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    I've noticed Top Jimi's gain profiles (at least the ones I have) have the definition dimed and the clarity at zero. To me, that gives a super tight tone but can get a little bright and nasally in the mids. I like to drop the definition to 7-8 and bring the clarity to 4-5. This fills out the low end a little, removes some honk but leaves the pick attack be.

    I have the Brown Sound & JJ-100 packs.

    I have tried to reduce definition but they still sound...weird. In a mix they sound cool sometimes though.

    For anyone interested, here is a vid I made with the Katzbach Jcm 900. Really love this tone (and sorry for the playing lol)

    I had pretty much the same problem in rehearsal/gig volumes. Kemper isn't meant to work great with real guitar cabs with a solid state power amp (they say it is, but I believe it's not, at least from my experience with it). The harmonic richness, the power, the complexity and the fatness of a real tube power amp section was always missing. And if you have to carry a tube poweramp with it you are losing the whole point of the kemper which is convenience and portability.

    BUT, it's great for recondings and for use live through monitors, frfr's and PA speakers, and I can live with that :) With all its problems (yes, I have found a few more in the way) it is still a great invention and 200% worth the money. In fact, I think it's the best purchase I have ever made in my life so far, and not talking only about guitar-related stuff :D:D tons of hours of fun!

    Gilmour's core overdriven tone in his long solos isn't something exceptional imho. It's more the effects and the playing which are great.

    BUT, his clean tones are awesome.

    My suggestion would be not to purchase anything yet. If you have a good strat, all you need is a profile like the famous AC20 from RE (or something like it) and experimenting with the parameters and the effects to get there.

    Just my 2 cents

    I like the Katzbach profiles. But you have to consider, they are HEAVILY tweaked rigs!

    Almost all parameters have been used, sometimes in a quite unusual way. There are some parameters where very small adjustments have a big impact on sound. But Katzbach have no fear tweaking quite unorthodox:)

    If you like the results you can try to "transfer" some of the settings to other profiles and you will be surprised. When I remember correctly (not at the Kemper atm) they also tweaked the settings in the cab section.


    But personally, I don't mind. If it sounds good and feels good it's fine by me. I have come across plenty of awful rigs with all setings at zero, and the opposite :) Getting every profile with unpleasant reverb or delay added like many vendors do is much more annoying ^^

    In general and as far I've seen until now these profiles are very tweekable unlike other ones which are being messed up with with half a db of treble :D

    But indeed be careful, those who hate tweaking or already tweaked profiles stay away!

    Downloaded their free profiles and I was impressed. Just when I was about to buy their bundle, I found out they don't accept PayPal. :(

    Yes, they need to fix their site, payments and the overall experience indeed. I purchased the full pack and got them via mail 30 hours later, because the mate who runs the business is on tour lol!

    But worth the wait 100%. I payed through paypal though, by sending the money to the vendor's email. After registering in the site and making the order, it says to make a transfer in a bank account or to paypal direct to his email. Did you try that?

    balazs indeed, I always keep the stomps around 50%. And the cocked wah profiles are definitely not Kemper's fault, since many profiles don't have that, but there are so many that have that effect. I think that the noise gates and the stomps can be fixed though, it's like adding a wah to the chain.

    CelticGibson I bought all too, it's a steal for 25 euros! So many great usable profiles in there, tweakable and without cocking wah problems (well there are some but mostly the ones that were profiled with actual stomps in front of the amp-that may be a thing of the profiling process I don't know)! And the cleans are fat with lots of sustain without using compressors! Damn how didn't I know about these earlier!

    In the clip I posted it's one single profile, and goes from acceptable pushed cleans to awesome high gain only with the volume pot! Can't reccomend these enough lol!

    Hello guys and happy new Year!

    Since I got myself the Kemper I have constantly been chasing the best possible marshall tones. I like very much classic rock and early metal/hard rock tones from bands like Led Zep, ACDC, Dio, Van Halen, Extreme, Whitesnake etc

    I have tried almost everything, Top Jimi, ReampZone, Britt, Tone Junkie, TAF, Suckerfreegear, Bert, Mattfig, Guido, Sinmix, AGL to name the most known vendors, and of course thousands of profiles from RE and posts in the forum. Just to be clear, I haven't purchased profiles from all of these vendors, because in some cases I tried their free packs and were pretty far away from what I like (Tone Junkie, Bert, Guido, TAF)

    My favourites so far were Top Jimi's because they have that "character" I like, but there is always something missing. Sometimes they sound thin, if I increase mids to "fatten" them up they get that "wah" sound, if i increase the gain they are very noisy and have to add noisegate which alters the tone in a bad way (changes the pick attack and also adds that wah effect, I think guys at Kemper should take a look at this, along with making the stomps better), they don't respond well to the volume pot, and the clean/low gain profiles imho are very-very bad.

    And recently I realized that they have a pretty weird sound, I can't describe it exactly. It's like artifacts, or something like every profile was refined with single-coil pickups and has that SC sound to it, even though I play mostly with a PRS cu22 with HB's.

    So I started profile-chasing again, and found Katzbach profiles. and OMG, I think it's exactly what I have been looking for. The cleans and low gain profiles are great (I have to mention here that AGL's profiles are also great for Marshall clean/low gain tones), and the higher gain profiles are fat with sustain, not very noisy, respond well to the volume pot and they are very tweekable. I think I've found my favourites!

    So, I made a quick clip with some noodling to share my joy:…zrasMts5EchWap9vMchPgPVb2

    Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the seller! Hope this post will help somebody who has been in the same situation!


    Thanks for the suggestions! Although after two years of experience I have made the conclusion that kemper isn't good with real cabs in high volumes if you don't use a tube power amp. The lack of power in the notes is always there, and in gig volumes a real tube amp is always better than Kemper with the built-in power amp or other solid state solutions. For recording things are different of course.

    If the sample is a strat on the neck position it sounds pretty much as it should be. I have almost all Top Jimi profiles and with my prs cu22 on the bridge they sound pretty identical to the videos (although his Jubilee isn't one of my favourites). If it's not a strat on the neck, then either some parameters are pretty screwed up by accident or something else bad happens. Maybe try to use just normal XLR cables into the interface?

    Thanks so much again man, I really appreciate your help. I'll be waiting like a kid waiting for Santa, to share the exact settings and profile when you return back to your KPA, if it's not too much trouble of course.

    You and Ruefus were so right about the rat in front, used it in some profiles and indeed I came closer. But not so close like you, you have great ears man!

    I will be stalking you till you tell me everything lol :)

    Thanks again!

    I would approach this from Rat perspective...A rat..or mouse..or 1981drv..etc in front of some marshallesque tone and probably with a cab loaded with Greenbags.

    Had to try and result is...rather messy playing :D

    OMG this is really close! Please share info, which profile and Rat settings. Thanks so much man!

    EDIT. And if you can share any additional info (guitar, pickups etc) would be nice too. You're saving my life here mate lol!