these "songs" but is it the first or the fifth revision you've done for the client? And you're just going to keep all that organized in the Kemper? Errr...good luck.

    And just recreating your entire client/session/tracking workflow in Rig Manager won't work either because you can only have two nested folders! I'm also not seeing a way to grab my currently edited profile from Rig Manager. What I'm trying to avoid is having to SAVE every single profile I use for every single track in every single song first in the Kemper or RM.

    Being able to store a snapshot of the currently edited buffer in the Kemper in the DAW is the way to go. It's why synths all have sysex patch, performance, bank, multi, and ALL options available. It lets you get right back to where you were at a later point in time without having to save the patch first.

    The KPA DAW Saver for AU has been updated and now works as an Instrument plugin in Logic 10.4.1.
    It passes AU validation. Create an Instrument Track and select it as an Instrument and the Kemper as Midi targets.

    I'm finding that it will ONLY work with saved profiles. It will not take a snapshot of currently edited Kemper buffer. This is disappointing since I'm try to avoid saving all the edited variations of the same profile that occur during tracking. I just want to take a snapshot of the currently tweaked profile for easy recall with the audio track.

    There was some confusion in previous posts about using an Instrument plugin in an audio track in Logic. This will not work. You must create an Instrument track for the plugin to work.

    Always a good idea to make sure your Kemper is backed up before trying this.

    Here's a followup on the UI2Midi feature for anyone looking for info

    >The UI to MIDI function sends most of the parameters in the PROFILER to the MIDI out but not simultaneously and only when you change one of them. It is not meant to be used as a bulk dump utility but is a way to synchronize two PROFILERs on stage.

    As a commercial composer, I need a way to be able to take a snapshot of the Kemper's currently edited profile and store that in the DAW/session for recall.

    I'm often juggling twenty projects at one time all in various states of revision and client approval.
    With an external synth (Virus C), I just do a patch sysex dump in the countoff of each midi track. It takes two seconds and is always in the session. With over a dozen guitar tracks in a session, it's impossible to keep the patches organized by name alone or using Rig Manager.

    Please, thank you.