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    Maybe you can use a 4 port 100mbit ethernet switch for this? Don't know how it will deal with power but i would guess ethernet out from the remote to the switch, and two short ethernet cables to Kemper A and Kemper B? I would presume that the ethernet switch will not ad much latency and switching would be synchronous and near instantaneous...

    What type of music do you play?

    I play in a coverband with a small focus on Metallica classics (One, Master, Seek, Sandman, Roam, Sanitarium,...) The lion share of our playlist gets filled with Maiden, SOAD, Rammstein, Disturbd, Foo Fighters, Volbeat,.... anything that rocks but it has to be fun for the audience... We do reworks of classics like Another Brick in the Wall (likeKorn did, but a more faithfull to the original), Rage against the Machine songs (we like to thicken the plot ?).

    During rehearsel, we try to push the bounderies and play some Tool (Lateralis, Vicarious, Aneama, Sober) just to keep us sharp and to maintain ‘tightness’ and because we are all Tool afficionados... We play some of the Dream Theater Intro’s to start the show (Metropolis, As I Am) this is just big big fun!

    As you can tell, i’m a big fan of the Mesa Mark sound. With the Kemper, in the studio, through pa and IEM, I had some insanely good Boogie Profiles, I sure miss the conveniance, but i’m very happy I have the TriAxis back for live playing and definitely during our rehearsel sessions. The fractal an TriAxis stay in my rack, at home i’m using the Mercuriall Reaxis plugin: uncanny how close it sounds to the real deal (video coming up ?), but i sincerely miss using my green box of wonders and the ToastME Editor...

    As Nicky said, you gotta do what works for you. As Raoul said everyone hears things differently. I'm loving my Kemper so much I don't turn on my Triaxis and 2:ninety any more but I'm not parting with them either. A Triaxis with AXE for FX is a mega rig no matter how you look at it . Enjoy!

    Back on track... Back to the future ;-)

    See you around and take care...

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    Ash, you must be one of the most noteworthy presences on any medium or platform I just happened to stumble upon. I will sincerely miss your candor and livelyness... you are all heart my friend. Bless you...

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    Thank you for your insights, very nice write up and it sure rings several bells when contemplating on some of your experiences... an honest review indeed.

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    Thank you for all replies. Maybe I gave up to soon on the KPA but 3 chords or not, they sound immense into the Access and EL34 through my 1960.... So for me, in my live situation, this works beyond what I tried to attain with my Little Green Box of Wonders....

    I didn't mean to sway anyone this or that way, it's just that in my situation, it was a very logic conclusion to revert to what suits me naturaly inspite of all the love I have for the Kemper and it's excellent community...

    Monkey_Man : Alas, since I sold the KPA, the serial has been passed along as well so I no longer have access (no pun intended) to the private forum, so I will not be able to maintain the ToastME thread ?... Atlantic : feel free to create a new thread and ask the mods to merge the threads, or maybe they can give you editing rights?

    Kindest of Regards and please keep supporting Damian Greda!


    Hello everyone.

    This is my last post on the Kemper forum.

    This last year has been an exhilarating ride with this box of wonders: at home through my studio monitors, the Kemper has been my pride and joy and I dare not contemplate on how much time I spend playing for hours on end…

    This is by no means a complaint about the Kemper, it just lacked in one area and one area alone, albeit a very important one… playing live. Mind you, I’m not talking the big stages through a mid-sized or bigger PA system -here the Kemper is unrivalled in my humble opinion- but when using with a cab or FRFR solution in small clubs and smaller venues…

    I play a local cover band and alas the ‘big’ stages only come by once in a while, we play a lot of small venues and for the last year I owned the Kemper, I tried to match the sheer brutality and depth of both my fellow guitar players in the band:

    • Jim plays a JCM900 with GT-10 in 4CM into a Marshall 1960b, and in spite of what people say about the JCM900, it sounds huge and immense. A simple Sennheiser e609 delivers all that punch straight to the desk which gives an amazing sound through PA and in my IEM’s.
    • Nicolas plays a Mesa Dual Rectifier solo head with a Helix in 4CM into a Mesa 4x12 OS recto cab and it’s bone crunching. Again, a simple e609 delivers all that grind straight to the desk and in my IEM’s.

    Alas, the Kemper sounded glorious in my IEM and on bigger stages, the Kemper was definitely on par with the tube stacks, but I couldn’t for the world get a true three- dimensional tone, with depth, balls and precision when using the Kemper through a power amp into my cab ( a Marshall 1960b) or via FRFR (tried alto’s, DXR 10’s). The fact that I use IEM’s made that less of a problem for me personal but for the audience... at those venues...

    I tried to ignore it for the longest time… I tried multiple setups: Matrix GT1000FX, Mesa 2:90, Camplifier 360, my friends powered Kemper… with ultimately my old Marshall EL34 50/50 yielding the best results…. ‘somewhat’ close, but definitely no cigar. Mind you, I tried all sorts of profiles: my own, Michael Britt, Choptones, Top Jimi, Bert Meulendijk…). I tried Studio’s, Merged, Direct, IR's, you name it.

    My dad and Davy, two very loyal friends who have been supporting our band Fixxxer (from Belgium) from the very beginning 17 years ago both said that indeed through big PA’s the Kemper sounded great, but in local venues, the Kemper gets lost in the mix and that 'my sound' has been long gone since I stopped using my TriAxis and H&K Access with the EL34 power amp… with several friends confirming this phenomenon. It’s not a matter of volume or EQ’ing: stand alone, the Kemper delivered, but in the band mix, it lacked so much punch…

    So I took the plunge: I got my ‘old rack’ out (alas the TriAxis was sold together with the Axe FX Ultra I used for effects and midi control to fund the acquisition of the Kemper) so it was just merely my H&K Access into my Marshal EL 34 50/50 into my cab… no bells, no whistles…. Man, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing: massive, bone crunching, face melting hard rock tone!! An experience I forgot it existed… During rehearsal that night, my playing was never been so tight, notes bounced of the frets, power chords and two string chops, palm mutes all went through my stomach rambling my very inner soul… I left with a big grin on my face…and very confused indeed…

    My green ‘studio baby’ is gone, sold to a fellow musician from our great capital… where it will be used with love and care, no doubt.

    Luckily, the Kemper (with the Camplifier 360) had great resell value, so I ended up getting enough to not only fund a used Axe FX II XL+ in pristine condition, but my merchant skills also left me with a starting budget for getting that illusive TriAxis back…

    So long Kemper fanatics, Godspeed and I thank this great community for all the support. So long Kemper, and we thank you...

    Kindest of Regards,


    Just downloaded the latest version for Mac. When I click the connect button everything goes swimmingly until I get to about 15% of the stack preset transfer. ToastMe stops responding and I get the “green screen of death” on the KPA asking me to contact support. My KPA runs just fine after pulling power and restarting. Any ideas?

    Unfortunately, ToastME has to rely on Midi to communicate with the KPA and there's a limit to how much data can be handled in one stream...

    Two options:

    1. Go go the settings tab in ToastME and disable the load riglist on startup.

    2. Reduce the amount of rigs/presets/usercabs/... On the KPA and use the new save to and load from disk option for presets...

    ToastME ver. 1.40 is out!


    New features:

    • Parametric equaliser graphics view for:
      • Studio Equaliser
      • Metal Equaliser
    • Looper TAB for:
      • KPA Looper control
      • Timer for recording with the looper(CNT REC)
    • Settings TAB for:
      • MIDI delay between outgoing messages
      • Downloading Rig List on Connect
      • Mouse wheel sensivity on knobs
      • Unpack Backup to Local Disk Preset Folder(%Documents Folder%\ToastME_Presets\)
    • Right-Click Menu for Selecting Rigs
    • Right-Click Menu saving to disk:
      • Individual Effects/Stomp presets
      • Stomps Section Presets
      • Individual Effects/Stomp presets
      • Effects Section Presets
    • Right-Click Menu loading from disk:
      • Individual Effects/Stomp presets
      • Amps
      • Cabs - User Cabs
      • Stomps Section Presets
      • Stack Presets
      • Effects Section Presets
      • Users Scales Presets
      • Input and Output Presets


    • Faster switching between FX's
    • Rate parameter fix

    Just to let you know...

    Damian checks this thread on a daily basis and is happy to help out in case of troubles with ToastME. Please use the folowing credentials when you want to contact Damian, he won't bite ;-)

    Kind regards,

    Damian & Tijl

    So, if the HD500 is not compatible with the toast me as a midi interface, how can I connect via MIDI my audio interface (behringer) and the HD500 for a floor control in the same time?

    Alas, the POD HD500 can not be used as a midi-interface for ToastME... The HD500 can send basic midi messages but is not a dedicated midi interface...

    Perhaps it is indeed a legacy issue. FWIW, I have a boot camp partition on my Mac and for some reason, the mouse keeps disappearing.

    For audio, I think Macs are better. Try the Mac’s Core audio drivers vs the Windows one. Of course, you could use Asio4All, but I haven’t done a comparison..

    Core Audio is indeed a very stable audio platform but has lang been equalled by the ASIO standard which offers low and stable latency. I've been using an external audio interface (t.c. electronic Konnekt 24D) since 2010. I used it both on my Mac and PC. There never has been any difference between the two platforms. I must agree that the standard Windows audio driver is utter bollocks, but one shouldn't compare 'Apples' to oranges.

    The vanishing mouse... I guess the Mac bootlader does not like Windows partititions, ditch bootcamp and use Clover instead ;-).

    All valid points but i don't agree that MacOS is more stable then Win 10. It's not, not anymore. I work with both systems, there's no difference in speed, reliability nor workflow when equaliy specced machines.

    On the other hand, when not going the Mac Route, you could use the spare cash, well a lot of spare cash on better audio hardware.

    Love both Mac and Windows, but i still can't believe that there are people claming MacOS/Macs to be a more reliable bet to justify Apple's insane pricing. Apple produces exquisit hardware and software, but better it is not...