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    I guess I could do that but I was thinking more along the lines of a synth in that I want to keep the factory patches and also have a User area for patches. The factory patches are a great place to start, I just want to limit my view of choices to my tweaked patches occasionally.

    Even implementing the Favorites concept for effects presets like the profiles have would help.
    I guess a workaround would be to put an * at the front of each user effect preset. That would at least move them to the top of the list.

    Maybe I'm just missing how to do this...I'd like to be able to just browse the effects presets I've created and saved.
    Right now it seems like my user presets are mixed in with everything else.

    In the effects browser menu there are two unused buttons next to Delete and Load. It would be great if one of those said User and would limit my choice of presets to only what I've created.

    There is no exclusive relationship between that module and specific effect types. You can use all effect types in all modules except the REV Module. The only thing special in the MOD Modules is that the MOD knobs of the Head and PowerHead are exclusively linked to it.

    Yeah I get that module can be anything but since the button is labeled MOD and the knobs are labeled MOD and since I imagine a lot of people use it for modulation fx, it just seems like it should default in the browser to modulation style effects and not distortion. At least as a starting point.

    I waste a lot of time twisting that browser knob, so much so that I primarily use the effects in the DAW.
    Shortcuts by category seems to be what I’m missing.

    Have you tried to set your interface to external sync before you switch on the Profiler?

    Yes, the spike occurs whether the UFX is set to internal or AES. I just usually leave it to AES and it switches sync automatically when needed. It's very consistent, always happening when the startup is about 1/3 of the way through.

    I don't know, that's why I was asking. If those who have this issue wouldn't mind, please list your DAW interface and your startup procedure... Kemper and interface on at same time, or one after the other.

    RME UFX on first, set to internal sync
    When I turn on the Kemper, I get the audio spike AT FULL OUTPUT before the UFX switches to AES sync. I'm using 5.6.2 Spring Verb preview OS.

    I'm using the Kemper digital out into an RME UFX and I'm getting a full volume audio output spike when the Kemper starts up.
    It's occurring when the startup progress bar is around the "P" in Kemper on the startup screen.

    Can anyone else confirm this is happening when using the digital outs on their rigs?

    I sent in a request that all the Kemper outs are muted until it's fully started up but I'm not sure if it's the Kemper or the UFX that is the problem.

    I can work around by muting the UFX dig input in it's mixer, but if I forget it scares the crap out of me.


    Seems like the MOD effect on/off button when engaged and then using the TYPE knob should default to the Vintage CH so it's at least in the MOD family and not having to scroll from the beginning of the effect type to get to Modulation effects.

    This last update with the different sample rates for the digital outputs has been HUGE for me.
    I can now use the AES digital inputs into my RME UFX from the Kemper, just by making up a few XLR to RCA cables. It's so much easier for me while tracking and sounds great.

    Using the GTR/Stack setting for the Spdif out when recording bass is great. I can get the DI on one track and amp sound on another track.

    Just saying how much I appreciate this!

    SO I’m seeing an UnO for Kemper and EurekaProm. Are these two variations of FCB1010 upgrades and is there an advantage of one over the other? Since I already have the Kemper remote, the EV-30 still seems like a good choice for me but I might grab an FCB1010 to try out too.

    I’m keeping my BOSS FV500h on the pedalboard, after pedals, pre Kemper as my main volume pedal.
    I grabbed a Boss EV-30 to use for everything else that needs expression in the Kemper. Small footprint and well made heavy duty pedal, same depth size as the Kemper remote.

    Is there a quick way to learn parameters to use expression on? Maybe I missed it but I couldn’t see how to select a parameter like delay level and assign it to the pedal.

    They are in the Rig Manager, Ready Tube DI and Ready Dist DI.
    They sound great. I missed a good deal on a Reddi and was kicking myself for not grabbing it.
    Now I don't feel so bad.

    Haven't heard of or tried Fat Boy.

    I'm using the Ton Ham Clean from the Kemper Bass Rig Pack a lot which is the Aguilar Tone Hammer.
    Sounds great blended with the DI out from the Kemper through a Great River Pre.

    Just like when recording a real amp, the DI and the amp can be time delayed or out of phase from each other. Check the waveforms and tighten them up. For me the DI is usually 3.1ms ahead of the amp, but that can change depending on the profile.

    I'd just use the mic you have but I'd blow off running it through the Kemper and go straight into your interface. Record it the best you can with the built in pre you have and add gain later by using plugins and compression.
    You don't mention what interface you have. I'd upgrade that before anything or add a small two channel interface with a better pre. You won't hear a world of difference between an SM57, 58 or SM7.

    A cloud lifter or great preamp will make a difference but as long as you record clean without distortion, you can add gain in the DAW.

    Also the Kemper doesn't have phantom power so more sensitive condenser mics are out. You could use your interface to power a condenser mic, but honestly, if your room doesn't sound that great, a less sensitive dynamic won't pickup the room as much and can often sound better. Eventually you'll want some sort of condenser though for ac gtrs and anything you want to record with a more full frequency sound.

    I've seen people wondering if they should get the powered or un-powered toaster.

    One huge perk of having the powered version is that I can keep a 1x12" right next to me while tracking and use it at low volumes to get feedback and sustain. I still record into Logic using the Kemper's direct outs so I don't have to worry about bleed or use headphones.

    The guitar responds so much better when the strings get some sympathetic vibrations, and it doesn't take much to make a huge difference, especially when using a hollow body guitar like a Gretsch Falcon.

    Now I just dial up the monitor volume control on the Kemper when I want more sustain. It's also a great way to quickly play ideas for a client listening over the phone while jamming along to the track without having to set up the DAW to input monitor.

    I've never been able to get any musical feedback from the studio monitors this way and they'd have to be cranked. With a 1x12" right next to me it's super easy and sounds great!

    When browsing rigs on the Kemper itself, I’m not finding a way to sort and choose patches by the amount of gain.
    In Rig Manager I can sort by gain level so I wish the Kemper could do that.

    For instance if I’m looking for a clean tone or mid crunch, I just want to pull up a list of those tones.
    This would be much more useful to me than the other browsing options.

    Also, how do I mark a rig as a favorite? It’s easy in RM but I can’t find how to do it on the Kemper. I can sort by Favorites but I wish it was more obvious on how to rate them, add a gain category and mark as fav on the unit.


    Found it! I didn't see before than Sort by Author had other options for sorting including by Gain. And the mark as Favorites is available once you use the Rig button to edit. I wish the External Storage button in the Browser was in the System area and it was a Mark as Favorite button instead since that's something I'll be using all the time in the Browser.

    There are a lot of functions that aren't where I'd guess they'd be.

    You can get an RCA to optical converter box for $10 on Amazon.
    You can record using just the digital out and the digital in unconnected. You only have to use the digital in and out when you’re creating a profile and sending audio to the Kemper from the DAW.

    I like having the Toaster set on my workstation turned toward me. If it was in a rack it would be a pain for me to lean over and tweak it, so it depends on your setup.