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    I just got the Kemper and went straight to the latest beta software. I don't have any thing to compare it to, other than the Turbo Tuner on my pedalboard which is definitely more accurate.

    I wish the preset browser would jump to presets of the already chosen algorithm.
    Now after I scroll through the algo list and pick one, when I go to the preset browser I have to scroll through the entire list again.
    It seems like the two browsers should be linked. If I select a chorus algo, I want to then see chorus presets, at least to start with.

    Also is there a way to see a list of just user stomp/effects presets instead of having them be nested in the list of all presets?
    I see that option for searching rigs but not effects.

    Is there a way to organize the effect algos alphabetically? The effect presets are listed alphabetically but the algos aren’t.

    The Kemper is still new to me so lmk if I’m missing something. Thx

    I’m not seeing a way to adjust the sweep curve of the volume exp pedal. It feels and sounds like a linear taper and I’d prefer a logarithmic taper.
    I’m using a Boss Fv-500 and it’s sweep always sounds and feels great using the analog jacks. Using it as an expression pedal doesn’t feel the same for lapsteel swells. So I wish I could adjust the taper of exp pedals on the Kemper.

    Thanks all. I can’t stop playing with this thing! My body clock is all out of whack.

    I’m seeing some profiles with actual amp names and then some with changed but somewhat obvious names. Is there a band of attorneys waiting in the wings to sue profilers?
    It makes it hard to search for amps in RM when all the names are wrong.

    If RM had user added keywords then we could tag and describe sounds as we like. I can see it being an issue to sell something with Marshall in the title on it but I don’t think they can do anything about me saying “that amp sounds like a Marshall”.

    Where'd you even find those? I searched for Black Keys and nothing came up.

    I searched "fuzz" and found some great stuff. Also some great pedal tones in the Rigbusters factory folder

    I'm a session player, composer from Dallas, FW area.
    I recently acquired a powered toaster and a remote controller and am trying to integrate it into my
    studio rig mostly. I have a '74 Marshall SLP, a '68 SFSR, a '67 BFDR and a few others I'm looking forward to profiling.

    I've got a nice stash of vintage pedals and tape echoes too so I'm going to try to get a retro-modern rig going and hope they all play well together.

    I play gtr, bass, lapsteel, dobro, mandolin...a little of everything, so will be using the Kemper in a wide variety of ways. I'm blown away by how much difference the bass amps and DI's have made already.

    I beta test for a lot of music software companies and will try to contribute as much as possible. I'm a little late to the party but am jumping in the deep end.
    Great to see a company that listens to users and updates regularly.


    I’m finding some great fuzz pedal profiles but I’m not sure how to use these. I wish I could store pedal profiles and use them the same as built in effects.
    I’ve found some of the Fishman Aura profiles and those make a big difference on acoustic guitar pickups. I’m hoping the new acoustic updates include more of these for dobro and mandolin.
    I’m hoping the Kemper morphs into a do everything box instead of being targeted to just guitar players. I’d love to be able to use Neve EQ profiles on microphones and use the knobs for adjustment. Maybe that’s a ways off into the future though.

    I’ve only had the Kemper for five days now. I’ve spent about 8-10 hours a day with it so I think I’m over the initial learning curve, but obviously still have lots to learn. What I find interesting and sort of frustrating is that the main bread and butter sounds of a guitarist aren’t easy to get with the effects section. I’m really missing a preset system within the effects pages. I know I can save tweaked effects but that just adds them to the list of effects choices. There just seems to be an absence of organization and I’m spending a lot of time scrolling through things I don’t want instead of quickly seeing ten presets for tremolo that I do want.

    Fender blackface trem, Fender brownface trem, Square wave Vox trem, Magnatone vib/trem, mono trem, panning trem, modern rhythmic trem, etc. Where are all these?
    The Kemper models amps. Most amps have two effects, trem and reverb...some just have trem. I feel like I’m having to create all these basic types of traditional sounds and I’m not even seeing all the parameters available to accomplish it, but I have ducking available which I never need in tremolo. It’s like the architecture for presets for effect modules is missing, or I still haven’t found it yet!

    I’m stoked about the Kemper and my fingers hurt from playing so much so that’s a very good thing!

    Has this mono option for the aux input happened yet? I'm trying to add a Roland 501 tape echo into the aux in and only hear the effect on one side. I tried the mono Loop in Stomps but it's adding the Roland in series which is not what I want. I want to blend it in parallel either using the balanced or unbalanced aux ins.